1969 Chevrolet Camaro Wins at the 2010 GT Awards

November 4th, 2010 by Jordan Greer

The 8th annual GT Awards were held in Las Vegas last night, and Kazunori Yamauchi gave top honors to Mark Stielow for his custom 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Check out the complete press release and the first pictures from the event below. Expect a lot more media, video, and interviews to start popping up from SEMA in the next few days.

While there’s still no word from the event regarding an official release date, you’ll notice the press release does reiterate that Gran Turismo 5 will be out “this year”. I’ll let you know as soon as we learn more…

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 4, 2010 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) hosted its eighth annual Gran Turismo® Awards at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show last night at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, celebrating automotive design excellence and showcasing the latest franchise offering, Gran Turismo 5. Each year, the Gran Turismo Awards offer SEMA show exhibitors the opportunity to join the ranks of the famed Gran Turismo® racing franchise – one of the top-selling video game franchises of all time with more than 56 million units shipped worldwide – with a feature spot in a future Gran Turismo title. After reviewing more than 100 entries, the judging panel and Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi himself, crowned Best Hot Rod winner,Mark Stielow for his 1969 Chevy Camaro as the 2010 “Best in Show.”

“For the past eight years, the Gran Turismo Awards has recognized and rewarded automotive enthusiasts who demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for car customization, design and performance,” said Kazunori Yamauchi, famed creator of the Gran Turismo franchise and President of Polyphony Digital.  “The Gran Turismo franchise is committed to providing gaming fans and car aficionados with a realistic racing simulator that embodies racing nirvana, so we are always on the hunt for the next hot ride. We continue to be blown away by the quality of the vehicles that are submitted to the Gran Turismo Awards each year and are excited to add the 1969 Chevy Camaro to our list of distinguished winners and to the Gran Turismo franchise.”

Additional prizes were awarded to:

  • “Best Truck/SUV” – Nick Moncure, 2007 Chevy Colorado
  • “Best Domestic Car” – Gary Mulder, 2011 Chevy Camaro SSX Concept and Tommy Z, 2010 Chevy Camaro Super Sport
  • “Best Asian Import” – Jamarii Whiteside, 2006 Subaru WRX STI and Stef Papadakis, 1986 Toyota Corolla
  • “Best European Import” – Marcel Horn, 2010 HPA Scirocco
  • “Best Hot Rod” – Mark Stielow, 1969 Chevy Camaro

The 12-year old Gran Turismo franchise is recognized as the world’s best and most authentic driving simulator. Gran Turismo 5, releasing exclusively on the PlayStation®3 (PS3®) system this year and now for the first time in stereoscopic 3-D, offersmore than 1,000 licensed cars from the world’s top manufacturers and racing organizations such as NASCAR and more than 20 tracks with 70 variations, including famous world circuits, city courses, and other environments. Additionally, players have the ability to custom create their own racing course and participate in a robust online system. Players can race online with up to 16 players through PlayStation®Network and transfer vehicles unlocked in Gran Turismo® for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)into their garage in Gran Turismo 5. Featuring exciting gameplay to suit newcomers, automotive enthusiasts, and seasoned fans, Gran Turismo 5 truly raises the bar on delivering an ultra-realistic driving experience with unparalleled visuals and lifelike graphics that are difficult to distinguish from a live race. Some new key features include a completely new physics engine improving steering feel and dynamics during turns and drifts, a deep track editor function, vehicle damage, an online mode and more.

About Judging for the Gran Turismo Awards

Prior to SEMA 2010, all exhibitors were invited to enter their vehicles into the Gran Turismo Awards, which honor five different categories comprised of: “Best Domestic Automobile,” “Best European Import,” “Best Hot Rod,” “Best Asian Import,” and “Best Truck/SUV.”  Judges consisted of various respected automotive journalists representing media outlets such as Super Street Magazine, Import Tuner and eurotuner with judging for each category based on a balance between performance, style, and speed.  Yamauchi then bestows the “Best in Show” award honor to one of these five category winners.

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  1. Nov. 6, 7:30pm

    Jordan is arrested for showing us the real disc cover…:P

    • Nov. 6, 7:54pm

      it would seem so

  2. Nov. 6, 5:29pm

    Jordan, where are you?

    No update yet?

    • Nov. 6, 5:33pm

      that’s what i have been wondering since i seen that at 6am lol

    • Nov. 6, 5:36pm

      Aliens got him on VEGA galaxy, with the GT5 copy he did stole from Sony.

  3. Nov. 6, 2:07pm

    Yup- my gut feeling is that welcome announcements are coming soon.

    • Nov. 6, 3:25pm

      my gut feeling is that whatever it is,we will end up waiting until Monday for it lol

  4. Nov. 6, 12:55pm

    Seems Jordan knows something that we don’t.

    I’m exited!!!!

    I’m sure he is about to announce something!

  5. Nov. 6, 12:33pm

    Spoke with sony’s rep today @ Digiexpo ’10 (in Finland). He said that GT5 will be out before christmas. So good news to every one :D

    • Nov. 6, 1:02pm

      Joey Logano, a NASCAR driver who is racing with the Gran Turismo 5 race car today, slipped up and said that he can’t want to play the game ‘later this month’. The article was written yesterday, but since ‘been reworded’.

    • Nov. 6, 3:27pm

      that’s because the comment was made before Logano was aware of the delay. The game is still delayed.

    • Nov. 6, 6:44pm

      The first part of his statement was saying that he was racing the GT5 NASCAR this Saturday, which is today. I have what was posted at first until it was changed.

  6. Nov. 6, 11:46am

    The disc was real. Why else would image be removed?

    • Nov. 6, 12:39pm

      thats what i was wondering

    • Nov. 6, 4:34pm

      I wouldn’t be surprised if PD/Sony asked the image be removed just because has a fake it would be unauthorized use of multiple protected trademarks for devious purposes.
      That said, I don,t know if it’s real or not, but I still lean towards fake.

  7. Nov. 6, 4:56am


  8. Nov. 5, 6:15pm
    • Nov. 5, 6:25pm

      its on here now

  9. Nov. 5, 4:37pm
    Get A Life

    GT4, damn I must be living under a rock, when did that come out? Ohh maybe I just do not know how to count. You are all a bunch of loosers hahahaha. All of you sound really tough online hahahaha.

    For the people bringing the news to this site. Please keep up the great work. I appreciate being able to get all the info I need. This “release date” addicts just have nothing to do.

    It is funny how many people I made mad by calling them loosers gotta love the internet. And if you are going to complaint about me typing this and say I have no life, maybe you should learn how to type so you can type tings this long in 2 to 3 minutes without having to worry about it. Haha, I crack myself up. This is starting to look like the COD crowd.

    • Nov. 5, 4:50pm

      …..it took you 2-3 minutes to type THAT?

    • Nov. 5, 6:09pm

      @jake I know right…

    • Nov. 5, 6:11pm

      Your not the first person to have a life you know? It’s like your obssessed with it. Oh and you should really take longer to review your comments…it might be the internet but still. Like when did anyone get mad at you calling them a loser? When did someone say you have ‘no life by typing this’? And most people who play COD are illeterate kids who scream into their mic, so how is this starting to look like the COD crowd if we all supposively “worry” about what we write. You don’t make much sense.

  10. Nov. 5, 4:29pm


    SONY has announced that a release date for the release date of Gran Turismo 5 will most likely come “very soon” according to Kazunori Yamauchi.

    Stay tuned for more!

    • Nov. 5, 4:37pm

    • Nov. 6, 1:52am

      Breaking news :
      They said that weeks ago.
      Stay tuned. Up next somebody is going to post that Gamestop today confirms 1\1\11 has the new release.

  11. Nov. 5, 1:36pm
    Git a life

    The real yank Tank gas guzzler simulator lol

    • Nov. 5, 4:27pm

      hahaha i haven’t heard that for a while… “yank tank” lol… love it :-) and also love that every country has it’s automotive history/influences… bring on the yank tanks I say…. they are challenging and fun to drive in GT :-)

  12. Nov. 5, 11:46am

    Tommi Mäkinen playing GT5! :D

  13. Nov. 5, 11:04am

    If YOU have a real life,you wouldnt write whole this!so stop judging others D**khead! and go dance salsa!

  14. Nov. 5, 10:06am

    OK, so, wait a hot minute. So why do you people act as if a release date is going to make the game come out any sooner? Stop acting like morons and mature a bit. If it infuriates you that much that there is no release date yet, then go and get an xbox and play forza instead. Other wise JUST SHUT UP really. Its is very annoying to see people crying about the release date, and insulting the people that are doing a great job for bringing news to the site. I like to see that GT is involved with things other than release dates. Sony and PD will release the game when they think it is appropriate and they have far more important issues than to worry about 10% of the prospect buyers of the game, who can not stop crying for a release date. I quite frankly do not care when it comes out. If they push it to next year’s, WHO CARES, I have a life to live and it is obviously not GT5 release date. And I am sure that If i throw a drama act and sell my PS3 and swear to not buy GT5 again, let me see $100.00 for the collectors edition that I would not buy compared to the BILLIONS on profit they will make out of the other people? Yeah that’s right, If I do not buy the game, they will not even notice I did not. So stop crying, be mature, and just do something with your life in the mean time. If you want a release date here is one

    GT5 release date, December 9, 2014 Ohh look is also a Tuesday and right before the holidays Great Time.

    Now, I am going to go and do something with my life. Let see a night of salsa tonight, then tomorrow I am smoking some cheese for a BBq at a friend’s house, then sunday I am tiling my bathroom floor and painting my newly design entertainment room. Yeah, even if GT5 come out today, I will not be playing it.

    Do not get me wrong this is the only game that I have been wanting since GT3 came out, and trust me, I am happy it is being printed and I will get it when it comes out, but this nonsense of constant release date asking and crying is pissing me off.

    Good day GTers and hope to see you in the track some day.

    • Nov. 5, 12:34pm

      Wow yeah you have such a life. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Nov. 5, 1:34pm
      Git a life

      Yeah, that dude sucks.

    • Nov. 5, 4:07pm

      wait why would you wait for gt5 since gt3 came out….. pretty sure the number 4 comes after 3 in most countries. wonder when gt5 is coming out? yeah go cry now cuz i asked it

    • Nov. 5, 4:24pm

      Maybe that is (getalife’s) ambiguous way of saying that they thought GT4 (sucked!) lol…. which of course is insane… the only thing i missed from GT3 compared to GT4 was a few of the tracks that didn’t find their way into GT4…

    • Nov. 5, 5:02pm

      You are right, and I understand your example of asian honor (I lived in South Korea for almost a year), but I think that when you are alone in the top of racing simulation, you can afford to do what KY does…maybe if there were available about 3 or 4 titles that actually offer the same experience as Gran Turismo, they wouldn´t take that long.
      Bottomline: there is nothing we can do…I prefer 1M times a delayed game, than a buggy game released on time.
      Just MO

    • Nov. 5, 5:10pm

      Mate, I applaud you. One of the few people here that seem to understand how utterly pathetic it is to constantly bitch about the release.

      Well done.

    • Nov. 5, 6:50pm
      Gamer GT5

      Honestly the people who pre-ordered the game have a right to be a little disappointed. I really hate to say that but it’s true. Over half of the people who already put their money on this title were expecting the game to come out on November 2nd because that’s what’s been said. But if they have to delay the game there’s nothing you guys can’t do at this point. I’m guessing the reason why they’re not giving us a release date because of the new Call of Duty game coming out really soon that can give Sony/PD to give Trearch some space for their release party.

      If anybody was buying an brand new 2011 car and the car was available next month but then the car company told you “sorry the car’s delivery been delayed for another 3 months” for any reason over half of you guys would be pissed because you already put so much money in it.

      GTALife(getalife) If you could wait till 2014 just get GT6 instead of GT5 and stop wasting your time commenting.

  15. Nov. 5, 9:30am

    I pray someone enters an E30 or E39 and wins next time =)

  16. Nov. 5, 7:49am

    Oh the contrary senor GT5Ultimate, we are far from ungrateful. The talent at PD would definitely be bought a round of beers, and more!! I appreciate perfection, and this sim is going to be beyond our expectations. Only disappointment brings out the negativity. Thank God this forum is so accepting to the whiner :-)…,which I’ve been, at first. Nonetheless, Happy Friday ya’ll…I’ve stopped playing GT5P for the last few weeks, call it a protest or just need the new! Most likely the later.

  17. Nov. 5, 7:14am

    At the rate their going, if what they said is true about it coming out this year, the game is going to end up releasing just days after the announcement. Your running out of days Sony.

  18. Nov. 5, 7:00am

    We’re probably the reason GT5 is delayed again. Kaz wants to perfect the game and he has yet people keep asking for more and more time and time again. It sucks how much pressure he goes through trying to satisfy people yet we’re ungrateful.

    • Nov. 5, 11:24am

      The only thing I’m ungrateful for are the tinted windows on standard-cars and some cars being standard which I’d have wanted coming as premium, like the Countach, most to pity :-(
      Anything else is fine for me :-)

  19. Nov. 5, 6:32am
    Walking Dead

    (Corrected my Typos, sorry)

    For all those bitching about the game being delayed for technical development (Not for Sony 3D stradegy), i would like to ask how many of you are in 3D animation and programming for games?

    Guys, you have no idea the amount of work that goes into it, and too make something look that damn good, I feel they’ve done pretty well for 5 years developement.

    Please, try to model a car to that quality and then rig it. :p

    • Nov. 5, 11:59am

      You’ve still got typos :)

    • Nov. 5, 6:36pm

      Well, in my opinion, they SHOULDN’t have put all that crap in there that no one wants in ther first place! I think I speak for MANY people when I say “I would’ve rathered that they have cockpit views or damage on all cars over the 3d, head tracking, PS move compatability, all that merchandise sh** in there and crazy ass graphics tat we won’t even be able to notice untill the next gen HD TV and console and focus on more important aspects of the game. Honestly, who really is going to buy that for GT? But whatever (had to get it off my chest) too late now. Good job PD and Sony for the standard vs. premium making the game look incomplete. “yeah we have 1000 cars, but only 20% are actualy completed! as for the other ones…well we have PS Dildoes you can wave around and glasses that will cause headaches with the slight chance of making you look like a dork PLUS trying to pose other games with a no good track editor! But hey, we’re the best,we can delay it and not give a care on our fans because we have sooo many!!!”

  20. Nov. 5, 6:30am
    Walking Dead

    For all those bitching about the game being delayed for technical development (Not for Sony 3D stradegy), i would like to ask how many of you are in 3D animation and programming for game?

    Guys, you have no idea the amount of work into, and too make something look that damn good, and I know they’ve done in 5 years.

    Please, try to model a car to that quality and then rig it. :p

  21. Nov. 5, 5:38am

    Droolworthy car :)

  22. Nov. 5, 4:36am

    Congratulations Mark Stielow! He’s been building real world performance cars based on gen 1 Camaros for well over a decade now. To him, it’s all about driving and driveability. Fitting for the “Real driving simulator” in my opinion.
    If anyone deserve this kind of acknowledgement, it’s him.

  23. Nov. 5, 4:21am

    You can see this Camaro on a autocross event on youtube …just type Mark Stielow in the search bar!!!Nice Car!!!

    • Nov. 5, 11:58am

      Thanks for mentioning that. The video is awesome, do you think he is in 2nd gear the whole time?

    • Nov. 5, 4:10pm

      thanks for the heads up on that.

  24. Nov. 5, 1:58am

    Looks like fun. Any other shots of it?

    I doubt it’ll be able to keep up with the ’70 Transcammer Mustang unless it has something profound under the hood.

    • Nov. 5, 4:36am

      So long as the PP system matches cars equally, how would this matter? It’s got around 800HP.

      The Trans-Cammer did well against the various Award car AI, too.

  25. Nov. 4, 10:33pm

    Well, that’s all great news. Another ”confirmation” about the release date and KY is starting to realise that there are other cars in the world than the Skylines.

    Nice. :D

  26. Nov. 4, 10:08pm

    I’m not so avid for a release date as you guys. Of course I’m waiting for it, but I’m able to enjoy news during this period.

    • Nov. 5, 12:45am

      I agree…this is making extra sweeter the moment when u get the disc in your PS3…”no pain no gain”

  27. Nov. 4, 9:59pm

    For those who want to rip into Kaz for the unprofessionalism of his delays, we have every right. The Asian culture in general is always going on about honor this, honor that. And they nearly always come through. I buy and own foreign cars like Honda and Toyota. Those cultures slave away and burn the midnight oil to put out a nearly flawless product usually.

    But then you have Kaz, who is so obsessed with perfection, he has no clue about time management. In the business world, companies who miss due dates suffer greatly, sometimes are brought down entirely because of missing a target date. In the business world, you dont get away this crap. Late is late. The fact that it was JUST 3 days is almost worse than missing it by much more. It proves all their time dinking around judging car beauty contests was not time well spent. Give us back any 3 of those wasted days of Kaz/Polophony, and we are all playing GT5 RIGHT NOW. Just because theres a 99% chance the game will be flawless and mind blowing doesnt give Kaz a pass. And until the game is in our hands, he doesnt deserve one.

    Kaz, Polyphony, and Sony brought this on themselves. They set a high standard for themselves, then time and time again fall short, and expect us to be ok with that. None of this is an issue if they hadnt time and again told us when to expect the game. Then finally giving a solid date, and missing that too. Always hearing its 90% done 2 years before they release it. Their mouths wrote checks their butts couldnt cash, and they deserve to be ripped for it. It amazes me how many of you enjoy Kaz’s shlong in your mouths over this issue, as if you were getting a kickback for getting slapped in the face by Polyphony and Sony and enjoying it. Yes, its only a game. But when you act like you’re the sh** of the video game world, then disrespect your fan base with delays, teasing, delays, lies, delays, teasing… you deserve NO honor whatsoever. Kaz keeps going to these little events and ignores the now ridiculously obese elephant in the room, its just sickening. If he had any honor, and respect for the fans who pay his salary, he wouldnt smile in our faces and let this disrespect continue day after day because you are too proud and or arrogant to just tell the truth.

    For GT6, I dont want to hear s*** from Kaz, Sony, or Polyphony about a release window, quarter, or date UNTIL the game has gone gold and getting burned. And if I hear 90% done from him next time, so help him. Hold the game back in warehouses if necessary, throw a three month all out marketing campaign, and put the game in our hands ON TIME with the FIRST DATE you give us.

    • Nov. 4, 10:03pm

      Get a life!

    • Nov. 4, 10:07pm

      holy cwap!

    • Nov. 4, 10:25pm

      Youre damn right!!

    • Nov. 4, 11:15pm

      In fact.. that’s true. Someone give to Kaz a book called “The Goal” that talks about operation management.. should help him.

      @AGNT009 +1

    • Nov. 4, 11:28pm

      Bravo!!! I’ve dreamed about being able to sit with Kaz and ask him “Are you aware of the continuous uproar that the internet is in concerning this supposed final delay to the game?”. Why can’t journalists ask that question in interviews. Smh

    • Nov. 4, 11:35pm

      What gets me the most is that Kazunori Yamauchi had the balls to say “Wait a little longer” to the fans after delaying it this last time. He knows we’ve been waiting through two consecutive delays, and that we were all avid for the supposed final release date. Knowing this, he delays the game, gives no plausible reason, and tells us to keep waiting.

      I know he has the best intentions, but he clearly has something of an ego, and incredibly poor time management skills.

    • Nov. 5, 1:07am

      do you nuggets all think Kaz is the only person in PD with actual clout? the company IS working around the clock… he is the front man and thus he is the one who cops all the flack….. deserved?? yeah probably, but he is not the only person responsible and making decisions… if you think so then you’re just young and naive… didnt he twit something along the lines of extreme embarrassment and apologies to the fans for this latest delay and there is no excuse blah blah blah… what else can they say?? i think they are just more interested in getting this thing on the shelves than spending their spare time apologising over and over again to ppl who are just spitting their dummies… the haters simply don’t have to buy if they feel that way… but sadly they know they will… hahaha

    • Nov. 5, 10:47am

      I agree with you AGNT009, It is a disgrace how they treat the GT fans. And what makes it worse is when people try and make excuses for PD and Sony. Stop making excuses for them, what they have done is called ‘A Balls up’ and as customers we have a right to be angry!.

    • Nov. 5, 2:17pm

      Wow! I guess he should give all his fans shares in PD because they should be treated right ain’t it?

      I wonder why, some people in this world are so impatient. They remind me of my son, when he was 10, when he wanted a bike so much.

      I told him he would get it as a present for Christmas. When the day actually came, the bike we bought had some defects and had to be returned and exchanged for a new one. My son cried and cried on how “I had bluffed him”, on him getting it on Christmas.

      Some of you posters here on GT5 remind me of that. I’m sorry anyone who has to read such a long post, but it’s just my 2 cents. :D

    • Nov. 5, 4:40pm
      Get A Life

      WOW, so you are going to single handily bring down PD and Sony? That is brave.

  28. Nov. 4, 9:55pm

    aah, I was hoping to see a mustang win. I saw a picture of a very beautiful one from SEMA today… oh well.

  29. Nov. 4, 9:45pm

    Woo! Hot Rod wins in ’08 and ’10!!!!

    • Nov. 4, 10:50pm

      To be honest, I’m not really an American car person (the newer era). But it is always nice to see a new car added to the GT lineup and especially a classic like this one. Anything but Skylines at this point.

  30. Nov. 4, 9:26pm

    I’d laugh if Kaz actually kept a record of how many discs are being stamped right now..
    He’d let us know if he does right?

  31. Nov. 4, 9:26pm

    I mean… i don’t want to annoy anyone but the Pontiac Trans-Am, at this point in GT serie, is the biggest letdown.

    Let’s face it.

    What are the most famous American Sports Cars?
    any order?

    1- Mustang
    2- Camaro
    3- Corvette
    4- Trans-Am

    But yet, no Trans-Am in GT serie. Seems Kaz don’t listen to the silent crowd.

    • Nov. 4, 11:51pm
      JB Motorsports

      I’m not sure what you mean by “American Sports Car”, I’m guessing you are including Muscle, Pony and any “performance” car made under the American label…???

      The Trans-Am wasn’t even the most iconic performance car Pontiac made… Thank you GTO…

      And I don’t think the Trans-Am would even make the top 10 as far as how most would think.

      What about the Challenger, the ‘Cuda, the Cobra, the Super Bee, The Daytona, The Road Runner, The Superbird, The Chevelle, The Impala, The Gran Sport, The Torino, The 442, etc., etc., etc.???

      Some of those are the same, just under a different name.. Similar to the Camaro and the Trans-Am… but all are much more iconic to American cars over the Trans-Am, minus Smokey and the Bandit.

    • Nov. 5, 2:11am

      First of all… ask any one around you that do not know a lot about cars. He will know TRANS-AM. He will KNOW what Trans-AM looks like.
      He will have no clue what is a 4-4-2 or a super bee. Same with all your list.

      Now with the number of sales.
      Trans-Am outsold the GTO, the Challenger, the `Cuda, The superbee/Coronet/Superbird/Roadrunner/Daytona, the Buick GS that i don’t even know why you are talking about that car here, the 442, the hurst/olds, the Dart, the Torino/Gran Torino/Elite, the Chevelle.

      The Only one in your list that is most known that the Trans-Am is the Impala. Reason is simple. They did sold millions of impalas as sedans through the 80.

      What you say is all those cars are much more iconic than the Trans-Am?

      You are totally wrong. It’s even more than that.

      All those cars are iconic for muscle cars enthusiasts. The trans-Am, along with the Camaro , Covette and Mustang, are iconic amongst everyone. Period.

      Not just muscle cars enthusiats.

      Everyone know what is a Trans-Am.

      Even those who are not interested at cars.

    • Nov. 5, 2:26am

      Now, Lets speak about the GTO.
      The GTO is indeed the most iconic muscle car of all times.
      No doubt about that.
      The GTO was the mother of all muscle cars.
      But the fact are yet again, only muscle cars enthusiasts know what a GTO is. Everyone know what is a Trans-Am.

      Case close.

      Your point is as much nonsense as saying the 1966 Plymouth GTX ( First with 426 hemi) is more iconic than the General lee charger.

    • Nov. 5, 6:19am

      @Fred – You seem to think that your opinion is fact; to provide a support for JB’s corner, when i think of Pontiac i think of the GTO.

    • Nov. 5, 4:43pm
      Get A Life

      I am not an expert and I do not like the Trans AM but it happens to cross my mind that they may not be able to put cars in the game if the manufacturer is no longer available. If you ask me the trans-am should be there, but who knows.


    • Nov. 6, 1:41am

      Pontiac is closing down, but it’s only a branch of GM. GM is still arround and still owns the trademarks, so you don’t need Pontiac to be arround in order to get the rights to the cars they made.

  32. Nov. 4, 9:21pm

    431 versions of Chevrolet Camaro.
    Not even 1 Pontiac Trans-Am.

    Thanks, Kaz.

    • Nov. 4, 10:00pm

      It’s sad that Pontiac brand is no more.
      My current ride is a no frills 2008 Solstice. Grey with black trim. 5 speed manual transmission and a 4 cylinder.
      It looks great and is lots of fun with the top down.
      I’m hoping one of the yet to be named cars is a Solstice.

  33. Nov. 4, 8:56pm
    NO DEMO :-(

    IT’S REALESE DATE TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME! lol (too much jersey shore lmao)

    • Nov. 4, 9:00pm


  34. Nov. 4, 8:40pm

    IGN says the sony website date of Nov. 30th which is thrown all over the place is just a “place holder”, you would assume that means it is listed as a last date possible if they would use a date so soon would you? Then again this game was a “place holder” for Nov. 2nd also, I went into hiding and ignored the game for the last year+ assumed it was good to go, here we go again.

    • Nov. 4, 8:59pm

      The Nov 30th is a placeholder. What do you mean as a last date possible?

      As in its the latest date that Sony is willing to release?
      Or as in it represents the earliest that Sony is looking to release?

      Your wording through me off is all.

  35. Nov. 4, 8:37pm

    GT is always a few steps ahead of car culture, the delays of past titles has made the car list feel dated, dlc should fix that this time.

  36. Nov. 4, 8:37pm

    Maybe he picked this car becuase it gives him a reason to drive it in the future, becuase after all, he has to get the performance and sound right on it. :) I don’t blame Kaz for wanting to hit the gas in that [presumably] cammed 69 Chevy. I can’t wait to see how it comes to life in the game.

    • Nov. 4, 8:38pm

      Glub glub glub glub glub glub ;]

    • Nov. 4, 9:56pm

      you need two more Glubs…(it’s a V-8) :).

    • Nov. 4, 11:28pm

      Oh so true, Skidmark. Oh so true. :D


  37. Nov. 4, 8:22pm

    ‘While there’s still no word from the event regarding an official release date, you’ll notice the press release does reiterate that Gran Turismo 5 will be out “this year”. ‘

    My guess is fiscal year, which ends March 31st.

  38. Nov. 4, 7:54pm

    I wish the hpa scirrocho won.

    • Nov. 4, 8:05pm

      Second that. Please give us the Scirocco and the new GTI.

  39. Nov. 4, 7:49pm

    that camaro is very nice, hope its in the game :)

    • Nov. 4, 8:29pm

      In an interview from SEMA Kazunori said that the car will be in GT6. So probably no DLC, at least at this point.

  40. Nov. 4, 7:38pm

    Need For GT5.
    COME ON!! Predict a release date already!

  41. Nov. 4, 7:35pm

    Gran Turismo 5 will be out “this year”.

    This means that it will be delayed until next year.

  42. Nov. 4, 7:13pm


    its my dads car :(

    • Nov. 4, 7:24pm

      so…Drive it man!If i have one of those…hua…

    • Nov. 4, 8:32pm

      It’s a bit late for wishes now, unless you want to wish for GT6 of course ^^

    • Nov. 4, 9:22pm

      I drive myself a 1989 white Trans-Am GTA.
      Can we have that one instead?

    • Nov. 4, 10:53pm

      @ fredyellowone

      I think any Trans Am is good at this point.

    • Nov. 4, 11:54pm

      Its not too late for wished until we get the full car list.
      Unless of course you meant requests, it’s definitely too late for that.

    • Nov. 4, 11:59pm

      How can they ignore one of the world’s most famous movie-cars, called BANDIT??? Imagine that black beauty with it’s wonderful eagle on the bonnet

    • Nov. 5, 1:56am


      Of course, any one will do. any one.

  43. Nov. 4, 7:12pm

    Yaaayyyy Camaros!!! I love these cars! But to be honest, I know the REAL reason on why they were added- Because they’d be easy to duplicate from the Camaros they already have. We already have several different versions so I’m not that excited about these. Although that camaro in the 4th pic looks cool!

    • Nov. 4, 8:34pm

      But the car won’t be in GT5 (he said) so why would they select the winner because of that?

    • Nov. 4, 10:22pm

      Ohh… I guess I misunderstood, my bad! :-S

  44. Nov. 4, 6:55pm

    Looks just like every other modified and straightened muscle car to me. The engine transplant isn’t a big deal. Meh.

    • Nov. 4, 8:45pm

      Actually after seeing the other cars I’d like to retract what I said. This is the best car, but it’s the best of a sad group.

  45. Nov. 4, 6:40pm

    “a deep track editor function”, i think there is more in it than we think! …Atleast we get the AE86 and the WRX STI that i hope is rwd.

  46. Nov. 4, 6:37pm

    I hope that all the time spent at SEMA will result in a more indepth modification system to Gran Turismo 5, now or by update or in Gran Turismo 6.

    Seriously. Would really like to personalize my race car, and not just by a possible livery editor.

  47. Nov. 4, 6:31pm

    yes my fav car 69 camaro

  48. Nov. 4, 6:31pm

    Lol kaz pics another american muscle.

  49. Nov. 4, 6:14pm

    Congratulations! I’m more interested in Stef Papadakis’ 1986 Toyota Corolla

    • Nov. 4, 6:26pm

      +1 cause i’m from Greece (sure Papadakis is a Greek inside him) and we love toyota!

    • Nov. 4, 6:26pm

      same here i want pictures of it.

  50. Nov. 4, 6:06pm
    Magic Ayrton

    Kaz is a God send, the real reason as to why so many are angry is because of anguish and physical pain due to the fact that we can’t play GT5!

  51. Nov. 4, 6:03pm

    But we already have a 69 camaro in GT5. We couldn’t have a sense of irony and have him give it to the 1969 Mustang RTR-X?

    • Nov. 4, 6:42pm

      yamasan picks the same cars to save time?!!

    • Nov. 4, 8:35pm

      But this car won’t be in GT5. It will be in GT6, so no need to worry about it.

  52. Nov. 4, 5:56pm

    I love how Kaz respects the old school American muscle. Even though it’s not my cup of tea, I like how he shows an appreciation for American cars and with the GT franchise’s latest iteration, Nascar. I find it boring myself, but again very cool that it will introduce the world of Gran Turismo to a whole new demograph!

    • Nov. 4, 6:06pm

      The japanese love american classic muscle, almost more then japanese sports cars honestly. Lets leave out what I do for a living but I was trained by a japanese manufacturer to do my job and I asked him, his choice for any car to own and it was first a 60’s corvette and then maybe a r31 gtr specifically white. I was shocked to here corvette but keep in mind japan didn’t really have sports cars until the mid 70’s and Kaz probably only saw american muscle in magazines growing up. They respect older american cars, emphasis on older.

    • Nov. 4, 6:10pm
      JB Motorsports

      His love for cars and motorsports, IMO, is what makes GT such a great franchise! People laugh about the car selection he brings, but that’s exactly why this game is what it is…

      I think Kaz owns or owned a Ford GT… and his ability to create a game where he takes just as much passion in including a ’69 Camaro, ’99 Civic, a 458 Ferrari, a Lexus LFA, an XJ13, etc. is just amazing! Details aren’t forgotten simply because one might not be as desirable as the other!

    • Nov. 4, 6:11pm

      @BoBo I couldn’t agree more man. We have so many random cars that no one has heard of but the most exotic and sought after by the average petrolhead supercars are totally neglected. GT5 is improving over the past few gt titles but I still doubt they’ll be able to top forza or nfs shifts car list and that’s pretty sad considering they have 600 extra cars to do that with. The car list doesn’t have to be mostly supercars, I’m not saying that at all, but of all the types of cars in a virtual simulation game, supercars are the most desireable to drive by most people, gearheads or not, everyone knows supercars. All types of cars should be represented so it’s strange to me

    • Nov. 4, 6:14pm

      #JB Motorsports I think it’s getting to be too much about what Kaz likes. I think that things should be more well rounded and support each car type equally but instead, it’s favoring Kaz’s tastes more than anything else. It’s ok because we have 1000 to choose from but I think that’s why people complain about the list. Of course we haven’t seen the full list. I hope they release that a week before the game comes out

    • Nov. 4, 6:22pm


      There are cars more detailed than other, it’s called premium. ;)

    • Nov. 4, 6:28pm

      Its nice to have so much variety. Keep it comin.

    • Nov. 4, 7:08pm

      This game isn’t ‘Need For Speed’ or any other franchise. This is GRAN TURiSMO, ‘The Real Driving Simulator’! When I walk down the street in ‘real life’ (keyword, real) I don’t see an MC12, a Porsche, a Ferrari 360/430/458/Enzo driving down the street. No, I see everyday cars that people use in ‘real life’ (I can’t stress the real enough). Since this game is ‘The Real Driving Simulator’, I expect ‘Real Driving’, that includes everyday cars AS WELL AS a FEW supercars, since you don’t see them everyday in ‘real life’ (emphasis on the real). In ‘Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’, I wouldn’t expect EA to put in a Fiat 500 or a Samba Bus; no, they’d put in sports cars and supercars (although may I note that even the NFS series had everyday cars), because it’s appropriate to the game.

    • Nov. 4, 10:00pm

      I appreciate very much the variety of cars, and I think this is what makes Gran Turismo. A true car lover loves cars, no matter if they’re from the US, Sweden or if they are from the 60s. As said twice by the press, GT is the biggest car museum ever, and as a museum, it should feature every model of car. So I don’t think the car selection in the game is just about Kaz’ taste. However, I understand people want to drive sportcars because they’re rare, fast and features the latest technologies, and people probably won’t have a chance to drive them in real life, which doesn’t mean there should be more attention to sportcars than classic ones.

  53. Nov. 4, 5:52pm

    Deep Track Editor function?

    Oh, btw, anyone know anything else about dlc cars. Pretty sure they’d be done by update. Also remember Kaz saying he might put in Motorcycles if demand was high enough once the game was released.

    • Nov. 4, 7:20pm

      where did he say that? :O

    • Nov. 4, 8:39pm

      I don’t really know anything for sure, but in an interview Kaz was asked if the winner of SEMA 2010 would be included in GT5, and he replied that it would be in GT6. So that suggests that there won’t be any DLC cars, at least they don’t seem to have ány such plans. Motorcycles is probably not going to happen, because the physics are way different from a car and I doubt that they have had time to develop that simultaneously as GT5.

    • Nov. 4, 8:56pm

      I had thought he said they could use the same physics engine for motorcycles. And I also remember him making a comment (of which I don’t remember if Gtplanet has it or not) of saying there might be some cars to come after release (which is speculated to be through an update like the three in GT5P).

      Unless, he decides to drop it all into GT6?
      I think there are some things that they are still working on for GT5 that he’ll have dropped in after release. But thats just an opinion. Can only make speculations based off given information. I do hope it happens, be it GT5 or GT6.

    • Nov. 4, 11:48pm

      Yeah he did say the new physics engine is designed in a way that would allow them to make motorcycles.

    • Nov. 5, 1:34am

      Wow, I never knew that motorcycles were bound to a different set of laws for physics than cars. Does this mean I can cause a rift in the time space continuem by driving my car on two wheels? Krikes, hope having the spare in the wrong place doesn’t create a black hole on my drive to work tomorrow …. ;)

    • Nov. 5, 2:01am

      The L of P remains the same. What differs is the way you have to tweak them in game to make cars vs. motorcycles handle in such a manner that they become easily drivable by people who don’t have mad awesome driving skills in real life, but want to pretend they do. Motorcycles take much more tweaking compared to a more stable automobile.

  54. Nov. 4, 5:41pm

    Unutterable joy!!! XD

  55. Nov. 4, 5:40pm

    still no BIG BIG news from kaz. we live in hope i guess

  56. Nov. 4, 5:39pm

    Thanks for updating the blog. Get well some Jordan.

  57. Nov. 4, 5:39pm

    Congrats to the winner, hopefully this will be some DLC for GT5 as I’m guessing now the game is being pressed this car isn’t in it.

    • Nov. 4, 5:40pm

      already read in 3 places it will be in GT6.

    • Nov. 4, 11:46pm

      They never said it won’t be in GT5.

    • Nov. 6, 2:01am

      guess i need to post it again, autoweek.com had an interview with Kaz. Not going to be in gt5.

  58. Nov. 4, 5:38pm

    Boring, as usual. At this point, these kinds of news are the least important.
    Fed up.

    • Nov. 4, 5:48pm
      JB Motorsports

      As are posts like this…

      All Jordan does is post anything and everything related to the game that is “News”…which this is. Yet some act as if nothing should be posted that doesn’t include a release date.

      We get confirmation that the disk is being stamped which gives us a good idea and confirmation that the game should be in our hands within the next month and a half, yet all we really say is… “I’ll believe it when I see it”… so even if we did get a release date, 90% of this community wouldn’t believe it anyway. It’s freakin’ stupid.

      Heraing people call out Kaz (actually saying he should be fired which is the biggest joke of all)… then complaining about news in general is retarded.

      Just stop coming to this damn site if it bothers you so much and forget GT5 until you have the disk in your hand, cause obviously that’s the only time some will stop posting stupid BS!

    • Nov. 4, 5:52pm

      @JB Motorsperts: +1

    • Nov. 4, 5:59pm

      @EzioGT, I’m really sure that Jordan is not here to please you, we are here to share comments and maybe to complain about certain things, but if you get bored, don’t bore yourself reading this forum and complaining about it.

      Jordan, Thank you for sharing and all the effort. Greetings from Mexico. Sorry for my english if isn’t clear.

    • Nov. 4, 6:06pm

      what if he means the car is boring? because I would have to agree. Why does a muscle car win this most of the time? I like the trans cammer and the art morrison but each of those years there were multiple cars that were more impressive than just another muscle car and this year it’s even worse. I know some people love them but to me, this is by far the most boring car that has won this award. I knew it was going to be a muscle car too.

    • Nov. 4, 6:06pm
      Magic Ayrton

      a lot of people are fed up.. all we can do is wait. Kaz has worked very hard on this game.

    • Nov. 4, 6:15pm

      @HugoStiglitz_420, good point, but that’s a matter of taste… I really do not know what car I would have liked to be the winner…

    • Nov. 4, 7:03pm

      EzioGT go and play GT5 prologue or back to GT4 until GT5 will be release ok?…

    • Nov. 4, 7:36pm

      I don’t hold anything against Kaz. He says he wanted to make the game perfect, but I really think it is a cover story to shadow the real reason behing a Sony’s motive (like the 3.50 firmware issue). If GTPlanet was more influencial though, to represent us, then we would be getting a date, or at least be treated with respect. So yes, the news are boring. If the game has really gone gold and being stamped, then I see no reason for the silence. No reason at all. So even the “gone gold and being stamped” thing can be a lie, as Sony does not even dignify us with some official informations and a date.

      Foxiol, I can’t play GT4 again. I’ve played the Licenses and Missions more than 50 times each (maybe more, to generate backup saves with all the licenses already unlocked or to play them again over and over and become better within the game), plus, I’ve beaten GT4 three times (except most of the endurance events). Graphics out-dated, plus, five NPCs only does not satisfy anymore. Forza 3, have it, hate it. Prologue ?? only six tracks… for two years…
      A demo or GT HD back, is something Sony could really do. Do they care ? NO.

    • Nov. 4, 8:00pm

      EzioGT is a stupid twat who should shut up. :]

    • Nov. 4, 8:17pm

      @EzioGT fair enough you’re annoyed (just like all of us)
      but seriously…. it isn’t some great big conspiracy.. it was delayed end of story… why haven’t they announced another release date??? well with never ending negative reactions (like yours) and the backlash they have received I am not surprised that they have not announced another release date.. we have waited this long.. it’s close and that’s driving us mad.. but there is no reason for him to go making dates that he may not be able to meet (again) so i imagine that the ppl (PD) & sony are working hard (behind the scenes) to get this game out before the end of the year… show a little patience and maturity! my guess is once the game is released you’ll probably be the first person on here posting scathing remarks about what they neglected to include in this supposed perfect game… sigh…

    • Nov. 4, 8:34pm
      Flavio Briatore

      I agree with EzioGT.
      The fans have been disrespected time and time again and GT will lose a lot of real fans due to their unprofessional behaviour. EzioGT, as you can see, you get the usual mob of sycophants berating anyone that challenges Kazunori Yamauchi, rather than reading the post in a level headed manner. It could be something to do with the fact that most people on the site are 12 years old or have the mental age of a 12 year old. We’ll buy GT5 but forget about GT6. In the end, it’s just a game, and no game is worth waiting 6 years for. Cheers ;)

    • Nov. 4, 8:47pm

      @EzioGT Chill out man. Again, this is not a democracy, GT5, PD, Sony, etc. are business. Actually, I guess no more announcements are comming for the reason you mentioned, since the “official” 2/3 of november failed… The least they can do is to be reserved about a new release date (I know it sounds hillarious) for the minimum respect they can give us. They are about to give us a great game, not to please you, to make business. Their product, our choice.

    • Nov. 4, 8:54pm

      Where is your exciting news then?

    • Nov. 4, 9:14pm

      So, what is this “disrespecting the fans” thing you talk about? Is it because they missed the deadline? Is that disrespectful? How?

      Or is it because we don’t get any news? Aren’t we? I never seen a game having so frequent news updates as GT5. Fact is, most websites that are constructed to promote a game maybe recieves two or three updates ever during the deleopment time before the game launches. If you look at the GT website (which is the official news channel) it has been updated way more than that, and with a lot of content.

      Now I think the problem is what you are expecting: Which is news updates similar to a blog, for instance GT Planet. GTP and similar blogs are updates very often, and as followers of a blog you get used to that and it will become part of your information search behaviour. When official webisites are not updates as frequently as blogs are, you think that they it’s worthless and that they don’t care about you. But blogs and official websites work under very different conditions and they shouldn’t be compared to one another.

      And then there’s the issue that they don’t give you the news you want, like a car list for instance. That my friends is called a surprise, they want to keep some things for themselves until the game is released, so that you will have a “Wow! This car is in the game!” feeling, rather than “oh yeah, there is that car… read about it a year ago. *yawn*”.

      Release date? Well, my best bet is that they want to be 100% certain before they announce it this time. Is that disrespectful?

    • Nov. 4, 9:24pm

      Actually, speaking of disrespectful: Do you have any idea how disrespectful it is to come to a blog, read the news and post a comment: “Boring, as usual.” and “Fed up.” And if you wonder why every such comment gets a bunch of angry replies, it’s not because “oh, you touched the holy game producer, now suffer”, but rather because some of us actually appreciates this blog and finds that Jordan makes a great job by keeping this site up to date with everything that is going on in the GT world. And we find comments like “Boring, as usual.” disrespectful. In the true sense of the world, as it certainly doesn’t show any respect to all the hard work that has been put into this blog.

    • Nov. 4, 9:24pm

      @FlavioBriatore you said it yourself… it’s just a game.. so who’s the 12 year old?? the one who whines and whinges over no confirmed release date? or the one who is mature enough to except that a delay is not the end of the world? I think you know the answer so don’t be a douche..

    • Nov. 4, 10:09pm

      If you don’t like the news posted on this website then go somewhere else. This is a blog and a fan site for GT5. Nothing is owed to anyone.

    • Nov. 4, 10:51pm

      DarthTurismo said:
      “you’ll probably be the first person on here posting scathing remarks about what they neglected to include in this supposed perfect game… sigh…”

      For the record, three things.
      1- never once I complained about a GT game. To me, it was even a surprise to read people about GT4 being not as good as GT3. For me, all GTs were great, but specially GT4. But yes, if there’s anything lacking on any GT game, are tracks. By now, there’s a track list I sent to a GT forum (not here) that should have already been in the game by now. I’ll not complain about it, though, when GT5 comes out;
      2- Other than the lack of tracks (20 ??? Forza has 100, despite the fact I hate its guts very very hard, plus, from these 20, 16 are rally tracks, right ?? I know I’m exaggerating, but you get the idea), GT was always perfect to me. There’ll be even go-karts now, something I drove in real-life and that I miss very much, so what’s not to love ???
      3- I bought Prologue THIS YEAR, just two or three months back. So, in 6 years of development, when I felt like complaining, I didn’t, I went to get Prologue. Beat it in two or three weeks, and by the time I finnished with it, and knowing the release date was still on and also knowing the whole history of delays in these 6 years, a new cancellation happened. This last delay was too hard to swallow, and it still is. So, I’m complaining JUST NOW (I registered just a few months back on here, but anywhere else on the Internet you’ll not find EzioGT’s complaints from 2006 until now). And the money I spent on my pre-order gives me even more right to be angry and frustrated.
      The least they could do is, if not announcing a date, not be totally silent either.

      Now, about some of the other folks… isn’t it funny when even though you are not acquainted or intimate of someone, they still think they have the right to use cute little words ??? Like Flavio said, bunch of 12 year olds.

    • Nov. 5, 12:56am

      @EzioGT. fair enough… i would suggest in that case that you choose a more appropriate post (and comment) to vent your frustration… unfortunately as it is… it came across as a slap in the face to Jordan.. who is really just trying to keep every GT fan happy by posting these stories…

    • Nov. 5, 6:18am

      Flavio Briatore:
      Sorry, I’ll not stop following the GT series, so I’ll be getting GT6.
      But the Prologue versions, from now on, are something the community SHOULD REALLY start to boycott. We have to boycott not only GT6P, but every Prologue, urgently. It’ll serve as our way to say “thanks for the delays of GT5 and any future delays you might throw upon us, plus the fact you don’t come forward officially and talk to us about the issues in a clear manner”. Never paying a full game’s price on a glorified demo again. PS-Store is the place for Demos (FREE).

    • Nov. 5, 8:08am

      No one here or at PD cares in the slightest what you think or what your opinion is.

      A bunch of fanboys who have nothing better to do with their sad lives than to complain everyday about the release date is not going to change a thing. Not now, not ever.

      Why don’t you boycott the next Prologue then. See what good that does. All that will happen is everyone else will be playing Prologue, and you’ll be at home sulking like a baby. Even better, why not boycott GT5 too. PD could honestly do with fewer idiot fanboys like you.

      Do you know how bad it looks when some casual gamer comes across these news pages and sees hundreds of bitchy posts about the release date, and stuff like “Let’s sack KY because he lied to us”? It looks utterly pathetic and gives GT fans a bad name.

      This news topic was titled “1969 Chevrolet Camaro Wins at the 2010 GT Awards”. You know it’s not about the release date and pretty much says what it’s about. If you’re not interested in it, why do you bother clicking on the link and commenting here? Get a life you sad sad person ffs

    • Nov. 5, 8:20am

      And on he topic of “mental age of 12 year olds”, which posts look more juvenile? One that actually comments constructively on the news topic in hand, or one that asks to “boycott” PD because they delayed the release date?

      The stupidity of someone people on here is beyond belief.

    • Nov. 5, 8:45am

      I agree with Ezio. Prologue versions should be boycotted by now.
      FG, you’re the plain stupid one. Complaining about a complaint is the most retard thing someone could ever do, specially due to the fact that any GT fan HAS THE RIGHT to complain at anytime, thanks to everything that has happened and specially on how things happened over the course of the last few years. Maybe you do not complain because, for starters, you’re not a paying customer. Your dad hands everything to you ?? Some people know the value of their money and demanding respect from Sony is something we have the right to do. Plus, Ezio is a guy I know. He never refers to GT as a “game”, so maybe you’re the casual gamer and that’s exactly why you are not upset, plus the already said fact that daddy’s little boy gets everything handed to him.
      Even some non-profit organizations deliver on schedule products/services that were promised on a specific time frame. Grow up !!

    • Nov. 5, 12:54pm


    • Nov. 5, 2:10pm

      To be honest, video game developers do not owe you an explanation to anything. If it’s delayed, so be it! If any of you who were born way back then games were out, there weren’t even news then.

      Good grief you generation should be happy. Like most reasonable posters here, getting a great game released is hard if not almost impossible.

      Yes it is disappointing to get news of delays one after another but PD doesn’t owe the fans anything. If you want to boycott the product, there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you as well.

      Besides this, I really enjoy getting news like this, Jordan. Thank you very much. Refreshing GTPlanet every morning when I wake up is a joy.

      Keep up the good work! :D

    • Nov. 5, 4:45pm
      Get A Life

      +20 on what Garto said

    • Nov. 5, 5:34pm

      Garto and Get A Life

      Two outstanding people. Well done.

  59. Nov. 4, 5:37pm

    Get well soon JORDAN
    Thanks for the pictures

  60. Nov. 4, 5:37pm

    Iam sure it will be out before christmas. Christmas 2011 :)

    • Nov. 6, 12:31pm

      dont you dare!

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