McLaren’s Worlds Fastest Gamer Competition Goes Mobile with Gear Club

McLaren’s hunt for the World’s Fastest Gamer will break new ground by including mobile title Gear Club. The free-to-play app will run a qualifying event starting from today and last until August 17.

Gear Club is a realistic racing title developed by Eden Games. The name will sound familiar to those who’ve played the Test Drive Unlimited series as this is the same developer. Nowadays, the team operates as an independent and its latest title is being used for McLaren’s WFG tournament. The addition of Gear Club opens the door for those without a capable PC, Xbox One or PS4. McLaren Executive Director Zak Brown commented:

“McLaren’s aim from the start of this project was to engage as many gamers from as many countries as possible. With a mobile-based qualifying series we tick that box. Our competition focuses on skill and determination, not merely the ability to have the best equipment.”

Players will get to drive the McLaren 570S GT4 on three new road circuits specifically created for the event. For a chance to earn a place in the finals, simply complete the time trials in the fastest combined time. You’ll need to be consistent on all three circuits to secure a place in the grand finals.

The addition of a mobile title may be controversial but it does eliminate any advantage earned through using expensive sim gear. Due to the complex nature of our hobby, it’s no secret that wheel and pedal sets give clear advantages in these types of competition. It’s certainly interesting that the winner of this round will join those fluent in sims like rFactor 2 and Forza Motorsport 6, both of which hosted the earlier rounds of the contest.

WFG coming to Gear Club is good news overall, however. Eden Games will get a solid amount of publicity for this and we all get the chance to compete on an easily accessible and even playing field. You can download Gear Club here if you wish to compete. Good luck to all competitors who take part!

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