Gran Turismo 7’s Servers Struggle Ahead of Manufacturers Cup [Updated: Fixed]

Updated (8 June): Polyphony Digital has issued a statement to say that a server fix has been applied, with players on the forums reporting a better experience in both Daily Races and the first round of the Manufacturers Cup. The original article continues below:

In a severe case of unfortunate timing, Gran Turismo 7’s online multiplayer servers seem to be experiencing multiple issues across all regions — with the start of the official 2023 Gran Turismo World Series Manufacturers Cup just hours away.

A number of users across GTPlanet’s forums as well as the wider sim-racing community have been flagging intermittent connectivity issues in the game’s “Sport Mode”, covering both Daily Races and the tail end of the Nations Cup series — along with the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup over the weekend.

The first reports came from players in the Americas region, commenting on some very obvious issues with extreme lag — including opponent vehicles driving off the circuit or into walls on the outside of corners before teleporting back onto the track.

That made it impossible to know where other players were, resulting in unexpected collisions – as noted by Americas region driver Talon16 in our forums, who commented “I had a couple races ruined today because of it: cars bouncing all over the place; cars seemingly just driving off the track in unison only to pop back in place a second later; cars coming out of turns like they’re in three gears too high (ie, super slow) so I try to drive around them only for them to pop back into place while I go off the track”.

However the issue appears to have snowballed from there, manifesting across all five regions and resulting in not only huge lag but widespread disconnects in all Sport Mode races. EMEA region player GT5Apex commented on a Toyota Cup race: “I was just doing the race and server crashed with 2 and a half laps to go. There was also constant lagging during the race with everyone’s connections dropping down to 1 bar. What is up with PD’s servers recently?”.

A number of streamers have also been quick to flag the issues, including GTPlanet member Tidgney whose latest video asks “as more and more people try and play the server stability has gotten alot worse! But is this the worst it has ever been in Gran Turismo!?”.

At the moment, with around nine hours until the Asia-Oceania region begins its Manufacturers Cup campaigns, Polyphony Digital hasn’t made any comment about the connectivity issues and the game’s site states that “the server is operating normally”.

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