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Xbox One X Launch Day: Microsoft Redefines Console Power

Hardware 23 Nov 7, 2017 by Michael Leary

It’s been nearly 17 months since it was first shown at E3 2016, but at last, the Xbox One X is here. We unboxed the console in full last week, so… Read More »

Not Even Forza Motorsport 7 Can Tax Xbox One X's GPU

Microsoft pulled the curtain back on the Xbox One X at this year’s E3. Formerly known as Project Scorpio, the brand touts the revamped platform as “the world’s most powerful console.” While the Xbox… Read More »

Forza Motorsport Played a Role in Shaping the Hardware of Project Scorpio

Gaming 42 Apr 14, 2017 by Michael Leary

Turn 10 reveals how Forza Motorsport helped shape the hardware powering the next Xbox.

Forza Motorsport 7 Tipped To Reveal This Week, Running in 4K on Project Scorpio

Windows Central is back with more information on Microsoft’s upcoming system, confirming that Forza Motorsport will have a hand in showing what the console is capable of.