Buy Lucas Ordoñez’s Sofa, Go to The 24 Hours of Dubai

December 6th, 2011 by Jordan

An extremely valuable piece of Gran Turismo memorabilia has gone up for auction on eBay: Lucas Ordoñez’s red couch. As of writing, bids for the stylish red sofa are already well over £400, and the auction doesn’t end until Monday!

That’s not the only thing up for grabs, though – the sofa’s new owner scores a V.I.P. trip for two to the 24 Hours of Dubai next month. That includes accommodations for 3 nights in a 5-star hotel, pit and garage tours, along with a complete race experience at Nissan’s hospitality suite overlooking the start/finish line.

As an added bonus, you can rest easy knowing your money went to a good cause: 100% of the winning bid will be donated to CARE International, which provides critical aid to people in need around the world.

For all the details and eligibility requirements, check out the official eBay auction. Kudos to Nissan for putting this together, and good luck!

UPDATE: The top bid came in at £1,420.00, or approximately $2,216.00 USD. Congratulations to the winner and CARE International!

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  1. themartlab

    Sold for 1420 pounds! By 2 seconds bid!

  2. themartlab

    2 hours left! Can’t bid here in NA, but i would just for the 24hr Dubai trip…the sofa would be given to a european gt5 fan.

  3. Hookecho

    hmmm…too bad US folks cant win it and also too bad the race/trip takes place right before the Rolex 24 of which I’m attending… boss would shoot me if I took off work to attend both races.

    Hope it raises a lot of money though………….

  4. userme5

    get every car from this picture in the game and everyones happy :D

  5. Seriously though, the money is going to do world of good so I hope it gets up to 10,000.00

  6. With data logging and AND a race spec G-Whiz.

  7. I heard on twitter that it’ll be in the next DLC.

  8. Adamski15

    How many miles has it got on it?

  9. What?

  10. If only the sofa was 0/0/0
    I wonder if I can trade my carbon x1 for it?

  11. maxpontiac

    That would not fly in my house.

    At. All.

  12. themartlab

    Of course it’s premium! Black light this sofa could end up with a lot of DNA residues. Imagine the shipping cost to send this across the sea.

  13. yoman297


  14. tombrooks97

    Will it come with Racing Hard Tyres? :lol:

  15. SaintSaiya

    and does the sofa get damage and can you customize it and ad liveries?

  16. steliosthem

    Is he suggesting he won the participation in the GT Academy by driving with a Dualshock?!?!?!!?

  17. CRXFREAK001

    well, it’s already up to what I’ve added to be 691.25 USD or £432.00 and it’s got 5 days left still @ 26 bids. Some extreme GT fan is going to get it, and whether you want to bid on the couch or not, someone’s gonna have a little piece of the GT history + get 2 VIP passes to see him race and meet him. AND 100% of the final sale goes to a charity, can you beat that? he’s not even getting the $.

    The sofa used by Lucas to play Gran Turismo 5;
    A Sony Playstation 3;
    A Gran Turismo 5 game for Playstation 3;
    A VIP pack for Dubai 24h for 2 including: Flight to Dubai, Accommodation for 3 nights in a 5 stars Dubai Hotel (including Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks), Race tickets for the 24h race starting January 13 at 2pm;
    Travel dates will be determined with the winner as following:
    The flight to Dubai will have to be on January 11, 2012 or during the night between the 11th and the12th of January 2012;
    The flight back will be on January, 14 (Saturday) or during the night between the 14th and the 15th of January, 2012;
    Only onsite transfers are included.

    ALL that + charity seems like a pretty awesome thing to me.

  18. Blaze_409

    This is kind of cool but its alsol very creepy lol.

  19. not just any driver, he is Sofa King Lucas

  20. No thanks…..god knows what that couch has seen. ;)

    Hope Ordonez wins the Dubai race though!

  21. I can’t believe people seem to take the sofa seriously.
    It’s just a gimmick, it’s all about the great offer behind it.
    Buy the sofa, burn the sofa and burn rubber in Dubai.

  22. axletramp

    If that’s red then it’s badly faded! As for Ordoñez’s career, sofa so good! Badum tish!

  23. 88FoxBodyFan

    This just in… the sofa has been delayed until February.

    • 37kazzmark

      really dude? cmon, you can stop bashing GT5 Development. They are a fairly small company of 140+ only.

    • 88FoxBodyFan


      We have these new things in the world, called jokes. You should check some out sometime.

    • AnPrionsaBeag

      … and this was actually quite funny :-D

    • +10000

  24. ocelot-prodigy

    pff, I would have totally done this had I lived in the correct region. bah!!

    • HKS racer

      The sofa will not work if you don’t have the correct version of the game matching booth ps3 and psn. Sorry you can’t use the sofa in GT5.

  25. AnPrionsaBeag


  26. I want KaZ’s shirts instead.

  27. Livedog

    I know its for charity but an old dirty couch? I’d buy his racing wheel that he played GT with or something.

  28. GTShadowKing

    Next Gran Turismo related item should be Kaz’s dinner table.

  29. Vuduegg

    I can’t believe he played without a wheel…

  30. eVilate

    A couch? That’s so random.

  31. Oh that suit looks nice..:p anyone know why he’s packing his stuff up?

  32. I’ll bid on his LMP car.. But really though, this is actually kind of cool and “unique” and it goes to a good cause.

  33. HKS racer

    Great for the Good cause… but they better sell signed helmets or steering wheels, you know something related to motorsport. A “sofa” sounds quite bizarre xD

  34. SaintSaiya

    is the sofa premium or standard?

    • Bahahahahaha!!!!

    • HKS racer

      I can’t see any dashboard view so a guess it’s standard.
      Anyway still faster than a Mazda Demio.

  35. terminator363

    I’d buy it but I took an arrow to the knee.

    • terminator363

      Or I could go to Ikea and get that identical sofa for a few bucks….

    • R1600Turbo

      But then you’re not going to Dubai. ;)

  36. spikeyhairdude

    Nice. A sofa. Hahahha. Already got one. :d

  37. Nish_280z

    I am a man who would never buy a used couch. It would always pop up in my head… wonder if I’m laying in booty sweat… did he throw up on here… what other thing’s happened on this couch? About the same reasons I’d never buy a used bed.

  38. atomrah

    Why isn’t this available in the US?

  39. Wow, this is valued many thousand pounds, its the sofa, flight, hotel, access + PS3 with GT5.

  40. oatmeal so good

    Yikes, I would never buy that couch. Do you realize how many farts that has absorbed over the years?

  41. Kino321-X

    Sitting on that couch will make you a better driver xD

  42. The auction is exclusively limited to the following countries: Austria, United-Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands;

    Probably should include this in the article… so you don’t get my hopes up :P

  43. Revelation1115

    Not available in USA :( I wanted to bid too..

  44. phsyclone

    Wow..worth buying.

  45. EliteDreamer

    I wish I had that kind of money. :D Wait… a sofa? So random…

  46. DaxCobra

    Ahww, I want to go… :(

  47. Lavaman

    This will go for dough!

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