Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.29 Will Be “Big”; Four Cars Confirmed Alongside PSVR2 Support

As we already knew, Gran Turismo 7’s v1.29 update will be arriving on February 21 and bring along PlayStation VR2 support for the title (on PS5). However GT series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has now confirmed that it will bring other content — as expected — and promises it will be a “big” update.

In his now-traditional, pre-update Tweet, Yamauchi posted an image of four new vehicles coming to the game, heavily disguised under cover of darkness — what the community has come to call “silhouette” images — initiating the regular guessing game of working out what the vehicles are.

Despite the shadows, three of the cars are relatively easy to identify. At the top is the unmistakable shape of the Citroen DS, and the little additional reflections around the C-pillar indicates it’s a post-1965 facelift Pallas — either a DS19 or DS21.

At the bottom left we see a classic open-wheel racing design; although a quick glance might suggest it’s the Pebble Beach-winning AAR Eagle, the cowling, screen, and mirrors point us at the Honda RA272. This was the first ever Japanese car to win an F1 race, in the hands of the USA’s Richie Ginther at the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix.

The bottom-right car is easy to identify but harder to pin down. It’s quite clearly a classic Porsche 911, with the ducktail spoiler heavily suggesting it’s a Carrera 2.7 RS or a derivative like the M471 RS Lightweight or 2.8 RSR.

That leaves the center car which we’ll file under “identity unknown” for now. It could well be a Vision Gran Turismo car — we’ve heard recent hints about Ford being the only original VGT project still outstanding, and there’s a Genesis supercar concept in the works too — but we’ll likely have to wait for a more clear image ahead of Tuesday’s update.

Of course we already know that the update will be bringing along PlayStation VR2 support for players with a PlayStation 5 and the new hardware which launches on February 22. You can see our thoughts on that in the video above.

That’s certainly a big step, with Yamauchi describing the VR experience itself “historically significant”, though it’s one PlayStation 4 owners will be missing out on — along with other players who haven’t picked up one of the $550 VR2 headsets.

The recently posted schedule for the GT World Series Exhibition Series Season 3 suggested that new content was on the way, with “TBA” for the first two rounds of both Nations and Manufacturers Cup. It’s likely that the four new vehicles will fill those spots without a new circuit necessarily joining them, though references to two new Nurburgring layouts have been spotted in the game’s web interface.

Curiously, Yamauchi has written “big updates” — in the plural — in the English line of his Tweet, though the Japanese line suggests only one update. Plurals are quite tricky in Japanese, but we’re not expecting more than one update inside a week; it may refer to 1.29 being an amalgamation of the curiously skipped 1.28 update which would have been due in January on the previous monthly schedule.

We’ll find out more on what 1.29 contains in due course, with a preview likely to be posted on Monday February 20 ahead of the server maintenance and update on Tuesday February 21.

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