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More High-Res GT Sport Screenshots: New Tracks, Porsche & Gr.B Cars

It’s been quite a week for Gran Turismo fans. European players were invited into the ongoing beta, Porsche finally joined the GT fold, and three new circuits were unveiled. As part of that final bit of news, Polyphony Digital released a batch of wallpaper-friendly images.

What is the Mysterious Open-Wheel Car in GT Sport?

Back at the beginning of the month, Polyphony Digital released 124 new screenshots of Gran Turismo Sport. One specific image has caught the attention of our community, as GTPlanet members have been trying to unravel a mystery.

GT Sport Screenshot Blowout: 124 New Images

We’re now comfortably into day two of PlayStation Experience 2016. Yesterday, to kick of the weekend, Polyphony Digital unleashed the first 4K trailer for Gran Turismo Sport, showing off all types of cars racing around the game’s circuits.

Latest GT Sport Screenshots Highlight Time-of-Day & Weather Changes

PlayStation Experience has kicked off in sunny Anaheim. Gran Turismo fans were treated to the brand’s first 4K-resolution footage today with the latest GT Sport trailer. The two-minute video showcased a handful of new cars — more on those later — as well as a closer look at the range of time (and weather) variations players can expect of the title in 2017.