Gran Turismo 7 Updates Confirmed: New Tracks, Cars, Events, and Parts

Gran Turismo 7 is launching to players around the world today, as midnight passes in each time zone, but already Polyphony Digital is letting us know what to expect after launch.

A post on the new News section of the official GT7 site has revealed what the plans are over the coming months, and it looks like there should be plenty more content to come.

We’ve already heard from Kazunori Yamauchi previously that post-launch content updates were in the works for GT7, and the announcement fleshes things out a little.

Naturally, more tracks and cars will feature heavily. Although GT7 is launching with 424 cars and 97 tracks (based at 34 locations), fans are always wanting more. Tracks in particular are highly in demand, particularly as GT7 brings back fan favorites like Trial Mountain and Deep Forest, and pre-launch trailers have appeared to tease other original circuits, such as Apricot Hill.

As this announcement was more of a broad stroke, we don’t yet know a full schedule. However with GT Sport’s relatively generous initial post-launch support averaging six new cars each month and a new track every other month, expectation will be high.

In addition, updates will add more events to the World Circuits and more one-shot Missions. If you’ve not been keeping up with GT7 news, each circuit and regional hub now hosts its own events and championships, rather than them appearing as separate multi-circuit events in their own sub-menu. There’ll also be new Music Rally songs, adding to GT7’s rather unusual new game mode.

Interestingly, the updates are also slated to include “more engine parts to swap”. We’re not totally sure what to make of that, as tuning of individual components is already pretty comprehensive and, as yet, nobody has uncovered the teased engine swap function.

Online will be well catered for too, with new lobby features, new Sport Mode time trials, and the perennial improvements to the penalty system which was forever being tweaked in GT Sport.

For now there’s no timeline or road map for these updates, so this is something we’ll need to keep a close eye on and we’ll update you when there’s something more concrete.

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