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Gran Turismo Series 42 October 16, 2017 by

Tomorrow’s the day. After a long wait, Gran Turismo Sport arrives on PS4s, first in North America. Europe follows a day later, and Japan will see the game on Thursday.

Yesterday, we took a look back at Gran Turismo 6. It prompted the team to look back and reflect on the 2013 title. With a life span of nearly four years, GT6 had plenty of opportunity for stand-out moments.

What will remain burned into your memory from the game? Sound off in the comments section below. Once you’re done, you’ll want to check out our top five most-wanted GT Sport features.

Adam, who explains why he ranked GT6 above its PS3 predecessor in our GT series rankings:

“So yeah, I’m that one guy who put GT6 above GT5 in my ranking of all the games. I think GT6 deserves credit for cleaning up some of Polyphony’s more hare-brained game design choices and just being a much more focused product overall.”

Gary, who spent a lot of time racing online:

“My best memory was racing with a close group of friends that I’d built up. We raced casually in RACE Fun Runs, where we had loads of fun and laughter. We even raced professionally in VRR Super GT where I eventually captured my first GTP league championship. Those times were the most fun I’ve had.”

Joe’s favorite moment was out of this world (we’ll get our coat):

“I loved the moon buggy. It was cool because it was so different and gave a unique experience in a driving game. I wish more games did stuff like that with unique vehicles.”

Brendan was a big fan of the special events:

“Tough question! I loved the Goodwood events and the reveal of driving on the moon was…interesting.”

My own experience with GT6 started me down this crazy path:

“The Jalopnik film festival. Meeting Kaz for the first time there, alongside Jordan (Greer, GTPlanet founder) and Michael (Leary). Having a mini-competition against GTPlanet members around Silverstone.

“Actually, one of my favorite memories was driving the Fisker Karma around in-game. It’s always fascinated me, and after the company’s short life span, GT6 will probably live on as the only modern game you can get a fairly realistic impression of it. There’s one in town that I see every so often, and I think about driving it around Matterhorn and the ‘Ring every time I spot it.

“That was what you could count on GT for: the slightly left-field choices in the car list. The Karma may only be one car, but it’s emblematic of what made GT games great.”

And lastly, Michael echoes my own sentiments, but with an unfortunate loss:

“I’m right there with Kyle (about the Jalopnik Film Festival) though I still hate the fact that I left my Japanese GT4 copy behind.”

Featured image courtesy of RaY29rus.

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