Gran Turismo 5 Karting Videos, 18-Megapixel Screenshots


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  1. Kart Racer 24

    ok i love kart racing and i’ve been doing it for 8 yrs.. i was so excitedd when i saw this but if theyre gonna have an oval kart track at least make it go the right way (a.k.a. left way lol) i race ovals on pavement and dirt in the USA on a national circuit. hopefully this won’t be a disappointment… probibly not, GT5 is looking awesome so far

  2. carl.vain

    PLEASE!!! Make Attention! GTplanet READ THIS! And share this information with KAZUNORI! and every fan of Gt. Well brothers and sisters everybody knows that Kazunori is a master of creation simulation and we love his work.But there is one missing thing that gt5 do not have and makes me cry.Kazunori forget to put a one beautiful camera that Forza3 have. Everybody love the grafics in gt5 but WHERE! is this camera that you could enjoy the beautiful grafics from outside the car.I meen that you could pull the triger during a race and look around every side and see whole boody of a car, like they instal in FoRza3.Inside in the cockpit view is perfect you can turn around camera on left end right . Why they do not instal this view:(

  3. eludethis

    I didn’t know karts could go that fast. I’ve driven some pretty fast ones but 40mph tops. What’s that in kph?

    1. Liger

      Depends on the class. Super karts can hit 125+ mph on road courses. 125’s are about 110 mph and everything goes down from there with the smaller classes. Sprint courses you’ll see 75 mph with shifters and about 50+ with 100cc karts.

    2. Kart Racer 24

      yea at daytona kart week the lay down karts with the dual 100’s do over 130mph. i race on ovals in a national series and i can do up to arund 75…. but the kart is completely different

  4. Dan

    I wonder how high it will fly off a kurb.. Or how fast it can go. Anyways, the karts look cool at it would be better if they had damage

  5. Craigles

    What would happen if he did roll over would he just remain in his seat upside down perfectly straight like nothing happend while the whole weight of him and the kart rest on him crushing his head and neck into the ground, because they would need to change that if the karts do roll over.

  6. Comet

    If a kart from behind’s wheel hits another kart’s wheel, shouldn’t the kart “run over” the exposed wheel, causing it to flip over sideways somehow? PD should think about that…

  7. Mickeyd

    This games gonna be insane, Im gonna be in Canada when it drops tho, might have to buy a ps3 here for it


    You know how they say that the Standard models, are from previous editions, and they just haven’t been focused on as much? As in no interior modeling…

    It’s a shame, but what about the way these STANDARD models drive. Will the FWD, understeer, and RWD slide, like they’re meant to.. Or will they be like GT4, and just.. ‘Cars’?

  9. Carbonfibre

    I think this is hilarious!

    How can anybody can see the inclusion of karts as a negative is beyond me.

    The thing is, other games just don’t pay any attention to the driver models, but PD do, and have excelled already in making the drivers look so natural and chilled out.

    No, it’s not realistic, I don’t see them as people ether, but that’s the point!
    It’s the tiny faults in the animations and body language, they’re trying to be something, instead of a cold solid lump. They have an adorable quality to them because of this and karting brings this out the best.

    As for karting affecting the gameplay… when I see these Karts racing against something else I will be more excited. Collisions will be an issue, but I say bring it on, don’t deny the possibilities.

  10. Jonathon

    Looks rubbish.. The steering wheel hardly moves and the track us way too wide.

    As someone who owns a 125cc watercooled rotax and likes gt5 this is really disappointing

  11. TheTime832

    Hey Jordan,
    I was wondering if the ford gt40 ’66 from gt4 will be a premium or a standard.
    a reply is appreciated.

  12. Rasmus


    If you want to see the pictures that somehow got deleted from GTP, go to

    2nd article from top has all the 63 beautiful screenshots. Some are really magnificent!

  13. Buell03

    These are sick pictures brotha, I’m drooling already, and making my wallpaper. The detail is amazing.

  14. eMke3

    Mr. Jordan can I ask why the link with pictures got deleted? Feels like U.S. government in here :D I suppose you don’t want other website advertisement? Is this website ever going to see those pictures? I thought GTPlanet was about sharing news with others. You had those pictures up before why did it get deleted? Please explain if you can. Thank you.

  15. Rasmus

    I know, I know, people hate whiners and I should be happy instead of complaining, but still… Knowing that PD are still actively working on GT5, and knowing that they pay attention to this site and what people want, here’s my list of what I’d like to be included in the game that is so far unconfirmed. So, PD, if you’re reading this, consider these things please :D

    1) Now that the modeled cockpit for standard cars won’t be in the game, I’m still very much hoping for some sort of generic, black, boring-but-still-working cockpit view for the 800 standard cars. It’d mean a lot!

    2) If #1 is not possible, make sure to include a decent bonnet/hood camera. :)

    3) Rain! However, if it’s in the game, we probably would’ve known by now… unless they surprise us later on. Dynamic weather changes would be cool too, especially in endurance races. Snow is not necessary, how much racing actually takes place when it snows?!

    4) Please make the chase view cam less fixed and rigid. Something like in GTR 2 or rFactor would be preferrable. That just became so much more important now that we’ll be seeing no cockpits for the standard cars.

    5) A small thing: great addition with the skidmarks on track. But then, make sure they STAY there throughout the race.

    6) Qualification and standing starts :) adds so much to the realism.

    7) 16 players/AI drivers on the track at once, in both A-spec and B-spec mode.

    Ah well, I needed to get it out. :D If there’s even the slightest chance that PD will listen to the users in here, I think this is worth it. Sorry for going waay off-topic here. This’ll be the first and last time, promise. ;)

    1. Liam

      Agreed I’d make a world of difference for me to have cock-pit views for all cars…I remember playing a game on PS1 that had it (toca touring championship) and oddly i get the same feeling with that…idk just feels like your actually there, because its what you would see in r.l. fingers crossed with get a generic one. annoyed that i can’t enjoy any news now because im so concerned about this cock-pit issue..arghh this is fustratin lol.

    2. Obli

      Very good points there – I hope PD read them. For me, I would rather a generic, black border cockpit view wasn’t added. Seems a cheap and nasty addition for a game that isn’t rushed or bodged. Also, #5 – easier said than done =) I’m sure if they can they will but I doubt there is much memory free for that.

  16. Rasmus

    That chase cam looks waaaay to rigid and fixed for my (and probably most others) liking…

    Besides from that, it looks kinda fun. Not as fun as racing a Ferrari around the streets of Rome, but definitely something I’ll try. Cool addition, that makes GT5 stand out.

    1. TokyoDrift

      If you are not interested in karting at all, why did you bother with this news article and watch the videos?

  17. UrielEdge

    everyone take a look at the first video wich is the trailer and you cans ee at the beggining its cloudy -ish then the sky is clear…

  18. GT'ireland

    well its 11pm over here so im going to bed,.waiting for this game is like what i was feeling when the 1st GT was released…thanks for the update jordan.good luck all.

  19. VeyronGlen

    I’m not a huge Kart fan in gameing although i enjoy racing in them when i have the time in real life. They look absolutely beautiful with all the detail they have like with every other car in the game. :D

  20. Nato_777

    So you can take a Fiat 500 on the kart track, but I want to get on there with a bad ass supercar and drift all the way round.

    1. VeyronGlen

      Well it shows in the videos drifting. It looks pretty easy and i know it’s all edited e.t.c but im sure with practice you can pull off amazing drifts.

    1. George

      Then mr. Perfectionist should model the sunblocking thing above the driver’s head with the mirror inside, so they can apply their make up, also women drivers will not wear helmets because they spoil their hair look.

    1. GT'ireland

      well thats your choice,but no disrespect to you but why are you on this site? Some people may be frustrated by that dont you think?

    2. danielwhite74

      I’m sorry, but Forza Motorsport 3 was a dismal flop. Arcade physics, completely unacceptable graphics, and only around two million copies sold. Prefer that by all means, I’m not stopping you; it’s just that some people may think you’re just a Microsoft fanboy.

    3. HugoStiglitz_420

      You’re not Lyoto Machida. Lyoto Machida is one of the best fighters in the world, he couldn’t give 2 bowel movements about a video game but if he had to choose, he would prefer GT5 without a doubt because it’s far more of a challenge

    1. Corey

      An F1 car would be much faster than a Le Mans car dude to more downforce/better power to weight ratio etc. Well, on courses with a lot of corners at least.

    2. Rasmus

      @ Dredgephantom3S:

      Uhm, no… Corey is right, the stuff about downforce and power to weight ratio gives the F1 cars an advantage.

      Here’s proof:
      In the qualification for the 2009 1000 km of Nürburgring, the fastest time set by a LMP1 car was 1:41.944.

      In the qualification for the 2009 German Grand Prix at Nürburgring, the fastest time set (by an F1 car, of course) was 1:31.257.

      Go look it up if you don’t believe me. Point proven.

  21. dalejrfanfreak

    Is anyone else a little worried that in A-Spec I’ve only seen 8 racing when in B-Spec we know there’s 16 racing?

    1. Dredgephantom3S

      PD needs to delay this game one more time so everything is perfect….

      Say a May 2011 release date!!!

    2. Nato_777

      It’s still just a demo as yet, I’m sure there will be more that 8 karts racing at once. That first trailer video showed a hell of a lot of karts on track at once.

    3. UrielEdge


      you don’t know whhat you are saying go play with traffic


  22. Wiretap

    Is anyone going to do the same thing as me when they finally get GT5 and sit for ages just looking through the car dealers and checking out the stunning cars which will be on display? :)

    Also, does anyone know if any more info on what Ferrari’s are to be included has been given? 308 GTB? 355? 430 Scuderia? etc…

    My excitement for this game is just massive right now!!

  23. Wiretap

    Hope they have a few more karting tracks other than jus this one, looks a bit basic. But it’s certainly looking like a lot of fun!

    1. Maxiboy

      I wouldnt mind creating a point to point track with the editor, making it ssuuupppeeeerrrrr twisty, getting a lotus through it and set a time, then junmp in a kart and see how much faster it is.

  24. GT'ireland

    not a huge karting fan but im looking forward to giving it a blast.what a superb game GT5 will be.

  25. Liger

    This is a pretty weak display of karting….

    Karts do not react the same way that is being displayed here and they will pull far more G’s than the measly ~1.8 in this video. I consistently pull just over 3 G’s on my shifter kart and even more on my other kart which is very similar to the one shown here. I sure hope they will offer legitimate tracks and different classes of karts…..

    1. GT'ireland

      the fact that karting is in the game is good i think..something different for us GT fanatics..karts,nascar or F1 not included would still be thee best racing game in grateful as we are spoilt for choice in GT5.

    2. chepe371

      IF you noticed those are PDI GT100 (a fictional kart PD made) but the key is 100, now you drive karts right, the one in this demo is a automatic or single speed, probably something like 100cc? Entry level right? IM guessing there will possibly be a PDI GT250 and PDI GT125 shifter karts as well, but thatas a guess.

    3. TokyoDrift

      Ummm, in case you hadn’t noticed, that track is a wide, almost oval circuit with no tight corners. How many G’s do you expect them to pull FFS?!

      When you see them racing around a tight track with lots of hairpins etc., come back and educate us.

    4. Liger

      Lateral force increases with the square of the speed, thus the radius of the turn is mute so long as the speed is increased. If you are traveling through the turn at the limit of the tire’s grip, you are experiencing the same G’s you would otherwise feel at a much lower speed while still turning at the limit of your tire’s grip. The simple fact that the tires are under static friction justifies this as well.

      Also, the class of kart does not dictate how many G’s can be pulled. I pull more G’s in my KT100 class kart since it is much lighter than my Formula 125 shifter kart.

    1. Maxiboy

      I think what Alex means is a day or two ago we looked through a massive gallery of about 50+ pics (Karts included) and then they were all taken down…?

    1. TokyoDrift

      All models that are new to GT5 are premium. Anything from past GT games is either standard, or has been given the premium treatment because it is special in some way.

    2. Justin

      Yeah I agree, I love how you can see the weld/bead marks on picture #15, PD has done an incredible job on this game, and Kazunori’s heart and soul that’s always been put into every gran turismo to bring us all the cars/tracks we’ve wanted to see, and then to see them do what they’ve done with lemans/drag track/even more customization/weather I have friends that aren’t even in to racing sims and I show them what this game has in it and they are even amazed and astonished.

      November can’t come soon enough, got my playseat with the logitech G27 comming soon. Its going to be a fun day that day.


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