You Can Now Find iRacing in Gran Turismo Sport (But it’s Probably Not What You Think)

Gran Turismo SportiRacing 55 March 31, 2018 by

Now that’s certainly unexpected. The latest GT Sport update brought Tsukuba to the party, and with it, a subtle ad… for another sim racer.

It didn’t take long for one eagle-eyed GT player to spot the banner, which is found in the pit lane at Tsukuba:

It’s a nice touch: iRacing and GT Sport are similar in many ways, especially in terms of driver penalty systems. Plus, if a competitor’s ads and logos are on a track, it’s technically more realistic to include them than to not, right?

What’s very strange is that Tsukuba isn’t actually in iRacing. The team announced plans to include it way back in 2010, but it never materialized. The most recent hint of it that we found was this 2012 tweet from executive VP Steve Myers.

Featured image courtesy of Twitter user FlatPack_144.

Thanks to bdj57 for the tip!

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