Thrustmaster’s TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod Coming to Consoles This September

Hardware 46 June 16, 2018 by

After first announcing it this past April, Thrustmaster has pencilled in a release window for the console version of its TSS handbrake. The 90% metal, Sparco-branded item will touch down for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this September.

The unit won’t differ much from the existing PC-only model. The biggest change is likely the connector, needed for the requirements of console use. The beefy TSS will still offer two modes: the traditional handbrake operation, as well as a sequential shifter function.

Another welcome carryover feature is one of compatibility. While the TSS works within the extensive Thrustmaster ecosystem, sim racers will be able to mix-n-match it with their existing setups.

Developers have already had access to the TSS for a while now. This means players can expect a sizeable compatibility list when it becomes available at the end of summer.

And the price? The TSS will set sim racers back $279.99 / €259.99.

Stay tuned — we’ve had some Thrustmaster items arrive at the office this week, and a review is incoming.

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