Kazunori Hopes to Bring Improved Photomode Features in GT7

Gran Turismo Series 35 June 27, 2014 by

Kazunori Yamauchi is the latest person to host a session of Reddit’s IAmA (I Am A, Ask me Anything), and is accompanied by Nissan’s chief designer, Shiro Nakamura, as both unveiled the Nissan 2020 Concept Vision Gran Turismo at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

While there were a variety of excellent questions one in particular stood out, asked by our very own gtuned:

“Mr. Yamauchi, on behalf of the photomode community, we thank you for creating one of the most realistic photography experiences in all of gaming. Many of us have been shooting since the days of GT4, and that alone has inspired us, myself included, to have a career in photography. But we have concerns about the future of the feature we love the most. In GT6, photomode is really… lackluster in comparison of GT4 and GT5. There’s very few locations, in only 2 regions of the world. While the 2 car feature is a great addition, and the much quicker 2x resolution loading time is absolutely amazing, we feel like our main selling point of GT is eventually going to be put aside.

What is the future for photomode? In GT6’s lifetime, like will we see new photomode stages? like the ones in the Vision GT galleries, or even the dealership showroom, or more real life locations? Will we see lower shutter speeds for race replay photomode, like showcased with the FT-1 press shots? What about interior photomode, both during racing and photo travel? What about new features in general? We’ve created amazing art with what we’ve given, and Mr. Yamauchi, we need more. We feel like our passion is being neglected, since GT4, we may of had features added, but locations have been cut down, especially from GT5 to GT6.

So in overview, will photomode for GT6 see any improvements and added features, and new locations? And what about the future for Photomode with GT7 and even beyond?

Thank you.”

The following are answers by both Kazunori and Shiro:

“Gran Turismo actually really reflects my personal interests — cars, photography, and video/film. So photo mode is something that’s very important to me. So obviously I’m not pleased with the current rendition.

And I know how good it was in GT4, but it just so happened that the architecture of the PS3 wasn’t really suited for this feature. But in PS4, I’m going to try to make sure that there’s a photo mode that can satisfy any connoisseur of photography and you can really look forward to that — because as a photographer, I’m really not satisfied with what we have yet.”

“Shiro: Gran Turismo is such a good opportunity to see a car in any environment — this is great for any designer to see how their design will look in a variety of locations.”

Kazunori’s response can be read as a little confusing as the photomode features in Gran Turismo 5 are more plentiful than in 6, however, the ability to photograph two cars while in Photo Travel is entirely unique to GT6, so the possibility remains that a trade-off was made.

GT6 Photomode image by ac1.

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