The Honda Vision GT Concept is the Baby NSX We Want

The current Honda NSX is a very impressive car. However, it also carries an equally impressive price tag which is out of the reach for most buyers. With the latest Vision GT offering from Honda however, we might have caught a glimpse of what can only be a baby NSX.

With a 2.0L four-pot in the middle, the Honda Vision GT is good for 404hp at 7,500rpm. This revvy little engine harkens back to the days of the S2000 that let you redline it for days.

The VGT comes without any of techno-witchcraft that makes the NSX such an awesome car. Instead, the car uses a refreshingly simple standard engine and 8-speed double-clutch transmission.

To cut down on weight, Honda liberally used virtual carbon fiber everywhere it could. When occupant safety or government regulations don’t need to be considered, it’s amazing the amount of weight that can be shed. Tipping the scales at just at 1,980lb the Honda VGT is light — nearly 100lb less than the already featherweight Lotus Elise.

For the design of the Honda contribution to the Vision GT program, the company held a design contest across all its teams. With fierce competitions from all corners of the globe, the winner ultimately came from a team in Los Angeles, California.

The VGT used the Honda design method of “Human Centered Design”. This philosophy focuses on making the car appealing and incredibly good to drive. While it seems weird that your Gran Turismo avatar needs anything centered around it, we can’t fault the design.

After the selection of the design Honda designers and engineers from several countries went to work.

To ensure the car was race-ready for the rigors of Gran Turismo Sport, the team even put a model of the car in a wind tunnel. From there it refined the aerodynamics to make it as optimum as it could.

With all the work put in between the teams across all of the Honda design houses, it’s surprisingly it’s only a digital concept. However, some patents filed back in July of this year suggest it might be more than just that.

The patent filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office shares some striking similarities to the VGT concept.

Hopefully, the Vision GT is a proof of concept from Honda and there are some good things on the way. Ever since the sad death of the S2000 in 2009 left a hole in the Honda line up, the segment’s been craving a new addition.

Only time will tell, but we have our fingers crossed for sure!

In the meantime, fire up Gran Turismo Sport and take the Honda Vision GT for a spin. Once you’ve had a chance to give it a proper shakedown feel free to leave your thoughts on the forum.

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