Gran Turismo 7 Update v1.09 Arrives, Fixes Progress & Stats Bugs

A new update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available, bringing with it some fixes for persistent bugs and glitches. The v1.09 update is relatively compact, coming in at just under 350MB on PlayStation 5 (225MB on PlayStation 4).

Although it comes at the same time as a recent announcement from Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi regarding future updates, it’s not bringing any of the new features and changes — you’ll have to wait until the start of April for that.

Instead the update focuses on some issues elsewhere. The official patch notes only detail four individual items, with bugs affecting game progress, the “My Page” user home, Sport and Multiplayer modes, and the returning Daytona International Speedway circuit.

The game progress issue relates to user stats resetting — something we’ve seen mentioned by several new GTPlanet users. This, it seems, is due to an issue with what the update notes describe as “an unstable network connection”, and should now be fixed with this update.

Sport Mode is at the center of two of the tweaks. The first addresses an issue that would cause the game to crash when entering a race event online, while the other relates to how Sport Mode progress — races, clean races, fastest laps, pole positions, and wins — was reported in the user’s My Page.

Finally the patch fixes a Daytona bug where players could break the pitstop sequence by “swerving suddenly into the pits” on both versions of the course. We’re sure that “various other issues have been addressed” too.

While it’s not directly related to the update, players will also notice a 1,000,000cr gift dropping into their game today, compensating for the 34-hour server outage on March 17-18. You’ll have until April 25 to log into your game to receive this, in your “Gifts” section of the Garage, and it must be redeemed by May 24.

This marks the third successive week in which Polyphony Digital has updated GT7, and with more updates promised through the course of April — to expand the game’s content and activities, and provide better payouts — it looks set to be the pattern for a while to come.

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