TT Isle of Man Scores Second Place Debut on UK Retail Charts

Gaming 5 March 14, 2018 by

TT Isle of Man: Ride on The Edge is having a strong sales debut in the UK. Releasing last week, Kylotonn Racing’s IoM-focused two-wheel racer is certainly niche but that hasn’t stopped it selling well out the gates.

Shared by, the top 10 sellers list is topped by Grand Theft Auto V. This should be a shock given the age of the game but truth be told, anyone keeping up with our recent coverage should know how big the game still is. Trailing just behind in second place is indeed TT Isle of Man: Ride on The Edge.

Impressions of the game from those who are playing it have been strong. Particularly high praise is going to Ride on The Edge‘s sense of speed and attention to detail. There’s nothing on the market that offers what Ride on The Edge is focusing on, so it’s good to see a successful start. The split between the title’s console sales are 60-40 in favor of the PlayStation 4.

Want a look at the game in action? Check out GTPlanet staff member Scaff’s run of the IoM circuit here:

Placing second makes the racer last week’s best new entry at retail. Competition may have been light but it still included a new shooter for PlayStation VR (Bravo Team), Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition and a boxed version of digital favorite Life is Strange. There’s no information yet on how the title is performing digitally but hopefully it is meeting Kylotonn’s targets.

With the racing genre diversifying in recent times, it’s important games like Ride on The Edge are successful. Although all-encompassing racing sims are loved, more focused titles like this still have an audience. Other titles like Gravel and Kylotonn’s upcoming V-Rally 4 are leading a mini renaissance of choice for racing game fans. In the UK at least, there’s clearly success possible in today’s video game market.

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