Get a Whole Fleet of Unused Porsche 911 GT3s For Only $2.9 Million

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In this week’s Wednesday Want we’ve found something truly special in the classified adverts and thought it really deserved some attention. You can check out past Wednesday Want entries right here.

Is too much of a good thing still a good thing? Well for Oldenhof Autos in Enschede, Netherland the answer is yes. The dealer has simply been overrun with an abundance of 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 Clubsports.

Being inundated with one of the best sports cars to come out of Germany might seem like a first world problem. However, with 18 of these cars, all identical and painted in white, it’s not exactly the ideal situation for a dealer to be in. This is why Oldenhof is offering these cars at a steep discount, despite having zero mileage on the clock.

So how does a dealer come into possession of 18 fairly expensive cars, all with the same equipment and color?

According to the Dutch automotive site Motor Talk, the cars were all ordered to be part of a rental fleet for a racetrack. However, the permit for the private track got pulled. This left a flock of GT3 cars without a home track and destined to sit around in a warehouse.

This is where Oldenhord Autos steps in. They acquired the 19 cars and set to work to find a buyer. However, only 18 of them are for sale since it’s keeping one of them in reserve.

The asking price for these track monsters? Just €134,500 ($161,000). That’s about €20,000 ($24,000) less than they were new in 2015—and with zero miles on these cars, they’re still “new” today. It’s also slightly less than a used 20,000-mile 911 GT3 Clubsport commands in the Netherlands as well.

If you want the entire package the total would be right around €2.4 million ($2.9 million). However, according to the listing on, Oldenhorf will cut you a deal if you buy the cars as a group. Our guess is, if you buy all 18, they’ll throw the 19th one in for free.

So why would you want 18 of these track cars? Well, in short, it’s a race car for the road.

Its 3.8-liter flat-six engine delivers 475hp and redlines at 9,000rpm. This means it absolutely howls under hard acceleration; something you’ll do frequently since it’ll reach 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

Besides its domination in a straight line, the GT3 really is all about the corners. With meaty Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires and electronic dampers, the car stays firmly glued to the road. This is evident by its 1.12 g skidpad number.

When Porsche took the GT3 to the Nurburgring, it took on the Green Hell in less than 7:30 seconds too. That’s right up there with the Corvette ZR1 and Nissan GT-R—two of its main rivals.

As an added bonus with these 18 GT3 sports cars, they all come with the Clubsport pack installed. This means there’s already a roll cage, six-point harness, fire extinguisher, and battery cut-off switch. Essentially these cars are track ready.

To the dismay of many enthusiasts though, the 911 GT3 does lack a manual gearbox option. However, every automotive outlet that test drove the GT3 praised the PDK transmission as one of the best auto boxes they’ve ever driven.

Despite the flappy paddles, the car does have a neutral setting. When you pull both paddle shifters back, the car engages neutral until they’re released. This allows for smokey starts off the line or clutch kick drifts.

With the discounted price and the potential for a package deal, we don’t expect these to last long. So if you’re in the market for a used-but-really-new 911 GT3, give Oldenhorf a ring.

Now, if you excuse us, we are going to go convince Jordan we need these as GTPlanet company cars!

Hats off to Twitter user @R_Carboni for the tip! 

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