Latest PlayStation 5 Rumor: PS Plus Premium Service Will Include Early Game Access

Gaming 40 April 9, 2019 by

It’s been weeks since we last heard a tasty PlayStation 5 rumor. Weeks! To remedy this, the rumor mill is suggesting Sony will use the new system to debut a new tier to its PlayStation Plus subscription service.

According to SegmentNext, an anonymous European game developer shared the details while working on a PS5 launch title. The source says a new PS Plus Premium will join — but not supplant — the existing PS Plus service. This will include a handful of unique perks, including early access to betas of games before launch. Also on the table is the ability for players to create private lobbies.

It’d be a big move if Sony were able to convince developers to widely offer betas to higher-paying Plus subscribers. Sure, some games like Gran Turismo Sport offer betas prior to launch, but on consoles, that’s the exception, not the rule. We certainly can understand the appeal from the customer perspective, however.

Private lobbies are also already available — again, at least in some games like GT Sport. Whether that would continue to be the case on a per-developer basis, or whether it may mean something larger in scale than what players currently have access to, remains to be seen.

With Sony skipping this year’s E3, news on this generation’s best-selling console’s successor could come at any time.

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