Real Picture of Gran Turismo Café

April 11th, 2009 by Jordan Greer

Gran Turismo Cafe

It’s not much, but the image above is our first look at the Gran Turismo Café at Twin Ring Motegi circuit which just opened a few weeks ago.  Thanks to Johnny for sending this in – he managed to dig it up from a random Japanese blog.  This picture helps the original sketch make more sense – now we just need a peek at the inside…  If you can take pictures of the café yourself, or if you can find some other shots, please send them our way!

UPDATE: Thanks to our reader, Firas, for another new picture!

UPDATE 2: Thanks again to Firas, who managed to dig up the first picture from the inside!

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  1. Apr. 25, 5:48am

    i found on the official motegi website some new pictures

  2. Apr. 14, 2:12pm

    I smell Coupons in GT5 case ;)

  3. Apr. 13, 12:04pm

    Greetings, I am from dominican republic and I am looking for a Time Trial competition on GT4 or something like this, i heard about a website that made a competition all players with the same cars (Poliphony Formula GT) at many courses, I would like to participate, anybody know?


  4. Apr. 13, 7:11am

    It would be cool!!! :D, if there’s a few ps3s in the Gran Turismo Cafe’ so the costumers can play Gran Turismo 5 prologue after they eat??!! :P

  5. Apr. 13, 5:08am
    firas sabri

    another picture !!

    i upload it

    im just wanna know ehat the hell is going on inside !!!!

  6. Apr. 12, 12:07am

    I knew there was something to those “Coffee break” tests…..

  7. Apr. 11, 7:46pm

    Hehe xD

  8. Apr. 11, 2:33pm

    I’d like a R35 sandwich with a medium Ford GT, thanks a lot!

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