Win a HumanRacing GT Chassis in Jalopnik’s Track Design Contest


In the build-up to next week’s Jalopnik Film Festival, which will prominently feature Gran Turismo 6, they’re hosting a fun contest with a sweet prize: a custom HumanRacing GT Chassis signed by the high-profile panelists attending the event.

humanracing-gtchassisTo enter the contest, draw up your dream track in your favorite image editor, and post it in the comments here before 5:00pm Eastern Time on Friday, September 13th. Jalopnik’s editors will select “the best one” next Monday and announce the winner. See the official contest rules for more information.

We definitely have some talented track designers right here – GTPlanet’s design-your-own-track forum topic has over 1,000 posts – so good luck to all from our community!

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Comments (24)

  1. Halcyon925

    Apperantly, Matt Hardigree recommended mine. Not sure if that means that I’ll have a good chance of winning or not; considering that I am new to Jalopnik.

  2. LeftyWright69

    I just threw down a layout and I will submit it before the deadline in this area so I hope I read correctly that it will show up since I don’t see anyone else’s submittel. I guess we just submit a JPG or something.

    1. LeftyWright69

      I’m having the same problem, I can’t even post my graphic. All I can post is the link to it. If you go all the way down to the bottom you should see it if it was posted there.

  3. Steph290

    My current route to work and back would make for an interesting track through NYC. Looks like I’ll be doodling at my desk tomorrow. Perhaps I’ll stick a camera in my dash to help for video as well. My second PS3 just died as well, couldn’t be worse timing, but this will make up for it if I win this!

  4. ScotteDawg

    I make some rather good (ok, bloody excellent!) tracks (with what GT5 gives me to work with) but I’m in Australia, and it’s just not fair!

    1. sayba2th

      Yep I am with you Scotte, that chair would be making it’s way to my lounge room if they let our invasion from down under commence. I already got some mad tracks designed that would have drivers salivating over them. Ah well it’s GT academy all over again.

  5. ThePDTX

    Maaaaaan, why does it have to be US only? Why can’t the rest of the world get a chance and have some fun? That thing is beautiful, i’m depressed now. -_-‘

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