New Leak Confirms Gran Turismo 7 in Development for Both PS4 and PS5

After months of speculation, vague statements, and ambiguous advertising, GTPlanet can confirm Gran Turismo 7 is in development for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

It’s something that has been up in the air for some time now. Originally, all promotional material for GT7 stated that it would be a PS5 exclusive. However, more recent advertisements have modified that to “PlayStation Exclusive” and “In Development for PlayStation”, omitting the “5”.

A PS4 version wasn’t seriously considered until a comment from Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, appeared on the official PlayStation Blog last month. Hulst stated that PS Studios would “look” at PS4 versions of games “where it makes sense” to do so and included GT7 as an example. It was the first real suggestion that Gran Turismo 7 could be cross-gen, but it was not the outright confirmation as reported by most media outlets. Our own inquiries to PlayStation PR at the time were non-committal and only referred us back to Hulst’s original quote.

However, new information seen by GTPlanet now confirms that a PS4 version of the game is, in fact, in development. A professional document referencing Gran Turismo 7’s production process clearly states the game’s source code is in development for both “PS4 and PS5”. We cannot share the document but can confirm its authenticity.

As we have previously covered, this has some significant implications for the game’s potential. To date, every game with cross-gen capability has seen 1:1 feature parity between the two console generations, with any differences limited to graphics, audio, and DualSense controller support. It’s not clear if this is an absolute console requirement enforced by Sony or an unlikely coincidence.

It is important to note that just because GT7 has been developed for PS4, it still might not end up as a PS4 release. The technical process could simply be exploratory, to determine how well the code runs on the nearly decade-old PS4 hardware. However, it’s increasingly looking like GT7 will be cross-gen after all.

We’ll bring you more information as we get it.

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  1. Racing_Miku

    Well at least we are seeing signs of ‘small progress’.

    It was pretty much a known fact to me when I committed to the PS5 that the game I wanted to be PS5 only would end up coming out on PS4, the only difference now is I am probably not gonna be a day 1 player and wait for the reviews before I actually commit.

    You can blame Genshin Impact for that one, the ‘traveller’s story stole me out of my other video games!

  2. Yasmany

    A mi lo que me jode es que halla gente en este mundo que tienen mil posibilidades y no les gusta la idea de que el juego salga para ps4 cuando saben que gt sport es un juego que se juega en línea y por ejemplo en mi país yo no puedo jugar así recapacitemos esto es un Jovi para muchos para otros es un trabajo y para la mayoría como yo es una pasión por favor dejemos la idioteces a un ladoc

  3. SnakeOfBacon

    I’m very happy that the PS4 is looking like it’ll get Gran Turismo 7, it’s just such a shame that it’s going to be doing so about 9 years after the PS4 launched…

    1. SomeGamer2021

      Yup, a new breed of salty, immature people are born… PS5 Elitists.
      Don’t they even know some people can’t afford it or find in their area?

      I have a PS5 and I totally sympathise with PS4 owners.

  4. BobdahKing

    The need to separate all PS4 vs PS5 players. All PS4 players will ruin the GT7 experience we PS5 players all deserve.

    1. TakumiTofu86

      Exactly, I agree with you BobdahKing PS4 users will indeed ruin the next gen GT7 experience for us all. PS4 players should be with only PS4 players as we will have to downgrade performance to have them around.

      1. matrix_gt1

        Jeez these people with only PS4’s haven’t done anything wrong. It is just the current climate. I don’t like it but I’m not going to blame people, most of which probably either don’t have the money or are waiting till more games become available on ps5.

    2. KattyKatxz

      Nothing against PS4 players here but you all should upgrade. It will be a better experience for everyone !

      1. Italia_111

        I agree it’s like trying to mix oil and water. It doesn’t work. I did not buy a PS5 to have subpar fun with GT7. SONY, you want GT7 to be great, please separate PS4 and PS5 players !

  5. Ande3200

    I think a ps4 version is good, many of us can’t buy ps5 becouse its not availble, i don’t care about graphics that much, to much focus on that today, and many times is a sacrifice for the gameplay and for me thats not worth it, the only thing i care for in gt7 is what i already seen in the trailer,

    1. mynameis002

      Yeah …. i agreed with that … there are still not many people can get theirs hand on ps5 due to scalper . I dont care about online play or cross gen play …. i want the simulation mode …. i miss the old simulation mode in gt ….

  6. Muller_cj

    Physics will be compromised, ACC has shown if you want the good Physics on PS4 you have to sacrice something,
    I don’t see them doing two different Physics models so in turn you will have a compromised PS5 version,

    Ps4 players will be paying £60 for a single player expansion, surely a Paid DLC for GTS would be a better option

    1. C_Raccoon23

      Well, GTS already has a free single player expansion with GT League, so a paid DLC would just be redundant.

      Not to mention GTS is missing a lot of the traditional GT staples like used cars, GT Auto, car upgrades, etc. and GT7 will of course have a bunch of new tracks and cars that GTS won’t. It’s really better to release a new game made from scratch than try to transform GTS, an e-sports game, into something that it isn’t.

  7. silicon1138

    Firstly, that box art is REALLY dull. I for one am happy GT7 is in theory coming to PS4. As we’ve seen with a lot of end of life PS4 titles the devs have managed to coax out some crazy technically great games. Even with 10 million PS5 sold, they are still totally absent from shops still here is France. I’m also happy to stick at 1080p for the moment. Times have been hard so a PS5 + 4k tv is just far too much of a luxury in these difficult times. 110 million PS4 users out there still. I also don’t think that having a PS4 will hobble the PS5 version. It’s all still X86 underneath, so for the PS4 it’s a matter of limiting textures, assets, draw distance etc, but the underlying game/framework is all the same. It’s not like having vast open worlds where the ssd and ram could really do wonders – we are talking about closed circuit loops at the end of the day. The PS5 will be able to do it with all the bells and whistles and the PS4 will offer the exact same game, just without all of that.

    1. Andrew Evans

      Don’t worry about the box art – it isn’t real! I created it, from the image currently used across GT social channels (and PS Store), and slotted it into the nearest game box to hand, just to stage the featured image.

      We don’t know what the real box art will be just yet.

  8. LB910

    MLB The Show 21 has different offerings for PS4 vs PS5.
    There is a whole new mode on PS5 that isn’t available on PS4, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS4 version is somewhat “lighter” than the PS5 version in some regard.

  9. SomeGamer2021

    We’ll see how it pans out. I’m looking forward to the game but with moderate/middle level expectation.

  10. JAYZA

    I don’t like this news at all, since I buyed the PS5 because of GT7. But, I’m happy that people that can’t afford a PS5 right now can play it. Plus some of us buy Xbox for Forza too, so I’m not that worried, since I know the new Forza Motorsport is only for next gen and it’s been remade from the ground up. I’m very optimistic of that game.

  11. Bax Moj

    As long as they’re more than 200 vehicles including classics, big tune-ability… Ps2 and Ps3 were able to do it without efforts so PS4 and PS5…

  12. areX29

    Sad news. I was hoping for a good PS5 version. Now we get a ps4 GT Sport with the GT mode… wow.

    Time to get a pc and enjoy racing. ACC, awesome mods at AC. iracing whatever.

    Seriously thinking about selling my ps5. Bought it 2020 and it seems we dont get the game we’ve been waiting for until 2022.

    I dont want to wait anymore.

  13. Nielsen

    I’ll gladly play GT7 on PS4 until Sony releases a PS5 Pro. Maybe then there will be some system sellers in the first-party lineup.

  14. Normandy12

    Wasn’t GT6 cross-gen? And, they just stopped updating the Vision section for the PS3, and gave more to the PS4. Is that what we should expect with this one as well?
    Maybe, if all the garbage running in the background, of the PS4, could be turned off it would run the way it’s supposed to, frame rate etc.
    No, seriously, it does not need to constantly look for whatever your friends are currently doing, my ps4 is not a social networking hub, or shouldn’t try to be, isn’t that why they made the PS App? Constantly recording and saving material that you probably will never use, just to delete it because you didn’t actually want it recorded. Does the system even defragment itself? Those of us old enough to know that defraging your hard drive helps it run faster might be curious.
    Everything it’s doing in the background is slowing down what it’s supposed to be doing, playing a game at the best quality possible.
    Maybe they should have the PS5 focus on what is actually important to the person using the system, a gaming console, or the minimum, give the user a choice for what the system does in the background.

    1. Andrew Evans

      GT6 was not cross-gen, it was PS3 only.

      PS4s do not need to defragment due to the filesystem employed – there is no file fragmentation. That’s also why it takes so long to copy games during updates.

  15. lancashire lad

    That news just saved me £50 , every cloud has a silver lining. I can understand they want to make money but I can’t see this being much different than GT sport so absolutely no point in PS5 owners getting it imo.

  16. Gcturbo

    Happy for those of you who first can afford a PS5. For those who wanted one but didn’t want to spend $700.-???, like me with a family, or couldn’t find one for sale. I appreciate the ability to use my PS4 for GT7 when it arrives.

    1. Patryko

      PS5 won’t do that not a chance for AAA game.
      Hardware of PS5 will be mainly locking games at 4k 60fps like GT7.
      Maybe PS5 pro but not PS5 with today’s hardware similar to GTX1070…..

  17. mrblog47

    so ps5 owners won’t see the full benefit of that fast ssd. Fast loading game assets and track detail could have been great.

    1. Ayla

      These are pretty much computer games and graphics are infinitely adjustable so quit yer crying. Sony still owes PS4 owners a proper Gran Turismo game and should refund people who bought the last few, also until Sony can supply everyone with a PS5 they need to continue to developed games for the PS4.

    2. Andrew Evans

      A full PS5 version will definitely employ the full capabilities of the SSD, whether there’s a PS4 version as well or not.

    3. owner

      Where are you getting that information from? Are you a game developer? Do you have extensive knowledge and experience in game development to make such bold claim? Why are you speaking as if you had seen the game already (“…track detail could have been great”)?

      Nobody but the developers themselves know what the game looks like. Cross-gen does not immediately mean bad graphics or lack of utilization of PS5 features (see FF7R Intergrade, Spiderman Remastered/MM). So really, where are you drawing those conclusions from? I’m really curious.

    1. Lenny0521

      I’m just disappointed of the ps5 all games are becoming cross generation, I am not badmouthing anyone making video games it’s just that everything is getting remade and I really want to see what the ps5 console can handle!

      1. pussydestroyer

        “all games”
        – Demons Souls
        – Returnal
        – Ratchet

        All launched within the first year of the console but yes “all” games are becoming cross-generation. Not to mention Sony is working in over 25 titles, half of them being new IP. Quite the dumb claim lol.

  18. kjb

    This is disappointing the main reason I got a ps5 was GT7. I have found plenty of games since I bought the 5 but this was the system seller for me. I have been looking forward to a racing game that would take full advantage of the 5. I am going to buy it maybe not day 1 now and I will probably enjoy it but I will be disappointed because it will be cross generational. On the plus side GT7 might now exceed my much lowered expectations

  19. gigio79

    There are some important reasons behind this decision. The first is that there are still very few PS5 consoles in the world, the second is that there are over 15 million PS4s, and Sony wants all users to be able to play GT7. Today, after 5 years of GT Sport the servers are full of players 24/7, and the world championships are still being played on PS4.

    1. Franske

      The amount of PS4’s doesn’t matter, unless PD is able to release before 2023 what is not likely when they have to make a PS4 version also. When GT7 will be released everyone has a PS5 allready.

      1. Slothsayer

        Does anyone really care about GT anymore with annual Forza releases? I mean what has PD done for the last decade? It certainly hasn’t been making a game. They made a glorified demo in the form of GT Sport but let’s face it that thing has literally zero charm compared to the first couple games. Even now it lacks basic damage modeling and the soundtrack is trash.

    2. DRambo

      Please don’t tell Sony they have only sold 15m PS4s. Their profit & loss account will take a right battering. Sell your Sony stock now. Just joking.

      If GT7 had been released earlier in the PS4 generation, maybe we could look forward to a PS5 only GT8, in 2035.

  20. marcvic

    My only hope is that we still get more options with VR – gt league/license test/driver challenges. At least for the PS5 version.

    This increased likelihood of a PS4 release just about kills my expectations of online VR racing.

  21. tankuroded

    While I might understand why the site staff couldn’t release the document(s), I have a “dude trust us” feeling about this.

    1. Shingo_civic

      Sad news…we are going to get 2.0 version of GT Sport with more cars and tracks but with the same physics, damage system, ia, grid sizes etc…also graphics from the trailer seemesld ecactly the same as GTS and now i understand why

      1. Samus

        Yeah but I read some clickbait on the 10th page of google results that said a PS4 version is fake. Who do I trust?!?!?!

      2. ynot

        Thank you Jordan and thanks to SONY for having a PS4 version since I do not have a PS5. Now I have something to look forward to.

  22. wario-gt

    Actually, they don’t have to be exactly the same across generations, not for every game anyways. BF2042 will be have 64 player lobbies on PS4 compared to 128 on PS5. Maps will be smaller, too.

  23. redhed17

    Looks like I may not have to get a PS5, which is the only positive for GT 7 to be on the PS4 for me.

    If GT7 is on PS4, then I hope any progress gained on that version will sync with the PS5 version through the users account. And also not need a Playstation Plus account to do it, if it is possible.

  24. Mysticwolf_81

    a bit confused here tbh,

    ….it still might not end up as a PS4 release.
    ….However, it’s increasingly looking like GT7 will be cross-gen after all.

    If it won’t end up on PS4, how can it be cross-gen then?

    I get Sony’s pov on the PS4 instalbase, but if you promote a game this much for the new system you should stick with it,and for the PS4 use a downgraded version of the PS5, e.g. if the PS5 has no problem running day/night and dynamic weather at 60fps and the PS4 version does then it makes sense it gets compromised ONLY on PS4..

    1. Andrew Evans

      “Might not” and “increasingly likely” are measures of probability, not absolutes.

      Now we have confirmation that a PS4 version of GT7 has at least been in development, the probability that the game will be a PS4 release has increased – but it is not necessarily guaranteed.

    2. GlamFM

      I respect the staff a lot, but the way they insist on leaving the door open is baffling to me.

      GT7 (and the next God of War) was announced as cross gen by the head of Sony months ago.

      End of story.

      1. Andrew Evans

        Some people chose to take it as a confirmation (and it was the head of PlayStation Studios, not Sony) but it was absolutely not equivocal. That’s literally the third paragraph of this article.

    1. matrix_gt1

      PS4 games can cost as much to make as ps5 games. But I think I get you. You don’t want to pay for a ps5 game if it’s just a PS4 game with slight advantages?

  25. snc

    like gtplanet but its funny how some mods were in denial mode even after obvious suggestion it will be crossgen

    1. Andrew Evans

      “Suggestion” isn’t confirmation. Objectivity is not “denial”. Read the first three paragraphs at least.

      1. snc

        no problem with reading but has feeling that gtplanets mod has problemes when they read Hermen Hulst “Where it makes sense to develop a title for both PS4 and PS5 — for Horizon Forbidden West, the next God of War, GT7 — we’ll continue looking at that. And if PS4 owners want to play that game, then they can.” and said it means nothing and now some "news" (which is not as its abvious at this point) without source ;)

      2. Andrew Evans

        Nobody at any point said it meant nothing – it just wasn’t a confirmation of anything at that time. We literally reported on it as such, and that whole discussion is part of the first three paragraphs of this article…

    1. alp

      Good news for people still without a PS5 given the hopeless situation still going strong after almost a year now. Graphics wise this may hold back the dev team but I am sure PS5 holders will receive a visual/performance boost. Probably not as good as having a PS5 only game. As for the VR2 support, I guess only PS5 holder will benefit.
      But considering that we still do not have a release date, it’s still hard to tell what will happen in the end.

      1. tillbot8

        It has dampened my expectations, but i’m not going to lie, currently it’s still a day 1 for me on PS5, unless there is more bad news ahead. Really poor marketing and expectation management from Sony.

    2. dbunny

      hopefully not, they have only said ps5 games won’t work on psvr so ps4 games could work on psvr2 through backwards compatibility? if gt7 is a ps4 release then it’ll work with psvr, all l want is a copy of gt7 that is FULLY playable through VR!

      1. Daniel Haughton

        Ive tested my vr with ps5 and works fine and also my racing rig that i did think would be a problem but none so have no concerns at all,

      2. dbunny

        hi Daniel, yes I’ve used psvr on my ps5 and it works great! l use the t300 wheel, l just want something from sony confirming full VR support for gt7. it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a ps4 copy using psvr or a ps5 copy using psvr2, l just want concrete statement confirming something. obviously l would prefer it all on psvr2 but the headset hasn’t even been revealed yet, so I’ll happily take ps4/psvr version just to get on the track as soon as possible! l have similar disappointed with resident evil 8, hoping for an update when psvr2 is eventually released….

  26. NekoPufferPPP

    …on the plus side, I won’t have to sell my soul to get a PS5.

    …on the down side, I’ll probably have a terrible experience in comparison.

    1. coolmast3r

      Everyone will have an average experience, doesn’t matter if you have a PS4 or a PS5. That’s just how compromises work. PS4 users like yourself will still get a 1080p (base PS4) or dynamic 1440p/4K (PS4 Pro) at ~60FPS game that looks and plays like GT Sport, while PS5 users will get the same game but with some improvement to quality of model geometry, draw distance, shadows + ray tracing. But the core underlying physics model is going to be the same between PS4/PS5 (unless they want to split online player base, which they don’t), meaning outdated even 7 years ago PS4’s CPU is all GT7’s physics engine can play with. I really, really would like to be wrong here but Sony’s recent “we believe in generations” U-turn is all you need to know about its management and what they value more.

      1. matrix_gt1

        Some old pc games from the mid 2000’s have better physics than gtsport, with less power than a PS4. I think the PS4 can produce great physics, it’s just up to the development team.

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