Remote Control Ford GT LM Spec II

Ford GT LM Spec II

Polyphony Digital teamed up with RC car company HPI Racing to bring the Ford GT LM Spec II to life.  We know the Ford GT is one of Kazunori Yamauchi’s favorite cars (he actually owns two of them), which is probably the reason it was featured prominently in Gran Turismo 4’s box art and the game’s epic video intro.  The 1:10 scale car looks to be very well put together, and much more powerful than anything you will find at your local Wal-Mart.  Pricing has yet to be announced – check with your nearest HPI distributor (Europe/North America) for local availability.

Visit HPI Racing’s website for more info.

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  1. chisoxrock

    Guys, if anyone lives in Australia, here is a great link for anyone to buy the car, it’s at an extreme bargain! Only $175!

  2. Watevaman

    I want one. My dad has a Rothman’s Porsche 962C (1/8?) R/C from Tamiya that he got in 1986, but he insists it stays off the roads around here because they may damage it. I have a 1/24 of the same car, but my only battery for it melted due to overcharging as a kid. :(

    Man, I wish I had the money to buy this.

    1. Jordan

      No need to apologize, Martin. I was not aware that HPI had a separate North American website. I’ve updated the post accordingly – thanks very much for bringing this up!

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