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Siena Karting Track Controversy Boosts GT5 Pre-Orders

Publicity from legal threats increases pre-order sales for GT5 in Siena, Italy.

Siena's Flags Removed from GT5's Piazza del Campo Circuit

Polyphony Digital avoids a legal fight, preserves cultural heritage (?) by removing city flags from karting track…

GT5 Gameplay Video: Fiat 500 F '67 at Piazza Del Campo

Regardless of what you think about this controversial little Italian track, you’re going to love this classic little Italian car!

Sony, Polyphony Digital Face Italian Legal Threats

The new karting track revealed in the latest GT5 demo shown off at Gamescom 2010 is now causing problems for Polyphony Digital and Sony Computer Entertainment.

Gran Turismo 5 Karting Videos, 18-Megapixel Screenshots

A high-res look at some of GT5’s most interesting new vehicles…