Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test Appears on PlayStation Website

In a rather strange development, part of the official PlayStation website seems to be confirming the existence of a Gran Turismo 7 Beta Test, with players invited to complete a simple task to get access.

Spotted by several users across GTPlanet and wider social media, the Beta appears as part of an Experience PlayStation promotion. Experience PlayStation is a rarely used app designed to connect fans with special promotions as part of live experiences, which Sony launched in 2017 for the PlayStation Experience show in Anaheim.

The path into the Beta is a little convoluted. First, players must head into the Experience PlayStation portion of the official website. Then they need to select “Start Quest”, and “Related Campaigns”, before picking “Italia Quest”. The “Gran Turismo Beta (Test)” quest is one of four quests therein. While it seems to be part of a promotion for Italy, it is in fact open globally.

All you have to do at that point is watch the original Gran Turismo 7 launch demo to “unlock the Beta code early”, though the code given to all players appears to be a placeholder. Rather than the complex, 12-digit code normally provided, it’s simply 1234-5678-9012 — and doesn’t work if you try to redeem it.

That all rather strongly indicates that this promotion itself seems to be a test which has rather inadvertently appeared for public consumption. However, whether this specific feature is functional or not, it’s the very first hint that a beta for Gran Turismo 7 might exist, just as it did for Gran Turismo Sport.

As a further curio, the reward code specifies “PS5 only”. This doesn’t necessarily refer to GT7 — it could mean that only PS5 players can use the reward, or the beta may be PS5 exclusive — but could walk back the suggestion that the game might have a PS4 version as a recent PlayStation Blog post from PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst seemed to hint.

It has been a little while since the last update from Sony on Gran Turismo 7, and that was only to confirm the title had been pushed back to a 2022 launch window. The possibility of a beta test might indicate that we’ll start seeing more developments on the title — and with GT Sport’s beta coming just seven months before the game’s release, a possible launch date soon too.

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  1. RaceFuchs

    Interesting this is popping up the same day the new GT wheel leaks. Coincidence? After one year without any GT7 news? I dont think so. Maybe a big announcment is coming soon.

  2. SomeGamer2021

    This made me fire up GT5/GT6 in eagerness and nostalgia. I hope GT7 will be good and I strongly hope will have difficulty setups and a toggleable single-player rules system.

  3. mrjhack

    I’m french and I don’t understand the google traduction.

    Question :
    At this moment, the code is useless
    it’s just to be in the waiting line ?

  4. Racing_Miku

    Agree, I hope to see solid information on the title soon too.

    GT7 is very much a game I am eager to see and was the whole reason I bought my PS5 console as many of you will know on here already.

    The PlayStation5 tag is indeed making me curious about how this unfolds but I would be very happy with a beta demo test of the game prior to release/committing a pre-order.

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