NISMO Focuses on GT Academy in 2016 Motorsport Ad

Motorsports 16 March 11, 2016 by

So far in 2016, GT Academy’s fortunes have not been the brightest. One of the program’s prime proponents, Darren Cox, left parent company Nissan last fall. Shortly after that, the company unceremoniously shuttered it’s front-engine prototype program. More bad news arrived last month, when word got out that successful GTA grad Wolfgang Reip’s contract wasn’t renewed for 2016, which was shortly followed by similar news for multiple previous winners.

Nismo’s latest video offers hope for a better year moving forward for the program, then. The 97-second clip up top provides a tasty review of racing Nissans past and present, before divvying up the remaining run-time across three hash-tagged (of course) categories: motorsports, GT Academy, and Nismo road cars.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 5.24.51 PMWe won’t comment on the… incongruous nature of the Nismo Patrol in the latter, while Felix already covered Nissan’s 2016 motorsports plan in detail in February. The GT Academy portion is the interesting bit here: this is the first mention of it this calendar year from any of the parties typically involved. Detectives will be disappointed: the footage gives nothing away, being entirely recycled from previous seasons.

If the program is indeed returning this year, the large pachyderm in the room needs to be addressed: which platform will it be run on? Last year’s events took place on the PS3 via GT6, kicking off in the second half of April. Could GT Sport’s beta function as this year’s Academy base of operations, in much the same way an early trial of GT6 did during the summer of 2013? Could the doubts of a 2016 release be tied to GT Academy in any way, or impact it?

We’re eager to get answers to these questions soon. Let us know your thoughts on the next iteration of GT Academy in the comments below!

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