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Own A Piece of GT Academy History With This Nissan GT-R GT3

Welcome to the 100th edition of the Wednesday Want! To celebrate in style we are once again bringing you a piece of Gran Turismo history. However, unlike the Art Morrison Corvette and the ‘51 Ford Coupe, this car is not from the GT Awards. Instead, it has an important connection to GT Academy.

The Thunder From Down Under: A Look at the HSV Maloo Performance Ute

The Outback, Vegemite, and a population of overly venomous animals. These are just a handful of things Australia is known for. However, when it comes to the automotive world nothing is more quintessentially Australian than the ute. That’s why for this week’s Want we are heading Down Under with the HSV Maloo.

Celebrate 45 Years of the Volkswagen Golf with This 4×4 Country Syncro

On March 29, 1974, the first VW Golf rolled off the production line. Now 45 years later, the Golf’s production number is over 38 million. To celebrate this milestone, we’re dedicating this week’s Want to the iconic hatchback. But just any Golf won’t do, which is why we’re taking a look at one of the strangest: the Golf Country Syncro.

The GMC Typhoon Was the Start of the Performance SUV Craze

In today’s automotive market, the idea of a performance SUV is not that strange. It seems like virtually every company has some sort of sporty version of its SUV or crossover — or coupe crossover. So where did it begin? For this week’s Want, we’re looking at exactly that, the genesis of the performance SUV, the GMC Typhoon.

This Modified VW Transporter is a Porsche 911 You Can Fit the Whole Family In

If you’re a family man, chances are owning a sports car isn’t in the cards. You need to haul kids, their stuff, and everything else along the way. However, for this week’s Want, we think we found the perfect solution. As what is probably the coolest people carrier around, meet the TH Automobile TH2.

This Sweet N600 Started Honda’s Automotive Story in America

Today we think nothing about seeing a Honda on the road. Cars like the Accord and Civic are commonplace and often rank high in the list of best selling vehicles. But where did it all start? In this week’s Want we go back 50 years to take a look at the genesis of Honda cars in the US, the N600.

The WaterCar Panther Lets You Go From the Beach to the Lake Without Skipping a Beat

Boeing is currently working to answer the question “where’s my flying car?” It’s still a way off, but thankfully for those who want to combine two modes of transportation there’s another option. This is, of course, the amphibious car. For this week’s Want, we will take a look at the fastest of these hybrid vehicles, the WaterCar Panther.

Own a Piece of the Fast and the Furious Franchise With This 34 Car Auction

Are you a fan of The Fast and the Furious franchise? Considering two cars from the series ended up in the top three of our World Cup of Movie Cars, we imagine several of you are. Due to this, we have a special Want in store for you this week featuring a massive 34 vehicle lot of cars related to the films.

Own a Pair of Wild Coachbuilt Supercars From Designer Ken Okuyama

Automotive design is a tricky thing. There are regulations to meet and aerodynamics to consider, all while taking into account what looks good. However, sometimes designers can throw caution to the wind. Ken Okuyama is one of those designers and two of his creations are the subject of this week’s Want.

Start Your New Year off Right and Get Behind the Wheel of a Race Car

If we have one suggestion for a New Year’s resolution, it’s to buy a race car. Why? Because race car of course! If you share the same sentiment as us, then this Wednesday Want is for you. In it, we will take a look at a few vehicles currently for sale to help get you behind the wheel of a racing machine.