Polyphony Digital’s Citroen GT Floats Around Venice

February 11th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

Remember the Photomode location in Gran Turismo 4, which let you place your car on a boat in front of the famous Rialto Bridge in Venice? Citroen managed to re-create this scene from the game in the real world earlier this week, with the radical Citroen GT concept car designed by Polyphony Digital.

In town for the annual Carnival of Venice, the car floated throughout the city, its modern lines sharply contrasting with the Renaissance architecture. Hopefully, this Venetian location will be back for GT5, and we’ll be able to take our own shots of the GT on the Grand Canal…one day!

Keep reading for more pictures – thanks to Snake206 for digging this up!

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  1. Feb. 14, 4:41pm

    GT5 is a joke, but Venice is a fantastic city. I went there in october and I’m constantly thinking about it since. Screw Canada I want to live in Italy…

  2. Feb. 14, 2:05pm

    ok… that’s cool… wheres the game???

  3. Feb. 14, 8:35am


    look at the new textures, the new graphics looks awesome!

    quiero que larguen el juego ya!!!!!!

  4. Feb. 14, 3:36am

    PD give us the game!!!!JESUS CHRIST!!!!its a game and not a object of AREA 51,,,,,,

  5. Feb. 13, 5:18pm

    looks great, but i have been checking this site for 2 days and it seems their is no new news please add some news about gt5 because we fans are dying to hear something.

  6. Feb. 13, 12:20am

    I have gotten to like this car very much. The design is awesome, the concept works great in game, to me this is car lovers paying tribute to a car lovers game.

  7. Feb. 12, 9:01pm

    Enjoy GT5
    Enjoy GT5

    Official Release Date

    Japan 12/19/2012
    North America 12/20/2012


  8. Feb. 12, 7:18pm

    It’s funny how the more news we get, the more everyone screams “WE WANT GT5!!!”. So even if skidmarks, 3d trees, or F1 get confirmed for GT5, it won’t matter, because even then, people will still be screaming “WE DON”T CARE, GIVE US GT5!!!!.

  9. Feb. 12, 6:46pm

    So we’re advertising for a game that was supposed to release at:
    -Date of launch of PS3
    -Winter 2007
    -Summer 2008
    -Winter 2008
    -Early 2009
    -Mid 2009
    -Summer 2009
    -Winter 2009
    -March 2010
    -June 2010
    -Winter 2010
    I really don’t see the strategy here. Perfection of procrastination?
    Next Date: Never

  10. Feb. 12, 4:21pm

    Its 4 the intro dumb dumbs

  11. Feb. 12, 4:06pm

    I know I’m off topic but I just found a new screen shot of GT5. I don’t know how to create a thread ( I don’t know how ) and I don’t know how to make a link with my ps3. Check out playstationuniversity.com and you’ll see a comparison between GT5P and the “latest” build of GT5. The track is fuji and you’ll see the textures in the grass have been improved dramatically. I’m really sorry for posting this here.

  12. Feb. 12, 2:13pm

    whats the point of this??? there is no point in doing this.. why is there no more news on the game?? wth is going on are they even going to release the game?? or are they going to tell us this when its too late

  13. Feb. 12, 1:16pm

    i was sure there was gonna be news about gt5 tonight, I was daydreaming about it on the way home from work…


    I think i may be becoming clinically depressed, Am i a weirdo?

  14. Feb. 12, 10:51am

    Beautiful photo shoot indeed… But I’m just waiting for the KY interview, when someone asks him about another delay. I think those words (even few words) will be the interesting ones… IMO, Diego de la Vega himself can talk about GT5 launch delay because he works at sony Portugal, but KY’s version will be the ultimate one.

  15. Feb. 12, 10:39am

    Ya know. All this extra crap is just fine, but come on. With the amount of delays GT5 has had, do they really need all this extra promotional crap. GT Academy, Specialized demos at shows, This article, etc, etc, etc. How much money are they blowing on all this crap? Could it not be used to further enhance GT5 or maybe even get it completed already? I’m a very big fan of the GT series, but this is just getting very old.

  16. Feb. 12, 8:37am

    I’m sure this post is going to produce the usual idiotic responses but I’d like to make a point to counter Dimitris argument regarding promotion of the Gran Turismo brand in general.
    We had my cousin’s kids round last weekend for a wii session and as I couldn’t get my hands on any of the wiimotes I resigned myself to playing GTPSP while they played volleyball and other such nonsense. After a while they noticed what I was doing and came over for a look see.
    “What game are you playing?” one of them asks
    “Gran Turismo”
    “Never heard of it” came the response
    If PD and Sony fail to continue to promote the brand, there is a very real risk that the next generation will know nothing better than mario kart (heaven forbid) if they even play racing games at all!
    So give them a break and if you need something to keep you busy while you wait, I heartily recommend playing GTPSP pokemon style and relishing the though of how full your garage will be on the day that GT5 finally comes out.
    On a final note, enough of the GT5 vapourware posts please. If you really believe it you need your head seeing to, if you’re just trolling at least find something worth trolling about…

  17. Feb. 12, 7:26am

    hahaha, a car that doesn’t exist in a game that doesn’t exist… I see a lot of comments from people that have wishes for the GT5 game. I definitely hope Tamagochi doesn’t read this kind of comments. Otherwise we get a release date for 2015……..

  18. Feb. 12, 4:16am

    Another reason for the Monaco circuit to be in the game, so you can park your car outside the doors of the Casino and then take photos of it like thousands of people do everyday in Monte Carlo!

  19. Feb. 11, 6:16pm

    OKay NICE LOG BUT……Can we see the other 999 cars NOW!

  20. Feb. 11, 6:14pm

    [/desperate fanboy mode on ]Okay, give me the virtual game, the real thing isn’t funny actually…. :D [/desperate fanboy mode off ]

  21. Feb. 11, 5:10pm

    @ DrTrouserPlank

    HAAHAHAHAHAH. Damn the truth is funny.

  22. Feb. 11, 3:39pm

    Everytime I see this concept car, I can’t help but think of the Batmobile.

  23. Feb. 11, 3:02pm

    This is the perfect James Bond scenario where randomly there is some insane sports car floating on a barge waiting for him to make his escape so he can jump it across into the tiny streets of Venice crashing through all the farm markets :p

  24. Feb. 11, 2:43pm

    Cocomoto Says:
    February 11th, 2010 at 8:45 am

    How you all like to complaing about everything…

    Amazing photos, recreating a photo mode location is incredible idea for marketing of both, game and the car.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i like the phrase “incredible idea for marketing” whe all know the great Marketing of PD and Sony hahahah don’t kill me from laughing

  25. Feb. 11, 12:30pm

    There are very stupid people in here…
    This car is awesome :-)

  26. Feb. 11, 11:49am

    It’s funny, nearly every day a news. But nothing concrete on the game.

  27. Feb. 11, 11:49am

    Awesome pics btw.

  28. Feb. 11, 11:47am

    Some of you guys are missing the point here. Citroen floated the GT in this exercise not PD. You may recognise the car from your game but that doesn’t mean PD has anything to do with Citroens marketing. They designed the car, thats all. Anyway PD’s marketing is called Sony so I wouldn’t worry about a bit of advertising setting the game back lol.

  29. Feb. 11, 11:02am

    Lets go party at Venice Carnival….so can the game can be delayed even more…waste of time….

  30. Feb. 11, 9:36am

    Surrender you french pigs…Who cares,when is the game coming out ?

  31. Feb. 11, 9:23am

    Yeah… as if GT5 needs advertising…

    ALL people (the buyers) that ought to know about GT5 already know.
    Sony could launch a Ferrari attached to a space shuttle with PD adverts on it and it wouldn’t sell 1 more copy cause those who are to buy the game will buy it no matter what.

    what we need is the game – not anymore of this crap.

  32. Feb. 11, 8:45am

    How you all like to complaing about everything…

    Amazing photos, recreating a photo mode location is incredible idea for marketing of both, game and the car.

  33. Feb. 11, 8:13am

    The French

  34. Feb. 11, 7:53am

    I can’t seem to figure out what this is for? You can’t buy the GT by Citroen, because I assume there’s only 1, you can’t take a decent picture of it, because everyone else is on land, and you can’t even play it in GT5 yet. So what’s the point in floating a 1 of a kind super car round a river? Must be promotional purposes or something.

  35. Feb. 11, 7:12am
    GT Fanatec

    I can hardly contain my excitement!

  36. Feb. 11, 7:11am


  37. Feb. 11, 5:46am
    John Marine

    Venice = beautiful city. GT by Citroen = beautiful car. This is Photo Mode brought to life. That’s an awesome picture. I’m not going to go around hating on PD and wanting them to hurry up on the game. This deal is just beautiful. Can’t PD have a little fun while still working on GT5?

  38. Feb. 11, 5:39am


  39. Feb. 11, 5:21am

    I forgot to add:



  40. Feb. 11, 5:20am

    No wonder PD doesn’t have a release date. They’re wasting their time making s*** float.

  41. Feb. 11, 5:00am

    Maybe sometime they’ll get around to releasing this concept game “GT5”.

    It’s amusing that a car which doesn’t really exist is actually more of a reality than the game from which it came.

  42. Feb. 11, 4:23am
    Bank Alexander

    That’s sick.

  43. Feb. 11, 4:06am

    /screams like all the girls in 1964 @Shea Stadium when The Beatles played a concert there.

  44. Feb. 11, 3:45am

    Venice ha? I remember a nice little track through that city was in Enthusia a couple of years ago. Wouldn’t be such a bad idea for GT5, don’t you think?

  45. Feb. 11, 3:10am
    Mickle Pickle

    Is this a cover up for the PhotoMode in Gt5 ? …. a game that will never see the lights of day … :P

  46. Feb. 11, 3:09am

    Problems with expenses?
    Why would anyone spend money to do that.

  47. Feb. 11, 2:58am

    Who funds this sheisse? Come to The Netherlands Polyphony ^_^

  48. Feb. 11, 2:28am

    Can’t wait til photomode, all these Forza shots I’ve been seeing only make me nostalgic for GT4. The forums are going to be packed with 8 megapixel shots of these. Look out 56k

  49. Feb. 11, 2:15am

    Wow. That is amazing. I love the Citroen, and to have it floating down Venice. Amazing what polyphony can put together with other companies.

  50. Feb. 11, 1:48am

    *Waits for a punter to ram the barge and ruin the photoshoot too*

  51. Feb. 11, 1:46am

    a little news day today then! wouldnt it be a shame if that barge sunk! not a fan of citroens!

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