GT Academy 2016 Launch Event in Egypt Hints at Format Change

Gran Turismo SeriesGT Academy 7 March 15, 2016 by
GT Academy Press Conference getting underway. Image courtesy of Autovrooom.

Following on from the Nismo mention of the program last week, GT Academy held a press event yesterday in Egypt. Taking place at the Autovrooom track in Cairo (Facebook link if you have a particularly strong interest in the Sunny and/or Juke), few details were released, though GTPlanet member (and 2015 GTA North African champion) sems4arsenal was present. Much as the case was last year, expect some changes to the format…

GTA-Egypt-Nissan-SunnysWhile PS3 wheels and controllers are visible at the event, Sems is keen to point out that they were only present for the press event, and that details on the exact platform have yet to be revealed. GT Academy will be launching in April, just as it did in 2015, which of course lines up nicely with the original “early 2016” promise of the GT Sport public beta. Unless it’s delayed

The qualifiers are said to be taking place exclusively at live events. If confirmed, this represents the biggest break from tradition, as each previous GT Academy has been available to players at home, either as a free, downloadable standalone, or from within a current Gran Turismo title.

We’re anxious to hear more details from not only Egypt’s GT Academy, but from other territories that will be taking part this year. With only a month before the program gets under way, it shouldn’t be long! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks to Moe Raafat for the tip!

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