Rocket League Summer Road Trip Brings Back KITT and DeLorean Time Machine

Summer Road Trip Infographic

Rocket League will celebrate summer, and the game’s own sixth anniversary, with a selection of special vehicles and events.

While veterans of Rocket League will recognize all of the Summer Road Trip contents, for many it’ll be brand new. These fan-favorite vehicles and limited-time mode (LTM) events haven’t appeared since the game switched to the free-to-play model.

Kicking the event off is the Red, White, & Boom Bundle, which will be available from July 1 through July 7. This brings back the Ford F-150 RLE truck, along with two special banners, two boosts, two sets of wheels, two decals, and the F-150 engine audio.

You’ll need to be quick to grab the next item, which appears in the Item Shop only on July 7. It adds a Fancy Formal Decal for the Octane buggy, along with special wheels and a top hat.

The Knight Rider Bundle comes up next, from July 8 to July 14, featuring GTPlanet’s greatest ever television car, KITT. That also brings two banners, KITT’s boost and engine audio.

From July 15 to July 21 you’ll be able to grab the Back to the Future Bundle, which adds the DMC DeLorean time machine. This naturally includes the wheels, trail, and boost from the coolest time machine ever, along with two toppers.

The final bundle is for Jurassic World. This brings in the special Jeep Wrangler, along with wheels and engine audio, as well as three banners, three antennae, the Jurassic Park hard hat topper and the T.rex goal explosion.

  • July 1-7 – Red, White, & Boom Bundle
  • July 7 – Summer Formal Bundle
  • July 8-14 – Knight Rider Bundle
  • July 15-22 – Jurassic World Bundle

However, you won’t have to dip into the Item Shop and your credit stash to celebrate summer. There’s also a series of special, limited-time mode (LTM) events returning for July.

The Heatseeker 2v2 is first up, and the event will see the ball turn into a goal-seeking missile which gains speed each time it’s hit. Beach Ball 2v2 follows, with a floaty, lightweight inflatable in place of the regular ball. Dropshot Rumble 3v3 comes up next, combining the dropshot mode with rumble power-ups, before the final Loophole LTM which replaces the goals with holes in the floor.

Along with all of that, there’s also a double XP weekend across all events, to start summer off in style:

  • July 1-5 – 2XP Weekend
  • July 1-5 – Heatseeker 2v2 LTM
  • July 8-12 – Beach Ball 2v2 LTM
  • July 15-19 – Dropshot Rumble 2v2 LTM
  • July 22-26 – Loophole 3v3 LTM

Rocket League hasn’t yet revealed the prices for the various bundles in the Item Shop, though the bundles were previously available at around $2 each, which is roughly equivalent to 200 Rocket League Credits.

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  1. SomePlayaDude

    If we follow the trend of the Fast & Furious pack being movie based licensed add-on battle cars, they would come at 1000 Credits. The F-150 might be pricier if it followed it’s initial release earlier this year, at 1500 Credits.

    Bit of a markup, I know.

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