Netflix Documentary ‘Drive to Survive’ Shows the Grittier Side of Formula One

Formula One 62 February 20, 2019 by

Last year, F1 revealed it was to partner with Netflix for a 10-part documentary series based on the 2018 season. Netflix officially revealed the title of the series this morning, Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

If you thought Formula One couldn’t get any more intense, think again. The trailer shows fans all they need to know.

While an effort to expose the sport to a wider audience, there’s no denying existing fans will flock to the series. As revealed last March, the documentary aims to “reveal the intense fight for the heart, soul, and direction for the future of this multibillion-dollar business”.

It aims to achieve that by placing the sport in an entirely different light. Not only will it focus on the 2018 season, but it will also shine a light on the lives of the drivers and their families off the track. It’s the perfect way to drum up just how intense and dramatic F1 seasons can be.

A particular soundbite at 1:08 stands out: “I’ll do anything I can to get the best result possible. I’m not worried about dying”. We believe the voice in question is that of Renault driver Nico Hulkenberg, and it gives depth to the series — and a real sense of urgency.

Interestingly enough, there seems to be a keen focus on American team Haas F1 in the trailer. It makes sense, as it’s sure to attract more eyes in the USA than the likes of McLaren or Red Bull.

Once more, James Gay-Rees, executive producer for Senna, will play the same role here for Box to Box Films. Joining him will be Paul Martin, with Sophie Todd as the showrunner.

Paul Martin from the film studio had this to say on the series:

“Netflix was the perfect platform on which to tell the inside story of this incredible sport. F1 has long been a world of colourful characters and super-sized ego’s, thrills and drama, victory and tragedy but until now that world has been largely hidden and secretive from fans. Formula 1: Drive to Survive takes the viewers right into the heart of this world and shows what it is like to live, work and race within the world’s fastest sport.”

All 10 episodes of the documentary will launch globally on Friday, March 8. We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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