Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Tuners Update Lands July 20

Grand Theft Auto Online is set to gain a brand new set of car and car culture content in an update arriving next week. Going by the official name “Los Santos Tuners”, the new content pack will bring 17 new vehicles as well as a new hub, races, missions, and rewards.

The update will add a new location, known as the LS Car Meet, on the outskirts of Los Santos in the Cypress Flats area of the map. As the name suggests, it’s a place for meeting up with your favorite cars — and there’s no weapons allowed, making it a safe space for car lovers to gather.

Along with your own cars, you’ll be able to test drive new cars from a constantly changing selection, on a large, underground test track within the LS Car Meet warehouse.

There’s also a new set of Reputation ranks. and benefits you can unlock with each level. You can earn Reputation by racing (and winning), driving around the test track, and from logging into the Car Meet on a daily basis. Rewards include new clothing and car customization options, and discounted prices for vehicles.

If you fancy becoming an LS Car Meet Member, rather than simply dropping from time to time, it’ll set you back $50,000 of in-game currency, and you’ll get further benefits too.

Car Meet Members gain access to special shops for merchandise and tattoos, and a modding area which allows you to show off your skills to others as you build your cars. There’s prize ride challenges which will reward you with special items, and players of a sufficiently high level can create their own space — with lighting and banners to suit — within the warehouse.

However, activities aren’t just limited to what goes in inside the LS Car Meet. There’s a selection of new races around the GTA Online map, including time trials, head-to-head races, street races, and pursuit races — some of which may invoke the wrath of law enforcement. If they don’t, the driving missions will, where you might be the wheelman for a robbery.

There’ll be an additional 17 cars coming to the game as part of the update, with ten arriving at launch and the others arriving across the summer. Of course they’re classic GTA fictional cars that closely resemble some real-world vehicles, but machines like the Karin Futo GTX (Toyota AE86), Obey Tailgater (Audi RS4), and Annis ZR350 (Mazda RX-7) have their own in-universe fame.

When GTA Online comes to next gen consoles on November 11, there’ll be new modifications for some vehicles unique to this version of the game. The PS5 version will be free for all users for the first three months, and you can also get $1,000,000 in-game currency each month free from the PS Store with PlayStation Plus right now.

There’s still more information to come on Los Santos Tuners ahead of its July 20 launch, so watch this space for more.

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Comments (10)

    1. SomeGamer2021

      Yeah I saw that. This is the only game I saw except for Forza Horizon 4’s overpriced auction house that sells JDM cars for 1M+ in a game.

  1. Racing_Miku

    Well good to see the summer update is coming, I will pass on checking it out though, I have huge ‘shudders’ of arena wars all over again, I gave up on that after less than a week.

    Still I will keep an ear for anything.

    Also @Famine I think only the GTA Online standalone game is free for the first three months, they have not said anything official about a free PS5 upgrade for existing owners…

    1. StuBen

      I’m still waiting on heists for the PS3 version and a free upgrade to the PS4 version Rockstar claimed was never coming when they hoodwinked people in to wasting money on a unsupported version.

      I wouldn’t hold your breath for a free upgrade, they’re only interested in the selling of micro transactions.

  2. QueenMae

    Im genuinely shocked that Rockstars able to get away with so many of these cars. Especially this update /pos

    1. SomeGamer2021

      They probably pay some money to include the cars but I think they need to pay less by changing the names.

      Just a hunch, though. I could be wrong.

      1. EinsTheOne

        No they don’t…
        I’ve personally never heard of “half licenses”… You either have the license or you don’t…

        Especially with car licenses, manufacturers are stringent with their requirements, that’s why Rockstar uses mock ups

  3. SomeGamer2021

    I started playing on PC and I got in a community rather than playing with random maniacs that shoot every other player on sight. We love racing on this game’s racing tracks and the fact that players can build their own is sooo fun.

  4. egl92

    Why Rockstar don’t make a new Midnight Club with all GTA V cars/bikes and custumization options.
    I know that are fakes cars, but they are very recognizable.

    For me it would be a day one purchase.

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