Successful Weekend for GT Academy Stars Ordoñez, Mardenborough, & Heitkotter

July 4th, 2011 by Jordan

It was another busy weekend for real-world motorsports, and GT Academy stars were right in the action with great results. First up, Lucas Ordoñez and team Signatech Nissan were back on track at the the latest round in the ILMC 2011, the 6 Hours of Imola. The team drove a fast and consistent race, repeating their success at Le Mans with another excellent second-in-class finish, holding their lead in the points for the overall championship.

GT Academy’s newest stars also made their competitive racing debut this weekend, when European winner Jann Mardenborough joined U.S. winner Bryan Heitkotter at the Welsh Sports and GT Championship held at Wales’ Pembrey Circuit in a pair of RJN Motorsport’s 370Zs.

To call their best results impressive would be an understatment: Jann finished first in class and third overall in the final race of the weekend (he even took home the ‘driver of the day award’). Heitkotter finished right behind him in second, and won ‘driver of the day’ himself on Saturday.

“It was an excellent start and a very impressive debut for Jann,” said Bob Neville. “He was very smooth, he wasn’t over braking, his lines were good and his times were excellent throughout the day. It’s proved a valuable lesson, getting Jann used to having lots of cars around him. He was out there racing for real for the first time and he could not have done any better!”

Congratulations to all!

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  1. GTP_MarkusVhane

    Wow, I wish I was one of these lucky guys… well done…

  2. redreevos

    Congrats guys! Really awesome stuff. Keep up the good work. You are making all of us GT5 players look good.

    • Mazerati

      Sorry if this offends anyone, but; why do you keep celebrating Lucas’ ‘losses’, in the sense that he never seems to come first, and yet the ‘well dones’ keep coming.

    • GTP_Rcrcool9 says…

      How about YOU try racing a Le Mans car IRL? It’s not that easy you know. And to be racing from playing a video game, that’s truly saying something…

  3. cliffatron

    damn i wish i could drive. however ill be all over the endurance races when (if) they release the update. it would be nice to have some proper live streams to this racing that they do. well played guys. lots of respect!

  4. Ah, to be living the dream..

    Congratulations guys. You leave many of us quite envious! ;D

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Great Job all 3!
    Happy to see you doing well – keep it up.

  6. 07_HSV_GTS

    Iv checked this thing 5 times today hoping there’s something about the game but instead it’s just this stuff about GT academy that noone really cares about unless they were about to enter it.

  7. Shelby 427 1965

    Is it just me or do some of the pictures look like a video game?

  8. FurrRarrEeeeeee

    dont care any news on dlc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. p-coletrat

    Well done. Does anyone know if the cars are a little superior for the GT drivers. Not by way of cheating, just in terms of the team budget being able to afford a newer, more sophisticated machine. I’m not judging, I’m just objectively curious since all their vehicles look awesome.

  10. Brandon

    Great job you guys! Very impressive!

  11. king of road

    Great job guys…PS add me on psn:Doma-Luxy

  12. Who cares …

    • R1600Turbo

      I hope you’re joking.

    • zedextreme8177

      Resident troll strikes again *rolleyes*

    • R1600Turbo

      Me? Why, because I actually have something nice to say? If you can’t appreciate what these guys represent for us GT players than why don’t you just ignore the news post and move on? No reason to post a negative comment that make YOU look like a troll.

    • zedextreme8177

      That was for Gulyo, who leaves negative comments on each and every news page, not you.

    • R1600Turbo

      Got it.

  13. dojOdRiFTeR


  14. Butters


  15. Well done guys. Well done in particular to Bryan – got to be tough driving on the correct side of the road ;-) Glad the weather was amazing for you too (not a given in Wales!)

    Briiant result for all 3. Well done.

  16. captaincrunch24

    So so far they’ve had GT races @ Spa, Silverstone and now Imola (I hope I’m not forgetting any others!). Could this be a hint of new tracks to come? :D

  17. Gerarghini

    Another successful finish! Well done guys!

  18. armydude

    lucas you are THE BOSS!! congrats and keep the success rolling!

  19. bass264

    Congrats guys!!!! Video games can take people far in life! haha

  20. Congratulations to all three. Lucas’ success at this point is expected but still quite a feat and hopefully both Jann and Bryan will follow that enormous footstep.

  21. GTP_Davey07-O37

    Congratulations to all of you. It makes me proud to be part of the Gran Turismo community. Well done…;-))…

  22. Tonystew42

    And our parents told us that video games get you nowhere. :D

    • They still haven’t got the rest of us anywhere because we’re not exactly the ones behind the wheel are we?

    • Thank you for being so positive!

    • You’re very welcome Rob. In the end of the day; more often than not; video games will still get you nowhere unless you happen to be one of the lucky contestants to win these competitions. And the chances of that happening are quite slim when you have ten to ninety thousand other gamers to compete against as well as a biased judging panel according to what’s been said about the 2011 European GT Academy.

    • TagoWolf

      Maybe GTKM is right but I can’t deny that videogames Teach me a lot, now I’m a PhD and just playing VG wouldn’t be enough, just keep it up in all, even in RL not just videogames ;-)

  23. SpecMiata

    Well done guys, keep making us proud!!!

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