Zombies! Pick a Car for the Apocalypse

Discussion in 'Cars in General' started by Danoff, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Frisky

    El Salvador Doncaster
    PSN:Ask me.

    I live in the middle of the field.... Combine Harvester anyone? :lol:
  2. Guardian

    Scotland Scotland

    Marauder :sly:


    Just don't order McDonalds
  3. Lock2Lock


    Hahahaha... Top Gear. My favorite show.
  4. carfanatic45

    United States Georgia

    Oliver, the Opel Cadet...
  5. Articuno

    Australia Sydney

  6. MoLiEG

    Mexico Mexico City

  7. Custom878

    United States The Ghetto


    Pretty much a mobile bunker. Just bring some supplies with you. :idea:
  8. Lotus Exige S

    Australia QLD,Brisbane

    Conquest Knight XV


    Yeah I will have one of those thanks:sly:
  9. Rage Racer

    Russian Federation Moscow


    Amphibious - I think zombies can't swim, so it's a great trait. :D
    And the 14,5 mm KPVT + 7,62 PKT machine guns give enough firepower to fight my way to water, where I'll feel safe. I'll use a river to lose them. :sly:
  10. YouButNotYou

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I would have a Hennessey VelociRaptor 600(Supercharged version) with the following selected, bigger tires, better brakes, LED lighting, electronic upgrades and with security and armouring. It has 600BHP with the Supercharger. I'd also only have 5 seats as it can seat up to 8. It has enough room for supplies in the boot and on the roof and goes from 0-60MPH in 5.9 seconds. It also has two doors at the back for the boot so you could open either and shoot from at the zombies and the glass on the boot opens so you can do either(thanks for that Doog)



  11. ImmalovemaGTR

    Austria Vienna

    Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak :lol:

    Freakin fast on every surface...
  12. Pagey279

    England Somerset

    So you'd be able to drive 5 miles at full pelt away from the zombies before you ran out of fuel :lol: It might be a good idea to add a much larger fuel tank, much larger.

    For me speed wouldn't be terribly important, you can out accelerate zombies in the most pathetic of cars, a 1.0L Ford Fiesta for example. So having more than 250bhp under the bonnet is pretty redundant.

    I'd want something dependable, simple, easy to fix, diesel (for the fuel economy) great off road, spacious etc.

    Something like this:

    Edit: I forgot to say what model it is :dunce: It's the 3.2L TDCI Station Wagon, 240bhp, a whopping 600 torques. Beasty.
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  13. Lotus Exige S

    Australia QLD,Brisbane

  14. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    On the topic of SUV's, tack another onto the list for me:


    6.2L V8, holds 11 people etc.
  15. YouButNotYou

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Oh yeah... I forgot to mention, I'd add a massive fuel tank to the car and when I drive 5 miles down the road, I'll have enough time to fill up and then drive another 5. Everything is fine.
  16. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots

  17. Takumi Fujiwara

    Los Angeles, CA

    Somebody mentioned the Landmaster way back in the thread, it was actually parked like 1/2mi from my house for most of my life. I used to drive past it every day when I was in school. I don't know where it is now, though.

    I'd want a relatively rugged military derived vehicle, but not a huge one. I want something that has multifuel capability to give myself the most options. It needs to be relatively narrow so that it can thread through highways filled with abandoned cars and rubble-filled streets and the like, so no widened pickups or huge six-wheeled trucks. Not sure what the best answer would end up being.
  18. YouButNotYou

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    The Halo Intersceptor is a car, boat, plane and helicopter. I don't know whether I'd have that or the VelociRaptor. I'd post some pictures but I'm too lazy. :lol:
  19. Slash

    United States Indian Falls, NY

    It actually gets 16/20 mpg.
  20. homeforsummer


    Diesel is entirely sensible, but not exclusively for fuel economy. It doesn't go stale like petrol (well, nowhere near as quick anyway) so if you came across reserves, chances are it'd still be good.

    And its use for haulage, shipping and more makes it fairly plentiful too.

    I think I'd still go for some form of APC though, if only for the extra protection if you find yourself cornered.
  21. MarinaDiamandis

    Wales Hollywood

    In a modern Defender? Nope.

    In a Defender? Nope.
  22. YouButNotYou

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Really? Wow, that's more than expected. Guess I only need a small fuel tank added.

    I'd probably go for VelociRaptor because it does 16/20mpg, whereas an APC probably does less than that(Ii don't know because I can't find anything on the internet), I imagine all tanks are alot heavier and alot more expensive than the VelociRaptor. Most tanks can only seat around 4 whereas mine up to 8. The tank beats my car at armour and offroading hands down but the Hennessey is probably good offroad and does have security and armouring. I forgot to mention defence because obviously a tank has RPG's. The Hennessey also, in my opinion, looks better than any tank that I've seen but that doesn't really matter.
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  23. Custom878

    United States The Ghetto

    What about other survivors? :dunce:

    On topic, diesel Impreza for me.


    Lifted, and light armor and it should be good to go.
  24. Badasp5.0

    United States Albuquerque, NM

    I am between a M1009 CUCV

    Or a Stryker M1126

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  25. Firehound427


    I thought I'd add my little contribution to this thread. If the zombies came, I'd pick an old Toyota Hilux pickup. Why?

    1: Living near a couple of farms, I'd have a good chance of finding one.

    2: It's a pickup, so there's room for supplies.

    3: As Top Gear proved, I'd only need at least some WD-40 and basic hand tools to keep it running (if I knew what I was doing) even if I did some surprising things (Though it is unlikely I'd be driving it into a portacabin/the sea/tree except if I had to).

    4: It more than likely runs on diesel, so it'll get decent gas mileage, and even though siphoning would be dangerous, a lot of cars around here run on diesel. That would give me a lot of potential fuel supplies.

    5: If I did somehow manage to survive the apocalypse with the Hilux, it would make great marketing material for Toyota...

    "The Toyota Hilux. The truck that survived the Antarctic, Top Gear and the zombie apocalypse."
  26. Murcie_LP640

    South Australia

    Outback or Forester diesel would be better suited. More practicality and has that first part covered for you already.
  27. Kent

    Staff Emeritus
    United States Deep South

    Have experience with them...
    Reliable- yes.
    Pretty- nope.

    Good cars.
    Like Toyota Camry 2.2 wagons from Subaru with AWD... Seriously, great cars. Seen it in action for years.
  28. Badasp5.0

    United States Albuquerque, NM

    DAMN DOUBLE post
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  29. Badasp5.0

    United States Albuquerque, NM

    Not sure but any other APCs but I have been told by buddies in units that still have M113 APCs they get around 4 or so MPG I have no idea what the M2 Bradley or the Stryker series gets. The Current American tank the M1 gets around a mile and a half to the gallon (But M1s dont run on gas but MoGas AvGas and diesel). But they get worse fuel mileage compared to other countries tanks due to there gas turbine engine.
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