Thrustmaster Reveals TH8 Sequential Shifter Knob




Thrustmaster continues their vie for peripheral domination with their newest add-on, benefiting those with the company’s TH8A and TH8 RS shifter assemblies – the TH8 Sequential Knob.

The add-on is optimized for use in either of the two aforementioned products sequential shifting modes, allowing for a better grip and improved comfort. This is all thanks in part to the TH8’s all-metal construction, conforming to industry standards, and its dimensions of 11 cm/4.3” tall; 4 cm/1.6” in diameter, with a weight of 0.5 lb/220 g.

Interesting to note is the recommendation that the gearshift knob only be used when the sequential shift plate is affixed to either the TH8A or TH8 RS, and that it not be used with the H-pattern plate due to the increased weight.

Like the standard ball knob, installation is as simple as screwing it onto the shifter, and compatibility is a non-issue as it’s supported to the same extent the TH8A and TH8 RS are.

The TH8 Sequential Knob is available now in Europe for £24.99 ($35.38 USD) courtesy of Thrustmaster’s online store and will be available in the US shortly.

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  1. mister dog

    I wonder what are the production costs. Bit of metal with a plastic coat, must make them a nice profit at 25€…

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