Polyphony Digital Continues Expansion in 2012, Now Hiring

Gran Turismo Series 112 January 19, 2012 by

After a busy 2011 for Polyphony Digital, including a move and expansion to new offices in Fukuoka, the studio has recently started to advertise for new “Gran Turismo staff”. According to this translation of their home page, PD are after a number of GT-specific staff, including:

  • Software engineer/Network engineer
  • Online management staff
  • Web design editorial staff
  • HTML coding staff
  • Modeling assistant
  • Graphic design assistant

All the positions are located at Polyphony’s new studio in Fukuoka though applications are required in writing to the Tokyo studio. All but the first job are part time positions, which may make application a little tricky for non-Japanese residents wanting to lend their expertise to future generations of Gran Turismo.

Nevertheless, GTPlanet wishes the best of luck to any GTP members who wish to apply. For the rest of us, this is a great indication of Polyphony Digital’s direction for the future as the company continues to invest in our favorite racing franchise.


Thanks to GTPM118 for the tip!

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