Xbox Design Lab Expands to Europe, Adds More Customization Options

During last year’s E3, Microsoft revealed the Xbox Design Lab, the Redmond team’s online customization tool for Xbox One controllers. At this year’s event, Microsoft announced an expansion to the program, giving users even more customization options.

Additionally, the program heads to the UK, France and Germany, and will cover more European countries later this summer.

According to Microsoft, the new customization options up the count to over one billion possible color combinations to choose from. Besides all of the options introduced last year, Microsoft has added the following:

  • 4 new color options: Ink Blue, Mineral Blue, Sierra Brown and Desert Tan
  • 11 new thumbstick colors: Glacier Blue, Zest Orange, Retro Pink, Electric Green, Robot White, Lightning Yellow, Ash Gray, Ink Blue, Mineral Blue, Sierra Brown and Desert Tan
  • New metallic finishes for the D-pad and triggers
  • Black rubberized grips
The metallic accents really make the controllers pop!

Users will find they’re able to customize just about every part of the controller. Including the body, back case, D-pad, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks, ABXY buttons and view and menu buttons.

With the addition of black rubberized grips, users can add a touch of the Elite aesthetic without the premium cost.

Laser engraving remains an option, allowing a custom message on the lower half of the controller. This can either be your gamertag or something else entirely, though be weary of the 16-character limit.

Prices begin at $79.99, with the newer options costing extra. Microsoft will be offering free laser engraving for all custom creations, a $9.99 value, until June 25.

Every controller is made to order, and will be delivered within 14 days of the purchase date. Naturally, all controllers will be compatible with the One X when it hits shelves on November 7.

You can drop by the Xbox Design Lab page and get started on creating (and saving) your own designs.

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