SimBin Studios to Hold First Women-Only Esports Competition

SimBin Studios is intending to open the world’s first esports competition exclusively for women.

The Women and Wheels competition is designed to encourage recruit of female players to gaming circles. In addition, it should help strengthen and emphasize the past role of women in motorsports.

For a long time, many have considered gaming — particularly the driving genre — a men’s thing only. SimBin CEO Alan Speed told Eurogamer how the Women and Wheels competition aims to change that:

“Around seven per cent of our race competitors are female. Unbelievably, that’s probably over average. We want to see more women enjoying the thrills and spills of the virtual track, and esports in general.”

According to Marie-Claire Isaaman, head of Women In Games, the idea of having separate competition for women isn’t ideal, but could be a great measure to stop discrimination and bullying of women in gaming circles. “It’s a shame we need women-only teams, leagues and competitions in esports,” she told Eurogamer. “But until the sector fully matures, becomes more gender balanced and takes steps to eradicate online bullying and misogyny, they represent a great way to get more women involved by building communities, confidence and skills.”

Currently we don’t know what game will be used as a groundwork for the event. Considering the upcoming GTR 3 is still in the works (scheduled for release next year), it will probably be hosted on an existing title. SimBin has close ties with Sector3 Studios, the developer of RaceRoom Racing Experience; Women and Wheels could use that.

The competition starts on Steam this autumn. The fastest drivers will receive prizes in the form of money and gaming peripherals. Meanwhile, SimBin will donate a percentage of the competition’s revenue to women-focused charities. For more details visit the SimBin Studios website.

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