2014 Nurburgring 24 Hours: Live Streams, Schedules, & Discussion

June 20th, 2014 by Andrew Evans

It’s not even been a week since the highs and lows of the Le Mans 24 Hours and the GT Academy team are in action again, this time at the fearsome Nürburgring 24 Hours.

With a three car line-up, the Nismo Athletes have their sights set on top honours – the SP9 class – at the Green Hell in 2014. The cars will be wearing the numbers 24, 30 and 80, referencing the length of the race, the age of Nismo and the age of Nissan respectively.

Nissan GT-R NISMO GT-3Driving car #30, a Youtube-liveried Nismo GT-R GT3 like the car added to GT6 recently, will be a Super GT rich line-up consisting of Michael Krumm, Katsumasa Chiyo, Kazuki Hoshino and Tetsuya Tanaka. The first three drivers should be familiar to anyone following GT Academy in recent years, while Tanaka was a factory Nissan/Nismo driver in the 2001 Super GT season – driving with Kazuki’s father Kazuyoshi the following year.

In the sister #80 car we find many more familiar Nismo Athlete names. Lucas Ordoñez and Alex Buncombe are household names by now and they’re joined by 2013 GT Academy Germany winner Florian Strauss. Fourth man in the car is GT Academy judge, former F1 star and putative ‘Ring lap record holder Nick Heidfeld.


Running the Schulze Motorsport #24 car will be Michael and Tobias Schulze as usual, joined for 2014 by 2010’s Academy winner Jordan Tresson and Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi. All three cars are entered in the SP9 GT3 class, in contention for overall race victory.

2014_N24_SchulzeQualifying has been a tricky experience at N24 this year. Jordan Tresson had an off in night qualifying, required a few repairs to get it back into shape for the top 30 shootout. Unfortunately Michael Schulze didn’t get a lap in during the shootout. The #30 fared better, with a 15th place qualification, but it’ll be disappointing considering they went into the shootout in 6th and have a grid penalty that sees them start 20th.

Car #80 is in much better shape though, with a 10th place start – and another magic launch from Alex Buncombe could see the big Nissan at the sharp end of the early stages.

We’ve put together the following resources for our members who can’t attend to keep up to date with events:

Race Coverage


Other Resources

It’s not the only Academy action this weekend though. Wolfgang Reip returns from a disappointing outing in the Nissan ZEOD at Le Mans to codrive the British GT entry at Snetterton with cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy, while Jann Mardenborough returns to GP3 action at the Red Bull Ring, recently added to GT6.

GTPlanet wishes the Nismo Athletes and every other driver the very best of luck and a safe race this weekend!

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    • Jun. 24, 7:36pm


  1. Jun. 22, 10:21am

    Sorry for the triple posts, guys. Hopefully the finishing orders have been finalised. #24 GT-R finishes the race on 14th overall and #80 GT-R on 24th overall.

  2. Jun. 22, 10:13am

    #24 GT-R finishes the race on 15th overall and #80 GT-R finishes the race on 26th overall. Well done everyone and better luck next year.

    • Jun. 22, 10:14am

      Oops, #80 GT-R finished the race on 25th overall.

  3. Jun. 21, 8:27pm

    I want live feeds .live pits.live timings on bourd footage.live in GT6..come on Kaz let use see how are GT academy boys or doing out there in the real world..let us follow them onwards…

  4. Jun. 21, 6:33pm
    The Stig Farmer

    Blasted YouTube Captcha comments are broken, so no commenting on any stream…

  5. Jun. 21, 4:30pm

    Ferrari 458 GT3 car please. MP4 12C too.

  6. Jun. 21, 3:41pm

    I would really like to see the Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3 in Gran Trismo 6.
    It is a beautiful car.

    • Jun. 23, 12:12pm

      Not sure but i think the gt3 Vantage is a V8

    • Jun. 23, 12:59pm
      The Stig Farmer

      The GT3 is a V12 Vantage. The GT4 car is a V8 Vantage.

  7. Jun. 21, 12:08pm

    Gahhh, we need Gran Turismo to have more cars per class.. and put all VLN cars into one event. I could care less about the year of the car. Just give me 16 24hour nurburgring cars in an arcade or single player event :/

    Drives me nuts every year.

    • Jun. 21, 12:56pm

      3 more GT3 models would satisfy me to be honest.

    • Jun. 21, 1:03pm

      Bentley, Ferrari, Mclaren?

    • Jun. 21, 1:07pm

      I’d say Aston, Mclaren, 458. Although that Bentley is growing on me. Obviously Porsche would be ideal too but …. damn EA

    • Jun. 21, 1:18pm

      *Couldn’t care less. ;)

  8. Jun. 21, 11:26am

    So many crashes… It hurts to watch…

  9. Jun. 21, 11:02am

    How many laps is #80 GT-R behind the overall leading group?

  10. Jun. 21, 11:00am

    Nice to see gt logo on every car

    • Jun. 21, 11:05am

      It would be even nicer if every car was in GT. (As I wrote that I thought it was a bit silly, but the thought is nice anyway – Aston and McLaren GT3s in game and I’d be playing my wheel to death!)

  11. Jun. 21, 2:55am

    Tetsuya Tanaka of car #30 is the veteran driver of the previous #44 R34 Falken GT-R which raced at the ‘Ring 24HR for many years.

    Nismo.tv on Youtube provides multi-channel live coverage on the race.

  12. Jun. 21, 2:02am

    I so wish that that Mclaren GT3 was in GT6

  13. Jun. 20, 10:29pm

    Chris Harris is in the race also in car #100 – Aston Martin Test Centre, Aston Martin Vantage V8 (SP10)

  14. Jun. 20, 6:45pm

    Car #24 crashed in qualifying, Kazunori Yamauchi was behind the wheel at that time. He left unscathed fortunately but the car sustained heavy damage. The team is working hard now to repair it in time for the real race.

    • Jun. 20, 6:49pm

      You said it better than me ;)

    • Jun. 20, 7:15pm

      I hope everything goes alright and the car is good to race.

    • Jun. 20, 7:59pm

      There’s a really good write up about it been added to the new pitstop blog. Sounds like it was a big crash. Happy kaz is fine

    • Jun. 21, 10:40am

      Seems someone doesn’t want PlayStation to win this race….

  15. Jun. 20, 5:32pm

    Thanks for the live streaming, I’m watching qualifying now, that number Gazoo Racing number 48 Lexus LFA and 53 Lexus LFA Code X tho. McLaren 12c GT3 looking fast as well.

  16. Jun. 20, 5:17pm

    Anyone know if there is coverage on telly? I looked at fox sports, speed channel and euro sport and found nothing…

    • Jun. 20, 5:53pm
      Warren Tozer

      Same here (in Australia). Got about 8 sports channels and its not on any of them!. Must take a lot of organisation to film the race, so its a bit odd that the circuit haven’t sold the tv rights. At least we have the live feed.

    • Jun. 20, 5:59pm

      I think there’s coverage only in Germany, on Sport 1.

    • Jun. 21, 2:19am


  17. Jun. 20, 4:58pm

    Hooray! Almost here, such a great race.

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