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How Sophy 2.0 is Different, and What Comes Next For Gran Turismo 7’s Super-Human AI

Gran Turismo 7’s Spec II update included the release of GT Sophy 2.0, the latest iteration of the new artificial intelligence system built for the game by Sony AI. It can now control many different types of cars on a wider range of tracks, and the technology has come a long way in since it was first made available to the public back in March of 2023.

Watch: Racing Gran Turismo Sophy 2.0 in Gran Turismo 7 Spec II

One of the headlining features of the recent Gran Turismo 7 Spec II update is the return of the Gran Turismo Sophy AI, at least to PlayStation 5 versions of the game, and our latest video sees GTPlanet’s lead video producer Chaz Draycott take it out for a test drive.

Watch Gran Turismo Sophy Drift Like a Pro

If you were lucky enough to be at the Gran Turismo World Series Showdown in Amsterdam last month, you might have been treated to the latest build of the new GT Sophy AI agent putting in a rather unexpected performance: a drift exhibition.

What’s Next for Gran Turismo Sophy? Exclusive Interview with Dr. Peter Wurman of Sony AI

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything about Gran Turismo Sophy, the all-new artificial intelligence system developed by Sony AI in collaboration with Polyphony Digital. After making its debut as part of a limited-time “Race Together” special event in Gran Turismo 7 update 1.29 back in March, the Sony AI team has been quietly evaluating all of the data they collected and figuring out how to make the new agent better.

How “Gran Turismo Sophy” Actually Works: More Details on Polyphony Digital and Sony AI’s New Technology

Polyphony Digital recently unveiled Gran Turismo Sophy, a new artificial intelligence driving system which will appear in Gran Turismo 7. The technology was developed in collaboration with a 25-person team at Sony AI, utilizing the latest advancements in machine learning. The team’s research was published in Nature and GT Sophy was tested against (and defeated!) some of the best Gran Turismo drivers in the world at a live event in Tokyo last year.