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Time Extend Podcast #18 – An Evening with Rushy

Late last year, it was reported that Driveclub was the most-played PlayStation 4 racer, sitting pretty at 10.5 million players. For comparison’s sake, GT Sport topped 6.6 million players at that time.

GTPlanet Exclusive: Talking OnRush With Paul Rustchynsky

Following from the worldwide release of Onrush last week, GTPlanet has had the chance to chat with the game’s director Paul “Rushy” Rustchynsky. We picked his brain from the game’s beginnings to a potential jump into esports. Check out all our questions below to see what inspired Onrush and what it could become in the near future.

OnRush PlayStation 4 Review

When word arrived that Evolution Studios alumni would be joining forces with Codemasters, racing game fans were intrigued by what would come next from the studio. With a portfolio that includes various original IPs and some of the best WRC games ever, Evolution brought serious talent to Codies that could be used for its various existing IP. However, in November 2017, the wraps were taken off OnRush – a brand new series that looked deceivingly like a certain Sony exclusive franchise.

Here Are The Achievements You’ll be Targetting in Onrush

Arcade racer Onrush is just under a month from release. The newest title from the house of Codemasters is certainly turning heads with a innovative spin on the genre. Coming across as a mash-up of Motorstorm, Burnout and er, Overwatch, Onrush seems to be its own unique beast. Courtesy of True Achievements, we can get our first look at the achievements and trophies players will be challenged to attain.

Onrush Gets a New Trailer, Open Beta Coming in May [UPDATE]

For quite a while, we haven’t really heard much about Onrush. The latest racer from Codemasters did have a pre-order incentive detailed recently but outside of a few screenshots there’s been nothing to get the juices flowing. That ends today as we finally get another look at Onrush in action.

Onrush Won’t Focus on Traditional Racing Concepts

Since the surprise announcement at Paris Games Week, Onrush news has been pretty thin on the ground. That’s slowly starting to change though, as a recent interview and new video series indicate.

Codemasters Reveals Off-Road Racer Onrush

Paris Games Week kicked off today and Sony’s keynote conference has revealed a new racing game from Codemasters. Enter Onrush, an extreme off-road racer that looks to offer wild tracks, stunts, multi-vehicle racing and everything in between. Just imagine Motorstorm and Trackmania had an adrenaline-filled baby.