Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO DLC Rallycross Pack Released

One of the two announced DLC packs for the popular rallying title has just become available for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Ringing in at $9.99, the Rallycross pack features two new cars (Hyundai Veloster Turbo and Ford Focus RS09), one additional course to race on (Hell Norway) and seven new career events.

The tiny frozen town has hosted rallying events for a handful of years now, with the 1.02km-long circuit included in the pack being the location for the fifth round of this year’s World Rallycross Championship. Going by the trailer, expect lots of power-sliding and paint-trading from this mixed-surface addition.

SLR EVO_Veloster

Of course, this release only scratches the surface of DLC announcements as we have yet to get our hands on the intriguing Class S Prototypes, presumably some of the most appealing DLC content ever released for a rally game. The second pack is scheduled to appear on March 15th.

Until then, share your thoughts and excitement on our SLR Evo thread.


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