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This Guy's Gaming Rig is a Real, Full-Size MINI Cooper S

When racing games become a serious hobby there’s all manner of equipment you can buy to enhance your experience and ability. There’s fancy wheels and pedals, games-oriented displays, and driving… Read More »

RSeat N1 Racing Cockpit Review

For those that don’t know me, I’m a tall, slender guy at 6’4” and 180lb. I decided I wanted to upgrade my 11+ year-old Playseat Evo racing seat with something a little nicer…

Next Level Racing F1GT Review

If there’s one thing that rings true about the sim racing rig market, it’s that it can become oversaturated. How does one stand out from the crowd? Next Level Racing… Read More »

How I Bought a Gran Turismo Racing Pod

Ever wonder about those sweet custom-built Gran Turismo racing pods at events? GTPlanet member Julian Hunt did too, and now he can count one as part of his extensive GT… Read More »

Here's What GT5 Looks Like on Five 80-Inch LED HDTVs

Gran Turismo 5 Nov 24, 2013 by Wardez

Five PlayStation 3s, five 80-inch LED HDTVs, and five copies of Gran Turismo 5 takes the virtual driving experience to a whole new level.

Gran Turismo in a Classic BMW E30 M3

In what appears to be the exceedingly awesome Studie store in Japan, you can get behind the “wheel” of a classic BMW E30 M3 and play Gran Turismo 4. The… Read More »