Kazunori Yamauchi Documentary Film Coming Soon

Unveiled at the opening night of the Jalopnik Film Festival inside Classic Car Club Manhattan was a film documenting Polyphony Digital’s own Kazunori Yamauchi, entitled “KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide”.

“This film is about drive. It’s about the passion and creative drive of Kazunori Yamauchi, the architect behind Gran Turismo’s birth and breath-taking fifteen-year evolution. This film will trace his relentless willingness to challenge himself, to hold none of his past achievements sacred, and push beyond the virtual divide in his pursuit of perfection.

Through the support of PlayStation, Kaz’s journey has forever changed the gaming and automotive landscape and in doing so, has redefined how we perceive the relationship between art, entertainment and culture”

The film will be directed by Tamir Moscovici (Urban Outlaw) whom was also present at the opening night/panel. The film has no current premiere date as it’s “Up to Sony” as remarked by Moscovici.

In case you missed it, GTPlanet’s own Jordan Greer will be present in the documentary!

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  1. Rionmoon

    I imagine the documentary will be visually appealing and at times simply stunning but will suffer from poor sound quality and debatable phisics issue.

    There will be a sequel announced but will take way longer to be released than anybody expected and even then there will be delays

    An update to the sequel will be available as DLC

    Later an Efit

  2. infamousphil

    Hold up, wait a minute, let me put an end to the BS.

    No doubt… GT is a great game. But let’s not put ANY man on a pedestal. I like this game… l like Kaz. If I were to ever met him, I would welcome him with open arms and invite him to dinner at my house.

    On the other hand… this dude pisses me off every time a new GT is released because… yall know what I’m talking about. But I keep on playing because it’s the best game out there. An I love cars as much as ANYone out there.

    Kaz was the right man, at the right time, at the right place, period. There are many folks on this planet, like myself, that share the same dream, but not the resources. Kaz is MY hero. No one needs to validate the sentiment.

    Dude’s who don’t have much faith in the human race beyond one fortunate soul are severely short sighted. This world is, unfortunately, bursting at the seems with individuals with blind followers.

    Wanna know what’s wrong with the world? Follow the money

    1. MeanElf

      Personally, I think the world is fuller of self-serving fools and we can all use some good people as examples to admire…

    2. biftizmo

      Its not the fact its a great car game…or even the best selling car game. but its technical achievements as a internet networking marvel…the interesting bit is that it directly interacts with real life closing the divide between virtual and reality…this is what some of us older generation can appreciate…this may all seam to be easy in to days high tech connected world…imagine having to swing AL this premonition ten years ago….it wouldn’t happen in the western world….it takes balls and hard work to be ready for a connected future…. never mind about the graphics. what about the science?…theirs a lot involved here…and there still pushing it.
      i’m trying to think of another that is more than just a game…
      in time to come i’m sure it will be less about the development of the game and more about how GT is essential to how we develop cars..
      Video game designer to computer network Guinness to Car science engineer.. respec..

      i also had this mans vision but was only a builder at the time so nothing came off it..

    3. Tenacious D

      I refer my friend to remarks I made below. But I will have to ditto racingRAW’s sentiment about the human race, and how much the average human appalls me with how dumb they are. If the human race collectively had a brain they actually used, a soul and a conscience, there would be no real hunger in the world, every country would be pretty well off, and we’d have a colony on the Moon by now. If not Mars.

      I’m expecting the Antichrist any year now, and for the world to annoint him as their messiah the way the knotheads in America did our current president.

    4. Neilson248

      @infamousphil, all you ever write about is “…if it wasnt for this or if it was for that, I could have been in Kaz’s place, I could have done what Kaz has done, I had the same idea, he was in the right place at the right time (meaning lucky) etc…” seriously man here you are commenting all the time on GTPlanet, if your ideas are so great then go out there and make something happen! Yeah its annoying that some people have access to money and some don’t but thats life. Do you know how many F1 world champions are sitting at home or doing normal boring work because they don’t have the money? Thats life you either make things happen, or die trying, or dont try at all but don’t try to devaluate the achievements of people like Kaz by saying “There are many folks on this planet, like myself, that share the same dream, but not the resources”… get a life man! What Kaz has achieved is phenomenal and he has achieved it because he was the ONLY man for this project! Do you ever see Kaz commenting on GTPlanet? NO because, he is far beyond that. Everyone here is nothing, just gamers so dont try to elevate yourself to someone of Kaz’s level, just keep quiet!

    5. esio trot

      Blimey there’s a lot of old tosh written these days but infamousPhil, I agree with all you say.

      Kaz is exceptional in his field and he has done amazing things in the world of realistic gameplay and driving simulation but FFS get things into perspective – he is not the messiah and he’s not going to save the world. I am more than happy to pay him my hard earned cash for all the pleasures of GT but I still have one foot in the real world.

      I think there are people on here who need to get out more and mix with the human race…

    6. MeanElf

      “I think there are people on here who need to get out more and mix with the human race…”

      Been there and to be truthful, it hasn’ done too much for me lately on a spiritual level.

      There’s nothing wrong in someone making a documentary about someone they feel deserving, or for those who are interested to want to watch it. It’s not compulsory or anything, so why not let it be?

    7. sayba2th

      Ok this has been taken out of context one guy writes that it is people like Kaz that keep his faith in the human race. Not Kaz is the only reason, someone misreads puts their spin off of it and BAM you now have Kaz as the only person in the world doing something positive. Boneheads, people are all to quick to get down and slice people up to make themselves feel superior. Being superior in your own mind does not make it so and the greater than thou complex blows me away. Is he not desreving of a doco for what he has achieved in his choosen feild? And I am afraid having a doco made about you is not putting anyone on a pedestal, it’s how the person who is having it made about them and their actions afterward that defines whether or not it’s putting them on one. I want to see what this doco becuse I am interested in cars, video game, racing and how he weaves this all together for my game of choice the GT series.

    8. sayba2th

      Forgot to mention that is is too humble of a person to let this change him. How real is that? In Kurt Angles words “It’s damn real”

  3. Jamaicangmah

    I owe that man so damn much. We need a documentary because Kaz needs to know we appreciate him while he is here to appreciate it.

    Nice to see Jordan made the cut. Go be our voice man.

    1. KFM

      I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

      As a person who has had a large part of their life influenced by the Gran Turismo series, I’m grateful that Yamauchi’s talent and creative vision are being honored in a documentary.

    2. Tenacious D

      phil, get a clue. You’re able to post your gripe here because of the hard work done by Jordan. He’s here because of Kazunori. We’re both here because of their contribution to a realm, racing games, which would be stuck in a rut of me-too PC sims and Need For Speed clones if not for Kazunori. Forza would be copying Project Gotham, which copied NFS… what a wretched world. Only Sega GT to save us, if it still existed.

      Long live Kaz! ;D

    3. Famine

      Asking questions to which you want the answer is only half of the equation – if the person you’re asking doesn’t want to give you the answer, you get nothing.

      We can only bring you answers to questions that are answered. Sorry if that’s a waste of your time, but imagine how much of our time we would waste if we travelled thousands of miles to interview people with the questions you want answered only to be met with stony silence, “no comment” or “the interview is over now”…

    4. phil_75

      So why not say “we asked him about xyz but he declined to answer”?

      Because you get starstruck and daren’t ask him anything that he may not like.
      You just want to gush all over him like a teenage girl meeting Justin Beiber.

      Who is going to ask him” why still there are PS2 cars & terrible sounds in PS3s seventh year”?

      And the one thing that is not a problem and is better than 99% of other games, the resolution, has been upped further!! when it should, if anything, have gone down to free up resources for AA and 60fps?

      How do they prioritise that over sounds and PS2 cars???

    5. Famine

      We don’t ask him nastily pointed questions because we’re not jackasses. And if we were, we wouldn’t get invited back to ask more questions (five times and counting), we’d have no access and you’d have to get all your GT news second hand from less-focussed websites who don’t even play the game.

      Incidentally, I gave the community the chance to submit questions to me to ask Yamauchi at GamesCom in 2010. I asked the three most popular ones – I guess not everyone wants to know the answers to the questions you want to know the answers to.

    6. Pit Crew

      Phil doesn’t want to ask Kaz questions about the GT series, he wants to interrogate him. Typical internet bullying mindset.

    7. TokoTurismo

      Oh phil shush up already. WHY should questions be asked based on what YOU want to hear? If you don’t like it, don’t bother reading it and get over it.

      Jordan is NOT doing this for you, he’s doing this for everybody here on GTPlanet. You’re so freakin selfish…. -_-

    8. sayba2th

      Famine makes excellent points here. It makes me laugh when people who don’t work in an industry and have no idea how the game works droping their own rhetoric acting like they know how it go. Sometimes it’s best to keep onesr hands away from the keyboard.

    9. phil_75

      Funny that, i must be looking at a different site to you then, on the one i look at, sounds and PS2 cars seem to be a massive issue?

      Whats the point in getting news directly from Kaz when the news is nothing exclusive that any other site hasn’t got?

      Give the time up to a journalist who will ask him decent questions.

      You daren’t offend him lol, what if all news was like that!
      “we daren’t ask the PM any awkward questions, he might not talk to us again”
      put on the 10’o clock news tonight, or watch question time.
      Do they not ask questions the interviewee might not like?
      Thats journalism!

      I’ve got some news for you, Kaz needs the media!
      Do they ever have trouble getting guests?

    10. Famine

      There’s asking awkward questions and there’s asking questions awkwardly. “Why still there are PS2 cars & terrible sounds in PS3s seventh year” is an example of the latter. Here’s an example of the second half of your question asked in a markedly less aggressive manner: http://www.gtplanet.net/gran-turismo-6-engine-sounds/

      Still, as I said, the community were given the chance to submit questions to me for Gamescom in 2010 (as a thank you for helping me get there) and I asked the three most popular. That would seem to suggest that the questions YOU want answered are not the questions the community wants answered. But hey, continue to berate Jordan for it by all means.

      Oddly, at the time of Gamescom he was asked why the standard cars had no interiors. He asked if people would prefer basic black wireframes to nothing at all and the assembled not-journalists said yes. I believe that came as an update…

    11. phil_75

      Ok, thanks for the replies famine.

      Sorry if i came across as aggressive, PD/Kaz wind me up like nothing else.

      Again, thankyou for the polite and helpful replies:-)

  4. sayba2th

    You can’t feed steak to babies. It’s such a shame that most people don’t understand true genius. Show me / tell me someone else that has translated a video game into the real world as opposed to the real world translated into a video game. Kudos where kudos is due.

    Recognise what he has achieved through passion, creativity, vision and dedication. If you have had just one GT game that you absolutely love/d or loved each one of the five then this man should have earned your respect. He is not a robot, he needs to sleep, eat and have a life outside of GT also. So unless you know what his schedule is really like and how hard he works then I would get off his case, I mean the man and his team are Japanese and they are notoriously dedicated and hard workers. Which is a lot more than I can say for many other countries including my own.

    1. ZoidFile

      The rate of death through overworking is extraordinary high in japan. They even have a special word for it “Karoshi”.

    2. Tenacious D

      racingRAW and sayba2th leave me very little to add, so ditto kudos to a legendary man. Very few have reached that level, especially in the video game world. Hideo Kojima, David Cage, Yuji Naka the creator of Sonic, the teams at Naughty Dog and Insomniac responsible for their epic series, Jak & Daxter and Uncharted, and Ratchet & Clank and Resistance, respectively. There are others but the field becomes muddled with personal faves quickly, and very few people have had an impact in so many lives as Kazunori-sensei, a man who knows his stuff.

      I guess when I have nothing to say, I still have a paragraph in me, go figure. ;D

    3. ScotteDawg

      sayba2th and Tenacious D have hit the proverbial nail on the head! Kaz and the PD team have worked hard for 15 years and will continue to work hard for maybe another 15 tears!

      racingRAW and JFavingsdikunzi – thank you for having faith in the great man!

      ZoidFile – interesting fact…

      MuoNiuLa – sayba2th said “many other countries”, he did NOT say “all other countries”! The indigenous people of our country are the laziest on the face of this planet – about 95% of the total indigenous population are on welfare!

    4. MeanElf

      Scotte, by indigenous I guess you are refering to the Aboriginal tribes. Consider them as a group who has a 60,000 year history and no outside influence bar the past few hundred years. Their perogatives are different and they have survived without impacting their environment for all of that time.

      Enter the various western tribes who took their land, then enslaved them and sought to control through introducing alcohol – same happened in the USA. They were doing just fine until we came along and imposed our values.

      If you didn’t mean that, then I apologise.

    5. Tenacious D

      MeanElf, let’s not open a politically correct can of worms. Every inch of this planet is conquered. My ancestors managed to get along okay. It really is appalling how certain groups feel offended over something which happened centuries ago. This culminates in senseless atrocities such as the genocide in the fragments of Yugoslavia which our much loved – and brain dead president – Bill Clinton sat on his hands and watched for most of it. What was particularly infuriating is that he caused it with his usual well meaning liberal notions and international naivete concerning Russia which led to an arms embargo that Russia/Serbia ignored and took advantage of. The genocide itself was drummed up from centuries old grudges which made no sense whatsoever. This is the same mentality which has an Islamofascist Jihad against the planet, and especially against those “nasty Jews” in Israel, who’s only real crime is wanting a homeland.

      It’s really about time the human race grew a pair. No, not THOSE, but hemispheres. Brains. Used them, grew up and got over themselves. Seriously, this planet is flooded with people who suck.

    6. MeanElf

      Just finished saying the same thing at the top of this thread. PC or not, the situation isn’t a simple as Scotte was making it seem. Once more, if I read him wrong, I apologise.

      Curiously though, asking that I not open a PC can of worms, you go and cite two other areas that are also nowhere near as simply defined. True, in their broader lines, those two situations are as you stated – but surely, a part of growing a better pair of hemispheres for ourselves is wanting to know the whole story?

      But are you right? I should take the example of staying out of other people’s business, and not comment?

    7. Tenacious D

      Well, as an informed citizen, I know quite a bit about the Serbian fiasco and what/who caused it, as well as the entire modern history of Israel, though it really is so hectic and intricate, you have to brush up on it from time to time to remember it all. But let’s just say that those who insist that a bunch of Jews who just managed to survive the Holocaust and armed with some hunting rifles and pitchforks for the most part, went out of their way to cause trouble with all their Arab neighbors – yeah, right. ;-)

      However, I’m digressing at an extreme angle. Let’s not muddy the waters of celebration here.

    8. MeanElf

      Serbia/Bosnia not so much for me, the whole Israel situation I look upon with dispair – whilst the aggressive posture you talk about with the latter might not have been the case back in the late 50s and early 60s, it is now very evident in how demobbed Israeli conscriptees deal with others, even whilst abroad – and the six hour customs exit procedure, what’s all that about?

      Agreed though, both situations are complex, much as the North of Ireland and the UK is and I do agree that this isn’t the place to discuss it all.

    9. sayba2th

      Glad to see that there are some people out there that recognise Kaz and his worth. Of course he is not saving the world but he is making the video game a better place.

      No MuoNiuLa Japan is not the only hard working country I said many other countries not all, thanks ScotteZoid, Let’s hope Kaz keeps the right balance then.

      TD drop the other paragraph you always have quality posts!

      Wow thiis turned out to be quite the political debate hasn’t it.

  5. racingRAW

    This… this is great. If anyone deserve’s it, Kaz does. This is honestly touching. People like Kaz are the only reason I have any faith in the human race. Can’t wait to watch it!

    1. racingRAW

      mef, you just proved my point. Nice job. The human race is overwhelming pathetic most of the time, as you just have just exemplified. Typical humans feel more inclined to degrade others in order to cope with their own short comings instead of facing their own hardships face to face. These people are weak minded and overall cause a more volatile society.
      However, people like Kaz feel true meaning for their life. Having a vision, and the passion to not only see that vision come true, but to continuously improve his vision indefinitely makes him an inspiration. Someone does not have to gain the notoriety or fame that Kaz has to be someone of inspiration, but to have that same drive for accomplishment and self growth is infectious to whomever that person encounters and interacts with. Kaz’s passion for cars, driving, and racing is obvious in GT; and personally he is a figure of inspiration for me to do whatever it is I do in life, with as much passion as Kaz has shown in GT within the last 15 years. These are the people that help me have faith in the human race, not you.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Wow racingRAW, very well said. +10 also. :)

      mef is the one who needs to get a life, guy’s so mindless he’ll say anything stupid to hurt others. Typical humans indeed who could never get along with each other, ever. -_-

    3. ZoidFile

      Kaz is a extraordinary person and I have great respect for the man. But please don’t act as if he’s the video game messiah.

    4. infamousphil

      Hold up, wait a minute, let me put an end to the BS.

      No doubt… GT is a great game. But let’s not put ANY man on a pedestal. I like this game… l like Kaz. If I were to ever met him, I would welcome him with open arms and invite him to dinner at my house.

      On the other hand… this dude pisses me off every time a new GT is released because… yall know what I’m talking about. But I keep on playing because it’s the best game out there. An I love cars as much as ANYone out there.

      Kaz was the right man, at the right time, at the right place, period. There are many folks on this planet, like myself, that share the same dream, but not the resources. Kaz is MY hero. No one needs to validate the sentiment.

      Dude’s who don’t have much faith in the human race beyond one fortunate soul are severely short sighted. This world is, unfortunately, bursting at the seems with individuals with blind followers.

      Wanna know what’s wrong with the world? Follow the money

    5. racingRAW

      Yes, Infamousphil, it’s not hard to understand that to see the problems with the world you simply need to follow the money. And no one put the man on a pedestal, simply showing gratitude towards a man that has brought over a decade of joy and inspiration to them. At least, that is my case.

      No one EVER said that one fortunate soul is the sole reason for any faith in the human race, excuse me for using an example. And that’s what it was, an example… note that the word ‘people’ is plural (I was unaware that the plural sentences would go completely ignored). I also mentioned in my second comment that one does not need to gain fame or notoriety, or even have any good fortunate for that matter, to be become an inspirational figure for those that are around them. I don’t think there is any further need to explain myself, if you read something into the statement that isn’t there then that’s you’re own problem.

      P.S.: Video game messiah? Never said he was the greatest video game developer or anything, but he is the best racing game video developer imo. On top of that, what he and his team have done with GT Academy is awesome. Most people literally have 0% chance to become a real racing driver. It really depends on the parent’s ability, willingness, and devotion to make a racing career happen for their child. At least with GT Academy there is a sliver of a chance for anyone with some talent… and that is awesome.

    6. Tenacious D

      “Follow the money”? I do, and it leads to a bunch of well meaning-slash-evil rich liberal elitists like George Soros who want to, dare I say it, take over the world. For our own good, of course. Aided and abetted by a bizarre cadre made up of labor unions, media figures, environmentalists and you-name-it leftists who think an honest citizen with a brain, a gun and his own car is a danger to the planet. Especially if he owns a Bible. These people, who think the worst thing that can happen to a child is to be reared and educated by their own parents, are a far greater danger than any “spooky” military industrial complex or oil cartel. Believe me, these people scare me, because they have real global power to make laws we have to abide by if we want to live.

      By the way, if every Gran Turismo pisses you off, you have a strange definition of “like.”

    7. mef

      racingRAW, TokoTurismo: You completely missed the point I was trying to make. First off, I did in no way marginalize Yamauchi-San’s achievement. The man is an icon and and an inspiration. My point is, there are thousands of people in this world who do great things on a daily basis, for their family, their wider community, or people they work with or do business with. These people are not ‘famous’, so we may not hear of them. That does not devalue their contribution to a world that is worth living in. It is true there is so much hurt in the world, it is hard to see the positives, especially since we’re in an age where a 24h news cycle focuses on the latest bad news exclusively. But the positives and great people are out there, every day. Yamauchi-San deserves all the credit he gets. But I’m asking you to not see life so negatively to say he is the only reason to have faith in humanity. The world is better than that. I’m sure you would agreed to that.

    8. racingRAW

      mef, as you probably read, I mentioned the exact same thing you just did. Kaz is just an example we can all easily relate to being fans of PD’s product. Also once again, no one said he was the only reason… once again the plural words and the word example play a big role. For the record, what I gather as losing faith in the human race has nothing to do with the news cycle as I never pay attention to the news considering the fact that it’s all negative, and biased garbage. Most of what I gather comes from every day interactions that I observe between people that do not personally know one another, and in general there is little positive interaction from what I observe (that is not to say that there isn’t positive interaction). Communities on the web are also great contributors to this as well. I’m glad you clarified yourself, kudos to not coming back all butt-hurt.

      However… this recent post would have made a nice first post, instead of that first bogus one!

    9. sayba2th

      Raw you could not have summed it up any better. Continue doing what you feel right, people gotta P*&% on others which is a damn shame and one of the main reasons the world is the way it is. Mef just needs to stop smoking himself.

  6. sayba2th

    You can get a product called Metamucil at your local chemist, sounds like you are backed up a little there and this may help get things “moving” again.


    Game is suffering already and its months before release. Seriously, they’re going to patch in the REAL engine noises ON THE FIRST DAY?? LOL, oh but they have time for this stupid movie nobody outside of this community is going to watch and even then I suspect not many will watch it all the way through.

    Get back to basics, the game is the point.

    1. sayba2th

      Yeah Kaz has been sitting on a beach by the Adriatic sea sipping Pina Colada’s playing with his gear stick and farting about. While he should be out promoting his upcoming farce the uncompleted GT6 that won’t work as there are no engine noises at the Jalaponik film fest this weekend before going back to complete the mad dash to get it finalised for release. Shesh get back to the job at hand Kaz your boss the emperor in his Deathsarthe has noticed you are not working 18hrs a day to make this battle-station fully operational on time to crush the rebel alliance

    2. MeanElf

      Witty play there sayba :)

      Like Scotte says, the docu is being made by other people, about him. I also rather thing that as he’s the major guest at the Jalopnik festival, a few others than the people here will watch the programme when it comes out.

    3. Pit Crew

      What a pointless rant DEATHSARTHE, just so you can reserve your spot on the I wanna Bash on Kaz too bandwagon.

      How did you get Sounds update is in the First day patch? and like scottie said the documentary is about him, not to mention PDs 150 employees will be working on GT6. Kaz didn’t even race as much this season compared to last, so he’s definitely involved.

      When you have a real genuine argument instead of a senseless copy and paste rant you picked up from the other childish haters, let us know.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Everyone, let us have a silent moment for grammar.

      Grammar: Many thousands of years BC – September 19th, 2013 at 11:21 pm. You will be missed. :'(

  8. Pit Crew

    Off topic: If anyones interested, GT6 is being played on TGS Showfloor. streaming videos of gameplay by fans are available.

    TGS: GT6 showfloor gameplay – Gamersyde

    1. sepulturite

      Just watched the video, I know the guy went off a few times, but is it just me that thinks the AI was a bit faster than in past GT’s?

    1. tpark103

      Does anyone here remember the old old karate movies and how the lips would move and them the words would come out a few seconds later….

    1. TokoTurismo

      That’s a really great idea. Especially for those who haven’t seen the film, they can see it in GT TV in GT6! Great thinking there Deko Wolf. :)

  9. 2012GT325

    I love the very idea of this film and any insight into the world of the creators of Gran Turismo. I have always wanted to see a film on Polyphony Digital’s collaboration with carmakers, their game design, their reasoning for car selection and their vision for the future of Gran Turismo/Tourist Trophy.

    However, having said that, the title of this film sounds a bit premature to me. Yes, Kaz San is an amazing character who has changed the gaming and automotive industry in more ways than one. But, also, he’s a man whose greatest achievements are yet to be realized and to celebrate the things so far, especially for a perfectionist who has such a wider vision, seems a bit premature. I may be very wrong, but that’s my opinion at this moment.

  10. HuskyGT

    I was expecting more news on GT6. Not much though; just little details on car customization and the course maker. We don’t want them to spoil the whole thing.

    1. sayba2th

      Pepe, you are funny and not in an amusing way. You must have a very negative outlook on life in general and must be unhappy a good portion of your day.

      @ Toko you know what to expect out of Pepe

      @ Quake bahahahahaha

  11. TomBrady

    Isn’t there supposed to be a GT6 presentation at TGS this week? I want to see the course maker and car customization. I think they need to show that to prove to the trolls that this is not GT5.5

    1. ScotteDawg

      The trolls will find out in due time! Even if PD give us a preview of more stuff to come, those little turds will still find something to gripe about!
      If PD give us no more, the trolls will have nothing to bitch about and WE get a surprise when the game is released!!!

      @ phil_75 – I find it rather amusing that people who use the same arguments (be they re-hashed from their own previous postings or copied from someone else’s) over and over again are the dumbest of all the idiots!
      Mark Twain once said “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”!

    2. HuskyGT

      I used to criticize GT a lot back in the early GT5 days, but I got tired of it. I rather focus on the positive now and leave feedback and criticism whenever I can here and at the forum. Because it’s thanks to constructive criticism that PD somewhat tries to improve. But being all angry and whiny not only makes you age faster, but makes you look like an idiot.

    3. TokoTurismo

      Agreed Scotte and Husky. I really want to see GTP get back to how it first was when I wasn’t here, but these idiot trolls are just ruining everything by getting angry and whining over every little thing. I wished they just go away for Jordan and everyone’s sake. Getting angry doesn’t fix a freaking thing…

    1. 05XR8

      Lets be serious. Kaz changed the world. When you can create your own game and get the sounds right the first time, then call us. End of story.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ Over sounds? LAAAAMN excuse not to buy GT6 but who cares, have fun missing out.

      Guys why did you feed the troll, their just losers. ;)

    3. BoneSawTX

      No multi-class, general bland game play and a multitude of other reasons. Been playing since day 1 of GT, I won’t be missing anything since it’s changed little since it’s inception.

    4. sircarltonlotus

      So its hardly changed since its inception? It’s took you 15yrs to come to your conclusion and your still hanging round gtplanet making comments. Bonehead may be a more suitable name

    5. TokoTurismo

      Ooooo sircarltonlotus that bites. :) But I agree with you though. Those who hate GT, why are they still here? Guess to troll.

      SlowInFastOut was very smart and just moved on, why can’t these be as cool as him.

    6. yewles1

      Don’t you think it’s sad? Certain trolls chose to terrorise here instead of supporting the other site, which could’ve led to even more sites for variety. Despite my bias for GT, I feel for the lost efforts that put into such hard work. It’s pathetic the kind of choices made by certain “fans”, especially for what it led to.

    7. BoneSawTX

      There is more to the site than GT section, when news pops up and i see something I’ll reply to it. My initial response was to PAPPACLART and no one else. I didn’t ask for yalls input but seeing as it’s a website anyone can reply. I’m also sure GTplanet loves users suggesting people to end their traffic to their site. But i get it, y’all are hardcore fanboys that drink from the Kaz kool-aid.

    8. TokoTurismo

      ^ I’m no fanboy to neither game, I just love GT. But seeing you get alittle annoyed is to funny. xD Hahaha!

      SlowInFastOut is still cooler, nuff said.

    9. TokoTurismo

      ^ What’s the matter? You’re so annoyed you can’t think of anything else but bringing up the whole mental issue now? You and other trolls make me sick…

    10. BoneSawTX

      TokoTrolololo, annoyed no, wasting free time yes. If you want to engage people that think like you talk to them, not me. You’ve only replied to ever person in here and every other article that doesn’t have the same opinion you have and labeled them a troll. If your going to do so grow some thicker skin or learn to understand differing opinions are out there.

    11. TokoTurismo

      Yeah, I will talk to people who “don’t” think like me, nor share my opinion because I know some HATERZ like to troll for the sake of it, not those who actually share their constructive criticisms and don’t get OVERLY BUTTHURT orver something little. You had your chance to just ignore my post, but you refused and spoke back anyway. And no, I won’t “ever” speak to you, bringing up BS like “mental issues” is what only trolls do, or should I say what only BONEHEADS do…

      Have a nice day.

    12. 05XR8

      @Harvee, so Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Adolf Hitler didn’t change the world by what they did? None of them are prophets, son. That was a bad way to quote me.

    13. HarVee

      You’re honestly going to compared Kazunori Yamauchi & Steve jobs to Martin Luther King Jr. & Adolf Hitler?

      That is just kind of pathetic.

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