Latest Need For Speed Update Cranks up the Style (and Sharing!)

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NFS2015’s philosophy from the get-go was to provide a fully customizable street racing experience where you crafted the exact machine of your dreams through in-depth tuning and livery options to rule the streets. Although for the most part NFS was a step in the right direction at launch it still lacked in some fundamental areas that fans were disappointed to see omitted. With the latest ‘Showcase’ update launching today (~1.4GB), Ghost have targeted the most requested areas of customization and ways of showing off your ride.

It’s rare to see a racer without a photo-mode in this generation, however NFS2015 opted for a more primitive ‘photo-spot’ mechanic where you could plant your car at scenic locations. Noticing the primitive nature of this Ghost have implemented Snapshot Pro. Like a traditional photo-mode, simply bring up the pause menu and choose the option, from here you can freely rotate around the car and apply typical options like filters, contrast sliders and all the other photography goodies that snappers are sure to love. This pretty title will finally get the fan creations it deserves.

Need For Speed’s wrap editor is one of the better options on current generation consoles but a lack of reasonable ways to share your creations meant its potential was severely limited. The ‘Showcase’ update fully addresses this gripe with Wrap Sharing finally arriving on the streets of Ventura Bay. Alongside the obvious benefit of being able to download other people’s creations, they will also be editable. Hopefully there is some way of stopping mischievous players uploading copies or slightly edited versions of a designer’s hard work. With that being said, the official NFS blog doesn’t make mention of any in-game benefits for sharing your liveries so it may not be a priority for the developers, perhaps instead focusing on the idea of ‘caring being sharing’!

Alongside these two large additions, the team at Ghost Games have implemented a few other features which will excite players. 11 vehicles will get new Customization Items with over 100 parts in total. The return of Gas Stations will allow players to fix their car’s visual damage on the fly which will be useful for making full use of Snapshot Pro. Multiplayer will now include a ‘Competitive’ option to give players the chance to jump straight into races as opposed to the default Freedrive mode.

Full Patch Notes

  • Wrap Sharing
  • Snapshot Pro Mode
  • A new “Splash”/patch notes screen giving players information on what is included in the new updates.
  • A new Snapshot overview screen in the Need for Speed Network menu so you can find out more about your snapshots
  • Improvements to Kickbacks and likes on snapshots
  • 100+ new customization items for 11 cars
  • License plates return. 10 different plates to choose from.
  • improvements and bug fixes to multiplayer. You can now play competitive rather than the usual Freedrive mode.
  • 3 new Trophies/achievements
  • Gas Stations will fix up your car.
  • Tweaks and improvements for AI, player feedback, Gameplay and Ventura Bay
  • A few bugs on Eddie’s challenge fixed.
  • Stability Fixes.

Need For Speed is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One with the PC release scheduled for Spring 2016. 

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Comments (22)

  1. IceKoldKilla

    I could care less about what people hate about it. I love this game. Finally a NFS I can enjoy. For years I’ve gotten some of their titles on discount and they haven’t been really good. I always find a way to enjoy somewhat what I buy. Maybe my expectations are low or I dunno but the point is I geniuely like this game. But I can’t wait for the GT Sport Beta!

  2. Ben Rogue

    This game is a total waste of money!

    The driving dynamics, physics and controls are the worst I have encountered in any driving game. It just doesn’t feel anything like you’re driving a car. The cars reacts strangely to control inputs, they veer off in random directions, the steering sticks randomly, the cars snap into random fits of drifting and hook up way too quickly, often slamming you into walls because the game decided it’s time to go that direction!

    The Drift/Grip slider simply changes the dynamics between rear-wheel steering/ constantly going sideways for no reason or having no ability to turn a corner, followed by random snap-oversteer. There is no sweet spot that actually works for either drifting or handling. Drifting just happens randomly and you have very little control other than to simply maintain the slide, and the cars don’t actually do what you tell them when trying to turn. The game seems to be constantly trying to force you to drive a certain way or a certain direction by over correcting your inputs or making steering adjustments for you. It’s very strange, it feels completely broken and as if the cars have a mind of their own.

    The cars do look nice though, which makes it even more disappointing when you can’t enjoy driving them.

    1. Ben Rogue

      @SZRT Ice I had tried the demo. The driving seemed a bit more predictable, but still way too arcade for me. Just wish there was an open world game like NFS, TDU or Forza Horizon with the physics and feel of DriveClub or even GT6

    2. leeboy910

      The game is meant to be arcade! The drifting is actually quite easy and predictable once you get used to it. I’ve had heaps of fun with it and enjoyed it for what it is supposed to be.
      If you want a true to life experience, try Assetto Corsa.

    3. Ben Rogue

      If you think calling it an arcade game excuses it.. You don’t even notice how broken the driving is? Your opinion is irrelevant if you think that driving in NFS is okay. Go back and play Underground 2, that’s arcade NFS driving done right! I also never said I was looking for a “true to life experience”, I’m looking for a decent arcade game that at least treats me like i know how to drive a car and lets me control it myself!

      The physics in DRIVECLUB are very realistically modelled. Despite being an arcade game, every car responds realistically and all feel unique. While at the moment it has forced driver assists, it is getting a Hardcore mode, which should future show off how well done the physics are. The crew is too basic, the cars have little character and feeling, it’s numb and boring.

      NFS has a decent arcade feel to most cars, except it has an intrusive and broken drift mechanic tacked on that break the basic physics and controls. If you can’t notice it or are okay with it then you are precisely the kind of consumer that has allowed EA to ruin the NFS franchise. NFS has become about showing off literally effortless drifting, rather than fun, challenging and fast paced underground street racing. If they fixed their weird drift system then the game would be fine, at least in that respect…

  3. SZRT Ice

    Great addition with a few gripes. No action shots, just “park & pose” pics. And no way to share wraps with individual players.

    Otherwise, great addition.

  4. GreenGhost74

    The developers are doing such a good job with building the game people are asking for. NFS 2015 isn’t perfect, but it’s only getting better.

    1. mistamontiel

      What on .. will they EVER listen to us gearheads and allow us to choose shifts/wimpomatic ..?

      Neg .. unless pray tell

  5. Michael L.

    The PC release is taking way too long, and this looks more appetizing than the past NFS games ever have.

    I might just pull the trigger on the console release and pick up the PC version later on.

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