What's Your Signature All About?

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  1. Ferrari_458

    England Cumbria

    My Gallery (Click it :sly:)
    My Flickr (Also click it :sly:)
    The Photomode Awards which I am currently hosting (Click this one too :sly:)
    And just me bragging :lol:

    Click it..
  2. Villain

    United States Golden State

    Hmmmm.... Well, it is just one of those days.
  3. BobbyBRAKEaNek

    United States Carrollton, GA

    Simple, always think things out before you move.
  4. Villain

    United States Golden State

    I was hoping that you were a fan of Ice Cube.
  5. Terronium-12

    United States Brooklyn, NY

    My tuning threads (click each of them, especially those of you still playing Shift).

    My gallery (which I'm basically doing for myself considering the lack of responses).

    And, a photomode tutorial of mine.
  6. BobbyBRAKEaNek

    United States Carrollton, GA

    And you know this, MANNN!!
  7. SVX

    New Zealand Wellington

    A thank you to DQuaN for the Premium, and links to the things I participate in.
  8. Noob616

    Canada Halifax, NS

    The trophy that I deserve for winning the non-existent "Most Canadian" GTP award. And Imakuni bought me lifetime premium, and deserves thanks for that!
  9. Villain

    United States Golden State

  10. jus1029

    Philippines Metro Manila

    1st line: My GT5 Gallery (Please go there)
    2nd line: My GT4 Gallery (Please also go there)
    3rd line: My Flickr and deviantART account links
  11. Splitzle

    United States Massachusetts

    Well... it shows my GT5 levels... and it says i'm not online much. It's just a basic signature. :/
  12. Watt2159


    If you know Japanese, or know how to use Google Translate, it translates too
    "Two turbos are better than none"
    And that's really just about my love for twin turbocharged engines really, as for the other part........Thats pretty self explanatory. -.-
  13. Azure Flare

    None Carthage, TN

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  14. mattythedog

    United Kingdom London

    Well, I'm on a bit of a Hitchhikers craze moment, and this quote is one of my favourites.
  15. astrosdude91

    United States Houston, TX

    Changed a few things around. I'm at the absolute limit on signature length. Only because of the Lost numbers at the bottom.
  16. Mrs. Famine

    United Kingdom Famine's house.

    I don't recall how or why mine came about but there were a few of us with similar. I think it's been the same for about 3 years? I don't play GT so it's nothing to do with that.
  17. Liquid

    Wales CH5

    The incident at 3:09 resulting in the comment at 17:45.

  18. vandenal


    Just thought that if more people have the AUP and FAQ in their sig, they'd probably actually read the AUP and FAQ.

    I still have to thank Toplesscouple for the premium. That was a very thoughtful gift, and I try to be the best GTP member I can be to try to show that I'm thankful for it.

    SVX made this really cool avatar, and I like to acknowledge people who do cool stuff.

    Twitter is link to my twitter account. Follow me, I'm on there often.

    And my website project is my sports site, that could use some feedback and/or new members. If you could sign-up, it would help out a lot. :tup:

    Respectfully submitted,
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2012
  19. xMARKITOx

    Canada Whitby, ON

    Ever since I saw my first Subaru Impreza on granturismo 1 when i was 7 years old i fell in love with everything and anything Impreza. So my natural enemy is the Lancer Evolution. I love the impreza, and I love to hate the Lancer.
  20. m8h3r

    England East Midlands

    If you wish to copy it again you may :tup: :lol:

    My Hatchback Challenge could do with some free publicity :sly:
  21. Dylans1o

    Ireland Emerald Isle

    Line 1: It's a link to my YouTube channel.
    Line 2: This is a link my GT5 gallery.
    Line 3: My best GT5 tunes.
    Line 4: Hey, It just states the truth (But i'd say White & Nerdy would disagree)
    Line 5: My favourite quote by C-ZETA about me.
  22. Prince.M5

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    I have changed some stuff since then.

    The what formerly a link to my website has been changed to a link to my Formula 1 blog called Formula One - The Grid.

    I have removed Sabine Schmitz's quote and also removed Robert Kubica's wish message to make it simpler.

    That's all and until the next change!
  23. gtavcfan

    United States Seattle, WA

    Mine is nothing special - or more in the boring side for a GT Fan website - just simply I love cats and love the Pacific Northwest area of the USA/Canada and soccer so I'm a fan of the three teams from Seattle WA, Portland OR, and Vancouver BC. I may change it often
  24. gorsad

    India Pune

    Mine just shows my support for Mclaren, a bit like Invincible M5. It also shows how i ranked in the Kart Space trial, top 7000, my best ranking ever.
  25. White & Nerdy

    United States Wasilla, AK

    Indeed. Speaking of which, what does April 21st mean to you people?

    To me, it's the say 94 years ago when the Red Baron was shot down by, depending on who you belive, anti-aircraft guns or a British pilot.
  26. LMSCorvetteGT2

    United States Arizona

    Mine are simple, political beliefs that are affecting America in someway or another. Past, present and future. Read em and research!
  27. Azure Flare

    None Carthage, TN

    Wasn't that when Famine basically told you to **** off?

    Personally, I think you can't accept yourself and spew hate to hide it, like every hypocrite.
  28. Tornado

    Lyons, New York

    Stop it. I mean it.

    JUST. :censored:. STOP.
  29. Mr. S

    France Paris

    On topic: well. Stuff.
  30. jus1029

    Philippines Metro Manila

    1st Line: GT5 gallery
    2nd Line: GT4 gallery
    3rd Line: Albums (in order): Gallardo, my OC pony, the 2012 Manila International Auto Show Shots, My FACE!
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