Here’s What GT5 Looks Like on Five 80-Inch LED HDTVs

Gran Turismo 5 November 24, 2013 by

5 80 inch HDTVs gt5


This is the result of putting together five Playstation 3s, five 80″ LED HDTVs, and five copies of GT5. The builders of this rig put it together as a “test” of a new line of screens for a University, combining students’ resources together for the temporary build. They noted playing GT5 with this rig was quite surreal, from the reddit post:

As far as being immersed, yes. Very much yes. I was moving my body to the motion of the car a noticeable amount. I have raced cars in real life and spent many hours playing GT. Never have I moved a noticeable amount playing it over doing it. In the end you still know its a game though.

View the picture blog for this project to learn how it was done in detail here. For more on how to assemble a multi-monitor set up of your own, or view others, check out this forum post.

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