The Thrustmaster GT Wheel’s Color-Coded Dials Explained?

Last month, GTPlanet had an exclusive look at Thrustmaster’s official Gran Turismo Sport wheel, thanks to an anonymous tipster. The peripheral looks to be the definitive way to experience GT Sport when it releases and thanks to a well-spotted detail on the wheel by a Twitter user, it looks like it will host a very unique advantage over other wheels.

Twitter user @end_0f_line has pointed out that the wheel’s distinctive colored knobs on the face may actually be linked to GT Sport’s D-pad functionality that can be utilized during races. Through the D-pad, players can cycle between torque distribution, TCS, brake balance and fuel map settings in real time, allowing players to set-up the car as they drive.

This system works fine as it is but the Thrustmaster rotary knobs seem to coincide in color with each setting available to tweak by players. The assumption could be made that each setting can be tweaked on the fly with minimal effort needed, by turning the relevant colored knob for what you want to change.

For example: if you feel the torque distribution was off, you could twist the bottom-right yellow knob since that’s the color that represents torque distribution on the in-game HUD.

This wouldn’t be the first time an official Gran Turismo wheel hosted functionality like this. Logitech’s Driving Force GT had a hardware feature to specifically allow players to tweak driving aids in the PS3 titles. This new feature on the Thrustmaster wheel seems to be a direct improvement on that.


Players could click and twist the red dial to tweak driving aids on the fly.

Despite our exclusive look at the GT Sport wheel, we haven’t seen much in the official Gran Turismo and Thrustmaster channels relating to the release date or features the wheel will have. With the recent EU expansion of the GT Sport beta and the news of Porsche finally joining the franchise, perhaps we’ll hear more about the upcoming peripheral, as the GT Sport news train picks up pace on the road to release. Stick to GTPlanet for the latest in Gran Turismo news.

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