Gran Turismo 7’s Next Update is Coming This Week With Three More New Cars

Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed the next update to Gran Turismo 7 is on its way, arriving this coming week with some more new content.

Yamauchi posted his traditional pre-update teaser on social media, with a little twist. Rather than a static image showing the new vehicles heavily disguised in shadow, this month’s trailer consisted of a short video with a neat scanning effect that reveals some of the details.

That offers a little additional help in identifying the three cars, although some are more obvious than others!

The bottom-left vehicle is very hard to mistake for anything else, with the classic, boxy shape of the Renault 4 virtually leaping out of the screen. As the scanning line flashes past you can just make out the “love handles” on the front bumper which mark it out as a post-1967 car, but either way this classic — Renault’s answer to the Citroen 2CV — is too old for Brand Central. Given the low prices and relatively common nature, it’s likely to land in the Used Car Dealer.

Sitting alongside it is another easy to spot shape in the form of the Audi TT. Unlike the new-to-series Renault, this is a car returning from previous GT games, in the form of the second generation model. Most likely, given the flash of orange color and the wheels revealed by the scanner, it’s the TTS last seen in Gran Turismo 6.

At the top is a car that could be one of two models, as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII and IX are virtually identical physically. However the new format teaser briefly shows front foglights and — in something of a giveaway — a branded license plate revealing it to be the Evo IX. Whether this too is a returning model, as GT6 featured the GSR version of the car, or a different specification remains to be seen.

Of course these teasers are only the first step on the update announcement path, and show only that there’s vehicle content coming. We don’t yet know if there’s any other content or any other changes or features, as this won’t be announced until closer to the time.

Given that the update will arrive very shortly before the game’s second anniversary, there’s a chance Polyphony Digital will do something to mark the occasion. After all, the update preceding the game’s first anniversary was a big one — rivaling the subsequent Spec II update in November — and also the last time we saw a new hard-top racing track location added to the game with Grand Valley Highway-1.

We would expect some more engine swaps and Scapes locations to appear in the update, as well as a tweak to the Weekly Challenges. This feature has been, curiously, suspended for the week following the update and will resume on March 8.

As yet, no date for the update has been announced either. If the usual pattern continues though, it’ll mean the update will arrive on the Leap Day of Thursday February 29. Watch this space for all the details as we get them!

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