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  1. Need4Speed685

    Australia Criterion Land

    I'm surprised no one has made a thread on the NFS film so I had the bright idea of making one myself. This will bring together all new info, photos and videos relating to the NFS film for everyone on GTPlanet to check out.

    Here's the plotline so far:

    The cast is decent so far, with names like Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul as the main character, with other actors including Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots and Michael Keaton.

    Filming in Mendocino County, California has recently wrapped with filming underway in Macon, Georgia.

    Set photos and videos have emerged, with the first few cars making an appearance.




    Now on to the car list so far. Keep in mind, the ones spotted on set are replicas so the real cars aren't damaged or wrecked while filming. But anyways, here's the list:

    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport
    Koenigsegg Agera R
    Lamborghini Sesto Elemento
    McLaren P1
    Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo
    Spania GTA Spano

    Before you are free to post your thoughts, a set video has 2 unidentified muscle cars (most likely Chevrolets). I need your help to identify these cars. If you have any proof, feel free to drop your 2 cents on this thread. Here's the set video:

    Finally, a funny article on-set regarding this as well as another set video:
  2. The Stig Farmer

    United Kingdom A field somewhere


    Anyways... so it's basically The Run.
  3. KiroKai


    Oh, so the 5 years olds NFS seems to have as target group get their own movie now?

    Seriously, who expects this to be a good film? I expect we'll have nice audio of the cars and scenic camera views, than they crush it all with their silly storyline. How are you supposed to keep serious while watching 2 billion $ worth of cars (just a rough estimate :sly:) doing illegal racing?

    Now if they would use at least 'normal' sports cars in the SLS AMG, MP4-12C, GT-R, 458 etc class, then there would be a slight chance of believing it.

    So it'll be just another action movie like the Fast & Furious series where driving means nothing but another action element. :indiff:

    Just assuming all this, but... it's Need for Speed...
  4. Dean

    Denmark S.East Jutland, DNK

    Will there be explosions [​IMG]?!

    And, I'll provably not see it, if it's like the Fast and the Furious-series.
  5. The Stig Farmer

    United Kingdom A field somewhere

    And if there's any dubstep I will personally burn every cinema that shows this :grumpy: Just make a movie out of The Run word-for-word, that was the last 'true' NFS. Soundtrack rocked hard.


    Sorry, lol. Need a Borderlands movie, I'd watch that.
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  6. Spoil-t

    United States Hellertown, PA

    Looks like a Camaro & a Plymouth Roadrunner but since it's such a bad quality video I can't be 100% sure but I'm 80% sure those are the two cars.
  7. The Stig Farmer

    United Kingdom A field somewhere

    Agreed. The black car's definitely a Camaro, and the Road Runner's been in NFS before so that'd make sense.
  8. Need4Speed685

    Australia Criterion Land

  9. CallmeDan


    The last true NFS would be Carbon. The last good NFS was ProStreet.
  10. Spoil-t

    United States Hellertown, PA

    The last true NFS was Hot Pursuit 2. Everything after that is "Trying to be hip with the in crowd."
  11. CallmeDan


    I guess. EA *partially* listened to their fanbase.

    Fanbase: "Give us Most Wanted 2! With everything that made the original so much fun!"
    EA/Crapterion: "Mmkay. Sure."
  12. BKGlover

    United States Mineral Wells, TX

    The last true...nah, Spoil-t got it.

    The reason nobody had made a new thread was most likely because, like Halo, Mass Effect, insert-other-games-here, we don't want it. There is only one reason the Tomb Raider movies did well at all, maybe two, and everything else Hollywood had killed horribly. Not to mention Hollywood is closer to a crash than gaming is, look at how many remakes THEY are putting out.

    Halo movie? Mass Effect movie? This? The run(s) was bad enough, and it wasn't far removed from 'cinematic gaming' IMO. It simply doesn't need to exist at all.

    @Dan: Hey, all anyone ever wants to talk about that game was the illegal crap. I, actually, didn't like it, it felt forced, and not just because you were forced to do them. But, whatever the loudest voices want, they get, and we got Burnout Paradise with an online focus and chases that crash the game.
  13. Spoil-t

    United States Hellertown, PA

    Burnout Paradise was & will always be one of the best racing games ever. I put in over 800 hours & over 50,000 miles on that game. No other single game EVER has that much of my time even closely invested in it.

    Please don't associate the evil vile publisher with the insalved developer. Criterion makes very good games but EA's influence is slowly putting them on the path of Black Box who was really a great developer until EA ran them into the dirt.
  14. BKGlover

    United States Mineral Wells, TX

    Path? I think Black Box took something to the base of the skull that hindered a few things. I don't know what, but we could probably find out.
  15. Spoil-t

    United States Hellertown, PA

    Black Box is gone all because of EA. With the PS2 you could turn out good games yearly & they did until Carbon. Once PS3 came out the quality slowly went down because EA still wanted them to turn **** out yearly but with the PS3 you just can't turn out a quality game in a year from the same dev team. Everyone hates Activision for their money gouging ways but at least they are smart enough to rotate devs for their yearly game series so they have 2 years to make the game.
  16. BKGlover

    United States Mineral Wells, TX

    Something that EA has just caught on with. Black Box made good games, bad storylines, but good games. It just seems that somewhere around Carbon there was some sort of massive change, probably EA's demands, and it never could recover.

    BTW, I sense another case on the horizon. Maxis maybe, but I can't put my finger on it.
  17. Spoil-t

    United States Hellertown, PA

    Maxis makes the Sims & it's hard to effe that up so they are here to stay. Simcity was just an unfortunate EA effe up for adding in stupid crap.
  18. MoLiEG

    Mexico Mexico City

    CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!! :drool:
  19. Ranman20

    United States Prince Georges

    Good thing they are using replicas for this movie.
  20. Nick Skyline

    Canada Nova Scotia

    Well, let's see what I can come up with.

    Those "Chevrolets" in that 10-second snippet look to be a Camaro SS '69 and a C3 Corvette. That's just what I think they are after my first viewing.

    Now, about the movie...

    - The cast looks alright...Jesse Pinkman, Beetlejuice, Dakin, two of the most used cars in NFSMW's Multiplayer, and Kid Cudi.
    - Kid Cudi's a chart-topping hip hop recording artist with some good reputation in the Music Industry. If this is his first major acting role in a big-budget studio film, this would be a good way for KC to showcase what acting talent he may have.
    - They're using real cars in this movie...that's probably going to be part of the selling point.
    - NFSTR had a few QTEs (which, if you're making a racing game, are not needed) and I imagine that's going to get converted into stunt work. If it's all done right, it could look ridiculous (in a good way) in the cinema.

    - I can see the street racing, in itself, being the selling point of the movie and what about 90% of the advertising (except the Theatrical Trailer) is going to feature. After all, that's what NFS is all about. If, based on trailer footage, it does not turn out to look that good, then that's a bad sign.
    - The plot doesn't just feel like The Run. I'm sure that it is The Run, as another person may have pointed out.
    - There's also the possibility that the soundtrack could be littered with Kid Cudi songs, since he's in the movie.
    - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm convinced that the writers and director do not know a lot about NFS. But even possession of basic knowledge of something can be used by film crew to make a great movie, if it's in the right hands.
    - I can see everyday people liking this movie...but I see myself and a lot of the die-hard fans hating it.
    - It's a video-game licensed movie. I know where this is going.

    ...of course, this is all my opinion.
  21. Need4Speed685

    Australia Criterion Land

    @Nick Skyline: Great to hear your thoughts on the film. I am skeptical about this being a good film, due to a number of factors.

    Like you mentioned, it is a game-licensed movie so I hope it won't follow like other movies.

    Another worrying factor is the director: Scott Waugh. I say this only because he directed Act of Valour.

    However, one half of the Gatins brothers writing the screenplay, John, was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for "Flight", and both of them wrote the screenplay for the decent "Real Steel" (a.k.a. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: The Movie).

    Based on forum members' predictions, I am convinced they could be a Plymouth RoadRunner in front and either the '69 Camaro SS or Corvette C3 behind.
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  22. coolboy48

    Singapore S'pore

    Replicas were being used for the really new exotic stuff in California (or at least the P1, Veyron and Agera). There seems little need to worry about the various deaths of really nice cars in stunts. (Cough... Redline, cough...)

    Hope they try to use actual ones for closeups though. Wonder what sort of budget they were allocated too...
  23. Spoil-t

    United States Hellertown, PA

    Sorry but you must be blind. There's no way any of those two cars is remotely a C3 Vette. C3 Vette's aren't square in the front. I should know since I can walk into my garage & look at one right now.
  24. LeGeNd-1

    Indonesia Surabaya

    They should expand and make a movie based on the Hot Pursuit trailer.

    Since they already made this, they're halfway there :D

  25. Bacon

    England Plymouth

    That's still the best trailer for any NFS game.
  26. Nick Skyline

    Canada Nova Scotia


    I should have known...

    ...And 685, since this is a game-licensed movie...I would imagine there would be a tie-in game as well that may get released a couple days after this movie hits the big screen.
  27. BKGlover

    United States Mineral Wells, TX

    At which point fans of good NFS games will most likely be either curled up in the fetal position trying to imagine it away, or gathering supplies for the run on EA.

    Need For Speed: The Movie, The Game.

    Note: If it breaks all conventions and is actually good, I'll eat my words.
  28. Need4Speed685

    Australia Criterion Land

    On The Set Video from E3:

  29. Rainbow Dash

    United States Allentown, PA

    This might actually be good.:tup:
  30. The Stig Farmer

    United Kingdom A field somewhere

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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