Gran Turismo 6 v1.09 Update Arrives – Includes Red Bull Ring and More

As revealed yesterday, Gran Turismo 6 has increased its track list by one with the addition of the Red Bull Ring – formerly the A1 Ring – ahead of this weekend’s Formula 1 race at the location.

i1zzDziF3UrzqzBundled in with the v1.09 update, this free DLC includes both the long F1 circuit, around which GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough will be piloting his GP3 car at the weekend, and a shorter layout. The tracks are added by way of a 598Mb update, available now.

Also coming along expectedly is the Volkswagen Vision GTI concept, announced earlier in the month at the Wörthersee festival. This 500hp roadster is available to win in its own dedicated Seasonal Event – again, regardless of the laptime – and has been added to the Vision GT section of the game too. A special Vision GTI racing outfit has been added, it too coming as a prize for the Seasonal Event.

Gran Turismo 6

A little more unexpectedly, the stable of cars in GT6 has swelled once more. The GT Academy RJN Motorsport GT-R NISMO GT3, as used in the final round of this year’s GT Academy event is probably not so much of a surprise, but the update also brings the Lexus IS F CCS-R ’11 (as raced by GT Academy 2010 winner Jordan Tresson) and Toyota’s TS030 Hybrid.

Gran Turismo 6

The v1.09 update also brings the usual raft of detail and driving physics alterations:

Adjustments to the physics simulation model
The physics simulation model of “Gran Turismo 6” has been updated with the following changes:

  • The dynamics of the car on surfaces with cornerstones and bumps have been improved
  • The effect of the tyre geometry has been changed (mainly for the “Camber Angle” option)
  • The handling of some rear heavy cars has been improved;

The default settings of the tuning parts have also been adjusted to match the above changes.

Other cars adjustments
On the various Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X models, it is now possible to enable the [Active Steering] under the [Driving Options] of the “Quick Menu”.

Other offline improvements and adjustments
– [Data Logger] can now be opened from the “Quick Menu” of Time Trial events. Please note that only limited features will be available in this way. Please refer to the online manual for more details.
– A [Reset to Default] option that returns the car to its showroom condition has been added under [Car Settings].
– Signal Starts are now enabled on tracks with signals.

Other online improvements and adjustments
– A countdown is now displayed on the bottom right part of the Open Lobby screen, showing the time before an event starts and the time when the track voting ends.
– The uploading time for both Drift Trials and Time Trials (Section) have been changed.

The patch is available as of this very moment and weighs in at 598Mb. An install phase of around 30 minutes is also required and gamers are advised that this may differ from what is displayed on screen.

As ever, please head into our GT6 forums for further discussion – and keep an eye on the Undocumented Changes thread for any little tweaks not covered by the release notes.

GT6 Photomode images by Vspectra and eddyac.

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  1. ThePunisher77

    Is anyone else having issues getting up to this update because my system is still trying to get file 1/8 to get to this update. Do they delete the updates as time goes by. I don’t have internet at home so I can very seldom do any updates on the system because you cant do it via a USB stick. I have been trying for months now and still no hope anyone able to point me in the right direction please any help will be much appreciated.

  2. the_cool_gabe

    Hey I notice that the new 1.09 update messed up most of my Special stage route X top speed tunes my Alfa romeo Tz3 can only hit 304 alone and not 305 and with nos i hit 316 and not 320 and with my 2009 honda insight i used to hit 174 alone and now i hit 161 and with draft it USED to hit 220 with draft now i cant even hit 190 -_- is there a way to fix it?

  3. the_cool_gabe

    Hey guys I notice that the new 1.09 update screwed up most of my SSRX top speed tunes my Alfa romeo can only hit 304 alone and not 305 and with nos i hit 316 and with my 2009 honda insight i used to hit 174 alone and now i hit 161 and with draft it USED to hit 220 with draft now i cant even hit 190 -_- is it just me or is anyone else noticed that??

  4. Roxa_p

    A Verry good update.. Good job for the PD team.

    To all the complainers: if you can do better create your own game or go play Forza.

  5. xirage faith

    Great efforts from PD, beautiful ring, but then again, some might ask is PD now concentrating on adding lexus after complaints on millions of nissans? And TS030 when there’s TS040 this year… …

    PD could have just hired sound and animation artists to silence the critics and roll out content faster, don’t mind paying amounts similar to gt5

  6. Brakken

    Hi All – can someone tell me why I’m suddenly getting a strong steering wobble on straights now? I tried different cars and altering settings, but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

    1. Daduce1947

      Joining ALL other GT6 fans in THANKING POLYPHONY and the design/tech team for all the updates – ESPECIALLY 1.09!!! – There are so many cool additions to the game and the cars when driven in their optimal performance point/horsepower ranges are an absolute blast! The seasonal races are a kick in the pants, and just tough enough to make an average player such as myself try, try and try again to get the coveted GOLD and the $$ / prize cars that accompany. KUDO’s!! GT6 and PD! I’m so very happy I have the game and look forward to GT7 – but not too soon :-) Even though I have just under 300 cars (more than anyone would ever use!!) I still have a lot of car buying, testing/tuning and racing to do in 6!!

  7. JackNapier

    With the change of physics, now you have to setup all the assets and the nascar lap time is increased by one seconds
    It was not updated to do after 7 months

    1. Johnnypenso

      Jocko!! Are you surprised PD “fixed” the camber issue, even though it wasn’t broken?…lol

  8. Magic Ayrton

    Also they need to sort the sound out on some cars.. I will be watching GT7 closely for a complete sound overhaul.. (yes, before purchase)

    1. scalman

      Still lots cars with good sounds. Just use those. Dont have probs there at all. Becouse handling is perfect

    1. Croatian_STIG

      it loses some power after you pass 200 km/h, not sure why, maybe ’cause it’s a hybrid race car.

    2. Roddie

      I noticed this well – stretching the gear ratios and racing on Le Mans with no chicanes, the car tops out 220mph in fifth. If you change up to sixth it starts slowing.

  9. gsrboy171

    I really don’t care about the addons. Gran turismo don’t give me the hype to play no more. I think I waisted my money with gt6. Gt5 has way less lag issues and more reliable to get a good race online. Gran turismo need to fix there server’s and that GHOST LAG. I don’t really care about that off line crap. Like who plays COD off line? You made the money. Fix it.

  10. vr6cas

    New content is fine an all but they really need to work on these server disconnects, I’m getting sick and tired of getting disconnected from my server or a friend’s server, and we have decent internet connections and it’s happening to everybody I know not just me. I don’t remember GT5 being this bad. I would love to see an update for some bug fixes and server stability!

  11. BWX

    I haven’t even booted GT6 up in probably 5 or 6 months. Maybe if they fix the ridiculous brake-checking, “slow down-to let you win” AI, and actually expand the A-Spec, and incluse READ endurance races with at least 4 hours, I’ll have reason to turn it back on.

    I doubt that will ever happen though.

    1. liv4hardstyle

      Yet you lurk on the forums keeping up to date with news and the latest updates. All the while wanting, no, yearning to play gran turismo. Its an odd thing to do.

    2. liv4hardstyle

      .. Oh and the new track is spectacular. Really fun to drive. You can do it too, your imagination

    3. Inferno251

      Why did you buy the game when spent all of last year, from when it was first announced to its release, criticising it?

    4. xirage faith

      If you want the most realistic AI in a “game” or a “sim” whatever you call it, just play multiplayer 24/7. Honestly, ridiculous suggestion, out of the million people who plays gt6, probably only a third will survive your model.

  12. mef

    Great to see PD work on the physics still and pass improvements ‘down’ to GT6, despite working on GT7 already. Adding little things like a lobby countdown or ‘reset to default’ are a breath of hope that features that ‘just make sense’ will come

  13. Michelin

    It’s a good thing we got the TS030 since we have the 2011 R18. If we had the 2014 R18, then the TS040 would be great. Anyway, free content is always welcomed, especially when it’s this good. :D

    1. mikronimo

      I’m in same condition… it may be that I should delete gt5 data (about 12 Gb); i have left about 7,5 Gb in my 40 Gb Hd; anyway, if i have to, it worth to pain: this updates are really funny… the Gt is really a good car (i hope in the future to have the chance to improve power), and the Redbull ring it’s a beautifull racetrack.

    2. stupidstormy36

      lol. My GT5 game data is over 40GB alone. Probably from all the replays I saved. Just one of my replays is 2GB in size itself (13 hours long). But yeah, even I am running out of room.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Hopefully we don’t have to wait that long! I highly doubt spec 2 is coming out anytime soon. But here’s hoping otherwise.

  14. ApexVGear

    This certainly “catches up” on some on PD’s promises. I actually like the last-minute “surprise” this update brought us. I’d like to see some future content updates handled the same way… as long as we see one or two a month! Keep them comin’ Kaz!

  15. Amac500

    PD did a really nice job with the TS030. I was pretty impressed, they got the . It recovers energy from breaking and immediately applies it when your back on the gas, and the display in the cockpit just so happens to be placed so that the gauge for how much capacity the system is at is visible in cockpit view. They also nailed the sound for it. You can hear the hybrid system whinning and the sound of the NA engine is correct. I don’t know about the sound on the Lexus though, but that’s a car I honestly don’t mind if the skip on. But for all I know the Lexus’s sound could be correct, I just don’t know what that car sounds like.

    1. Amac500

      Strike that, a friend of mine just made a very astute observation. The TS030 should go full electric in the pits but it doesn’t, though that’s something I bet PD will add in the next update.

    2. HuskyGT

      I still haven’t heard the Lexus, but lately I’ve noticed that PD has nailed it with all the extra cars they’ve put in the game. Now they only need to fix the cars that have a wrong sound that are already in the game and the game will be perfect.

    3. Bom15

      I remember seeing the Toyota back in 2012 and last year at goodwood. Pretty sure on the startline it pulled away using the electric motor and then the petrol motor kicked in about 30 metres further down the track. But it might of been the Audi as pretty sure that can do the same thing.

    4. Bom15

      yeah youtube has onboards of both 2012 & 2013 and it does start with electric motor 1st and then the petrol kicking in later.

    5. TiMcF1

      Dont think they’ve completely nailed the sound just yet, it is using the Subaru Impreza TC car sound. A more closer imitation would if they had given it the rocket car sound from LCC, or even the Caterham I think as the TS030 has a similar grunt noise. But enjoying all the effort they’ve put into this update so far nice one PD

  16. x_Lone_Wolf_x

    I like how you can actually notice the electric power of the TS030 when coming out of corners. Like a short burst of nitrous.

    1. jlmcmillan1978

      ????? I can’t notice this at all. I don’t think PD has modeled the hybrid part of the drivetrain, it just behaves like a regular 530hp petrol LMP.

    2. jlmcmillan1978

      Ok scratch that. Hybrid system is definitely there, but only above 120km/h. Isn’t it only the Audis that have that limitation?

  17. German wunderkind

    Is it just me or are there many more bushes on the track side of Wollw Springs? Do not remember seeing so many green little trees pop up while racing.

  18. showmethepuppiz

    I cant join in the fun because the installation has been stuck on 3 minutes for 40 mins so far

  19. fordskydog


    Polyphony: I know you take a lot of heat in here. Thanks very much. It is sometimes easy to loose sight of progress when you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

    This update, the new cars, tracks, and physics updates, are greatly appreciated.

  20. nascarfan1400

    Thrilled with the update! Not with the size :c

    Pweaze stahp puttung HD videos in the update PeeDee. :C

  21. IngRobNy

    Maybe we will get seasonal event races with Toyota TS030 Hybrid and Lexus IS F CCS-R 2011 tomorrow ?
    That would make us happier, right?

  22. LR-MR-Cole

    Simply amazing pd. Been wanting ts030 for some time. Would not mind ts040 with drive from elec motor driving front wheels but atleast it matches the model year of r18 tdi in game.

    1. SZRT Ice

      That’s because GT6 has a fraction of the amount of new content that GT5 had. Subtract GT4 and GT5 from GT6 and you barely have a new game.

      I’ve bought every past GT already, so paying full price for them again with minimalist improvements isn’t something I want to do.

      Some while some say we’re getting this stuff free, I feel we’re finally getting what we paid for.

    2. SZRT Ice

      If you’re talking to me,

      1. I do not play Forza.
      2. This is GTPlanet. Not Forza Planet. (Wait, they merged some time ago didn’t they? Haven’t seen any Forza news however, well aside from the Weekly Rewind… Hmm…)

    3. MeanElf

      Sorry Ice, but I’d hardly call the content updates for GT6 a fraction of those received for GT5 – that would have to be under a tenth, by definition.

      Okay, only one track in seven months as opposed to four spread over two and a half years – so more like a quarter. On the car front also, GT6 already has to be on a par with what GT5 gave us in numbers of new ones.

    4. SZRT Ice

      To clarify, when I said “a fraction of the new content that GT5 had”. I was speaking of fresh new content introduced to the series that was not in a previous iteration. So excluding the standards, and any tracks from GT4 that were not touched up (if any), all premiums that came with the game, tracks, features, and touched up vehicles any other new content I consider new.

      Much of Gran Turismo 6’s content is borrowed from GT5 & GT4 (I’m talking about the game itself, not DLC). That’s the what I was getting at.

    5. SZRT Ice

      And as for DLC, excluding the stealth models and the 25th anniversary edition models, we had Spa Francorchamps, Route X, the kart track, the Aventador, the Mini Cooper, 3 other cars that I can’t recall, the special edition race car pack that had an Evo, a Subaru, 3 Skylines and a GTR, a free Stealth model, and who knows what else I’m leaving out, plus a ton of fixes. So yeah, GT6 has not caught up yet

    6. MeanElf

      So, it’s tracks, cars and features that you were talking about. I still think GT6 is quite comparable in that respect – keep in mind the fact that nowhere near all of the updates are in yet. GT6 has improved on GT5 in other areas such as physics, the ability to include all cars in photomode and photo travel; not to forget the faster menu and improved navigation options.

      For tracks alone. GT6 has:
      GT Arena, Red Bull Ring, Ascari, Bathurst, Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Willow Springs, Matterhorn…only two of the ‘new’ additions were from previous GTs (Apricot Hill and Motegi) Anyway, I thought most folks were all for having the old tracks added back into the new games…

      GT5 didn’t have that many new ones:
      Daytona, Monza, Indy, Top Gear Test Track, Cape Ring, Rome (different from the version in GT4) Madrid, Eiger Rally (Eiger short was in GT5 Prologue) Toscana, Chamonix (also different from GT4, Route X, Spa.

      So that’s eight for GT6 and twelve for GT5 – definitely still not classable as a fraction.

      The new cars you mention, there are the VGTs and five other new cars, all new in GT6 – within seven months as opposed to thirty months…so I still don’t see the validity of what you are claiming.

  23. ExplodeTheApex

    You made my day today PD! Even the little things like signal starts make such a difference! And the ts030 was a great surprise :)

    1. SZRT Ice

      What about 1.10-1.19?

      I’m more looking forward to the 2.0/Spec II update if there’s to ever be one.

  24. Lambob

    Drove the VW on Madrid in automatic mode this morning, as to not upset my sleeping wife, and the cockpit is very pleasant, though I’m quick to go back to my trusty bonnet front hood cam.

    Got Gold, took the car as is to the Nurburgring 24hr track. The T500 wheel has new immersion altogether, feels alot like GT5 academy did last year, where the steering has become very very light in the corners and scrub, though the center return spring feels much much stronger. Time to beef up the FFB to 10, as 4~7 just doesn’t feel firm anylonger.

    The car is great, I noticed new handling characteristics, where turn in is much more pronounced, and car doesn’t suffer from instant mundane mid apex understeer that we all grew to getting used to. That appears to be completely gone. game shifted to oversteer on entry bigtime.

    flat out throttle from Apex results in instant oversteer, and onto outer track for the new Lexus ISF-R (on the new RB track) which is very very nice due to the tire/oil marks and nice scenerey in the middle.

    The sounds are all the same, though shifting appears quicker. don’t know why i notice such things as this.

    The two cars I drove this morning, feel very loose at the wheel, so time to discover what tuning does once again. I like that PD makes it fresh, mainly probably because anything different, is a welcoming change for a game that needs this dire frequent attention.

    power slides are great too. I think I agree, they are introducing more drifting immersion into GT6, it’s their cultural thing at play.

    oh and are all the Vision cars going to look exactly the same? did everyone draw their concept on Onenote to share?

    1. SZRT Ice

      Not to nitpick @ your well put informative response. Just curious as to which VGT’s you think look so alike?

  25. HuskyGT

    FREE?! Well, and I just bought a PSN yesterday when the track was announced!

    I can say this is the best update the game has had so far and I’m very happy with it even though my old Viper probably sounds terrible and the Shelby GT500 has a glitchy speedometer.

    I’ll go try that ugly GTi now. Having a cockpit makes it the best VGT so far.

    1. JulesJackson

      Still not content I see. Look at Mr. Excitement. Flopza and Turn crap would never give these amount of updates let alone free stuff. Forza 5 the next gen has 15tracks and it’s dlc cars are from the previous iteration. PD my hats off to you good job.

    2. HuskyGT

      Yeah, I must say I’m… thankful with PD for giving all this stuff for free. Even though I’m mad at PD right now, I would’ve still payed for that track and the VW. Even with those two things, they went even further and gave us another two completely new cars for free.

      The track itself is the cherry on the cake. I love it. And the VW despite its ugly looks really managed to impress me with its performance. That thing is fast!!

      Once they get the sounds, light effects and other little bugs and glitches fixed, I don’t see myself going back to Forza. Forza is cool, fun and it has all the stuff that GT doesn’t have, but it is definitely missing something.

    3. JulesJackson

      Like as if Forza has good sound, let alone lightning effects. Forza has the same sound for each view: cockpit/3rd person and bumper, I guess sound physic was on the repertoire since when does sound travel in the same wavelength in all directions. GT has bad sounds and the only game that really nailed sounds is iracing. Forza last time I checked no one plays the game the sales speaks for itself. GT5 sold more than Forza 1-4 combined. GT6 will continue the trend. What’s the next excuses going to be the game is too hard?

    4. JulesJackson

      @HuskyGT Forza is promoted like no tmr yet the game sales are pathetic it’s given the cod treatment on ign gamespot you name it yet the game just doesn’t sell. What does that tell you the public knows it’s trash. Forza 5 got a a 9 on gamespot yet the game got tons of 6 on other sites. To prove turn 10 bribes not one person on the major game review sites mentioned Flopza’s lack of weather/ day/night / car lgihts and it’s next gen that is downright pathetic. So call it down the line , cause even said I GT’s sound is pathetic.

  26. Amac500

    Well, if anyone is complaining about PD on this update I really think they should just close their mouth and leave. Way to go PD.

    1. binbin90

      I agree, so far everything we’re getting is free, and even though PD still has a lot of unfulfilled promises, they deserve to get some credit as rendering a track, and all those free cars can’t be done in a day……My applauds to PD :D

    2. JulesJackson

      @HuskyGT I highly doubt it. PD well done and to the whiners, go play the fable Project Crap made by EA and 80 cars. EA has done well with it’s sheep.

    3. Amac500

      @binbin90 My thoughts exactly. Still waiting on track editor and community features, but PD for sure deserves credit because, although the announcing a date for a date to announce a date is a bit annoying, this is the 2nd update in a row they have not dropped the ball on and it’s for sure enough to keep me playing. Credit where it’s due, let’s keep this trend rolling. Seems like as soon as GT5 was done business did in fact pick up.

  27. stupidstormy36

    Wow, I just made a comment not too long ago about wanting the TS030 in GT6! Awesome! I did kind of expect it, but it’s awesome non-the-less. Now, how about that Panoz…and that Corvette C7.R!!! ;)

  28. ynot

    Can not set up No-Tuning lobbies? Since the update I am no longer able to set up a lobby with tuning prohibited. Every car I try to get in says Nitrous is installed and will not allow entry. Even the Tesla S. You used to be able to control the tuning prohibited separately for both notorious and tuning. Now when you set tuning to prohibited the notorious goes gray. The any car I have tried fails entry. I run tuning prohibited leagues so this is a major deal for me and other clubs. Can some of you out there verify you are having the same problem? Hope PD can get this corrected soon.

    1. ynot

      Sorry for the misspelled nitrous. Stupid spell check switched it to notorious. All the more reason to learn to spell and proof read before posting. Thanks for any replies.

    2. ROFFATI

      True… i tried several untouched cars and non of it got in, PD WTF have you done???????
      Don´t you test before release???????
      And the steering of my T500RS feels also different…

  29. OpticZero

    Holy crap…a Vision GT car with an interior. Can someone please tell us why no other VGT car has an interior in the game? I’ve seen that they do in the real-life concepts; so why not the digital versions?

    1. binbin90

      well it would be awkward to see an interior less roadster, since the other VGT’s have roofs, they can do without an interior since it they’re kinda hidden. I would also prefer those to have interiors though

    2. OpticZero

      That’s why the VW has an interior, not why the others do not. Has anyone let the cat out of the bag as to why the other ones are interior-less.

  30. QuattroDelta

    THIS is the way to do it. Announcing content the day before, or even not announcing it at all. Not announcing it months and months before.

    1. SZRT Ice

      Makes sense. That’s only if it can’t actually be done.

      The question remains if they can’t, “why can’t they”?

    2. sircarltonlotus

      Not sure we can claim it can’t be done until pd tell us it can’t. The Kaz q&a should be coming up soon. @Jordan, any news on a timeframe for that?

  31. XSRacing111

    Excellent update. Still waiting for Seattle, Interlagos, and that track promised in February. Also still waiting for tire wear + fuel consumption options in arcade mode as well as choosing the number of opponents. I want to race against a full field not half.

    Is it a stretch to ask for the Camaro ZL1?

  32. Blood*Specter

    I suspected we would see an uptick of content when the GT5 servers went out of service.
    I also think the overall performance of the car’s and tracks will improve within the limits of the PS3 platform.

    Pretty sure the GT5 servers can be adapted to help balance the load on GT6 servers and still have plenty left for GT7 development. So I’m more happy than surprised. I expect to see the content promised prior launch to start showing up in a steady stream.

    Hopefully Kaz or someone empowered to make changes at PD has seen the GT Planet user suggestions and requests for tracks and cars.

    And I pray some of the rear heavy cars they fixed were the Audi GT3 and Ferrari F40.
    They are two of the better sounding cars in the game which are dreadful to drive IMO.
    Hopefully the camber/grip adjustment issues can be put to bed too. Very nice efforts PD keep it coming and catch up with promised content. And thank you.

  33. aSaNG

    Best update so far and i hope PD have more surprises in the future updates. Great work PD and please bring the missing features soon!!!

  34. Situation1994

    Awesome update even though my install takes longer than my download haha (download +/- 1min, install 20 minutes)

  35. Brunskill777

    Wow, the A1 ring and Toyota TS030 SO COOL!
    BUT I do have a problem with the Vision seasonals – why are they seasonals because this is unfair for any late comers to the game who will have to pay millions for the special concepts we get for free for getting bronze. Surely it would be better to do like GT4 and have the time trial events to win them in the vision car buying section? Just a suggestion to make it fairer for new comers (of which I am not just to point out). I’ve won all the Vision cars via the free seasonals.

    1. IngRobNy

      You don’t have to buy them, you borrow the cars for the event and you win them by just participate. With the Volkswagon Vision GTI event you also win a racing suit if you get bronze.

    2. Aussie_HSV

      Although I understand what you’re saying, I don’t really have a problem with this.
      I think of it as something akin to a reward for being there and experiencing the launch of the car and travelling along the GT6 journey.
      If you’re late to the party, you’ve missed that opportunity.
      But at least they are still available, no matter when you happen to start playing GT6.

    3. IngRobNy

      Sorry i misunderstood your’e comment.
      Your’e comment is about the previous Vison GT cars wich new buyers of Gran Turismo 6 don’t have the opportunity to win, because they was only available in short time seasonal events.

    4. Brunskill777

      I take your points, just seems a little unfair but I suppose it hasn’t been a problem for me so I’m not sure whether I’m complaining or not!

    5. IngRobNy

      I suppose it’s similar to pre-order, if you don’t pre-order a game with pre-order features, you will not be able to get it for free later.
      But maybe Polyphony Digital will give new buyers of Gran Turismo 6 a chance to win them later this year?
      One of many good things with Gran Turismo 6 is that we never know when or what new content, special seasonal events and more is set to be released.

  36. Skyline_77

    Absolutely amazing update. I was only expecting the VW VGT, or maybe not even that given the letdowns PD usually gives us.

    But wow! Red Bull Arena a day after announcement, camber fixed, 3+1 new cars.. all for free. Incredible. Thank you PD.

  37. ALB123

    Wow! If this update and the Ayrton Senna Content update are indicators of what future updates will look like, in terms of size and scope, I think we have a very bright future in front of us fellow players… Obviously, we will have to wait and see if the physics changes are welcomed or not, but if they HAVE gotten the tire camber option fixed, I think a lot of people are going to be very happy. Unfortunately, that means we’re all going to have to re-do our tunes for maximum grip. LOL

    1. beseiden

      I assume you are speaking about the Nissan GT3?
      Don’t stress, at least you have already much more experience with the car.
      But it would be nice if the cars you (we) worked to unlock, had more HP than the one that its given to every1 that didn’t manage gold in the GTAcademy.

    1. watchclockgit

      They’d have to be mad to complain – track is lovely, some of the best textures next to Bathhurst. Cars are pretty nice too.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Oh my gosh! Why would PD do this!?! I can’t believe they couldn’t even… Ugh!!! Really Kaz?!? OH MY GOOOOOOSH!!!! : )

  38. Progress823

    1. Fire up PS3 (done)
    2. Type email to boss letting him know I’m taking sick day (done)
    3. Enjoy new content for the day. (doing now)

    1. Lister_Storm

      1. Boss sees this comment because he too is a fan of Gran Turismo.
      2. Fired
      He’d say “I don’t blame him”. ;)

    2. SZRT Ice

      Sick days are usually yours to choose, although their limited, so as long as he doesn’t actually get sick he’s fine. Also I doubt he goes by Progress823 @ work, & if he did game with his boss, I’d doubt that he would leave a comment up here for his boss of similar interests to see. That would be foolish.

    3. Progress823

      Knowing my boss, I’m sure he’s not much of a game or a car enthusiast lol. Now the screwed up part is that I’m actually sick today (thanks to my loving lady) and I’m going to work…

      Karma lol

  39. Foxiol

    Toyota TS030…enough said. We are asking for this car since GT5 released…Finally!! And also for the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (You Tube livery).

    Red Bull Ring is a great circuit for FIA GT cars and “Turismo” cars like BTCC and also DTM.

    Great update yes sir!!!

  40. Outsyder84

    Now that`s how to wow everybody, one hell of an update from PD. Keep them coming! Great job at recreating Red Bull Ring!

  41. beseiden

    I am blown away, completelly.
    Toyota’s TS030 Hybrid???
    This will make LMP1 racing even more cool, Audi, Peugeut and Toyota.
    I´m happy with all this, great cars.

    The track is a great addition to the game. Not very familiarized with the layout, but its a matter of time :D

    Take care every1

    1. beseiden

      Yes and no Nelsonatormjn16,

      The Audi, Peugeut and Toyota all are from 2010 on and the Bentley its from 2003.
      A little difference in rules and design also, thats why i didn’t put the Bentley with the rest of the pack.

      Now we just need PD to make possible class racing and some new GT cars, Corvette C7 any1??
      But this is great

    2. Nelsonatormjn16

      Well the Bentley has been in the November trailer with the LMP1’s, so it it could be a suggestion.

  42. IngRobNy

    This was a nice surprise, new cars, one new Vision GT car, new track and improvements and adjustments to the physics simulator model, with more.
    And we have now [reset to default] in car settings.
    This just keeps getting better and better ;)

    1. JDmsz

      Yet, there’s still GT haters that’s always comparing the game to a PC. Obviously PC sims is going to be better.

  43. jontikis

    Version 1.09… Maybe “THE BEST OF BEST” update for a true Gran Turismo.
    When I finish with my high school exams, I’ll boot up my GT6 like crazy….

  44. Digimortal77

    Can’t wait to get home from work and try the new cars out on the new track. It’s going to be a long night!

  45. Kristus

    oh man finally the toyota ts030.. thought the 2014 version with combined 1000hp would’ve been even better… can’t wait..

  46. GTP_Versatile

    Wow, the extras were quite the surprise! Although I do hope B-spec is still in their plans for the future. Nonetheless, I’ve very excited to try out all the new content!

    1. wudy201

      This is wothless, another worthless update from PD. Another fake car two more useless cars, a ugly looking track and other minor pointless fixes. What is PD doing other than nothing. Wheres my course creator, wheres the sound fix, I cant even play gt6 because of the horrible sounds, and why thes fake and pointless cars, where are the real cars, I want all the promised features right now. This proves the PD dont care about its customers and Kaz is just sitting in his office counting our moneywe gave him buying a unfinished game. And where is my track we were getting in February? Stop makinv unkept promises and do something, give us something we can use or care about. Fix the sounds and give me my new track course creator and no more fake cars, WWWWHHHHHAAAAAAA WWHHHHAAAAAA WWHHAAAA!!!, Oh almost forgot make the standard cars premium NOW!!!!. WWHHAAAA WWHHAAA WWWHHHHAAAAA. waste of my time right everone. ha

    2. SDSPOWER01

      @wudy201 Lol your the first one to complain about such an awesome update XD . Those promised features are coming regardless I don’t know when but they are coming, so how about you chill and wait patiently and play another game instead?

    3. TokoTurismo

      Sure I complain but not to the point @wudy201 is at when something amazing like this update occurs…

    4. fatkid

      Lol @ wudy201 for posting such a hilarious and deliberately non-serious thread to lighten the animosity towards GT6’s slow update status. Glad somebody posted this before a “real” upset person posted something simular. Double lol to all those who thought his post was serious. The whole post was a give away but the baby ‘WHA WHA’ baby crying should have been the most telling. Unfortunately, some unreasonable, ungrateful have made it hard sometimes to tell the difference so can’t blame you.

    5. wudy201

      At least fatkid can see through the comment. I shouldnt of said anything but with how obnoxious the crying and complaining has been after every article the last few months I had to dirty the water a little bit. Its a great update but I see any update that is free as great each one improves the game a little more. I liked when this site was more shooting the sh!t about GT races, car, setups and whatever not what its turning into now which is a bunch of unpleaseable people looking for any and every little thing to complain about. There will never be a perfect game so why not take it for what it is and enjoy. Or develope your own game. It is just a videogame nothing more it shouldnt affect peoples lives like it seems to do to some. I dont remember Super Mario Bros. causing this kind of mass anger in peoples lives. Now back to trying to get gold in them damn Senna TTs.

  47. fatkid

    Was maintainting GT5 servers causing that much of a strain to PD’s resources, that since GT5 went offline that we are now getting a glut of stuff for GT6? Maybe if GT6 was released this year and polished up than instead of the end of the last, it would look better. Regardless – thank you PD for this update and other quite generous updates recently released. If you give us the promised Zahara track and course creator with gps creator, than I might have my faith in you return, and consider upgrading to a PS4 and GT7. Please don’t let me down. I know you are capable.

    From a once slightly disillusioned GT fan who is becoming interested again.

    1. mistersafeway

      Yes, PD built this track in the few weeks since GT5 shut down, same with the two unexpected cars. And bringing GT6 out this year, still on the PS3 or at least looking like it should be would be a brilliant idea.

      Hope your sarcasm meter survived that one. :P

    2. fatkid

      To mistersafeway.

      I wasn’t saying that this new update was completely built after the GT servers where taken offline. They might have still had to iron out somebugs and make sure it was implemented properly? There is probably only a handful of staff involved with GT6. While the rest are probably working on a future PS4 project. Is it a coincidence that A Spec online events have only just appeared on GT6 after GT5 was put offline? And in regards to you questioning whether GT6 should or should not have been released this year? I wasn’t making a statement in that it should have been. Just that long delay between the initial release and now substantial new content being released has left people disinterested, and still no word on promised content such as course creator being released. I think PD felt they had unfinished business with the PS3, in regards to the delay and patch hell that was GT5. The problem being that the release of the PS4 so close to the release GT6 it made things difficult and they felt they had to release GT6 in 2013 before it went stale, but at the expense of an unfinished product. As stated before, am happy with this recent batch of updates to pique my interest again, but for some it might be too late.

      Hope your comprehension meter survived that one.

  48. sircarltonlotus

    Wow! I’m so happy I was wrong, fantastic work pd. Maybe the last 3 or 4 months has been work, work and more work. Let’s all be happy today! No arguments

  49. SDsnakebutt

    Thank you PD and everyone that had a helping hand. Good things come to those who wait. Look forward to tuning with camber again.
    And idk if it was ever mentioned anywhere, but now finding out we get RJN GTR. Makes me feel good about all those hours i felt i lost never being able to get gold on Round 4 GTA. I tried for soo long. Congrats to those who won it. Looks like theres a few more cars to play with too!
    I hope the “Epic whining and crying” thread is post-less for a bit.

    1. BRRT_Angel

      One thing at a time. I’m surprised that the PD guys haven’t exploded from the working yet. Regardless, a great update for the month.

    1. jlmcmillan1978

      I’ve only played with it a little bit, but I don’t think the hybrid part of this car is modeled at all. The car is listed as having 530hp, not 830hp, and it never seems to have a boost effect out of corners that might suggest the hybrid system working. I’m slower everywhere with it compared to my R18. Extremely disappointing if they haven’t bothered to model the hybrid system working in the background, but hard to complain when this update contains so much for zero cost. I’m really impressed that every big update has been free so far. Above info suggests camber has been fixed (finally!) but haven’t checked it. I hope the next big update contains more bug fixes even if it means less new content.

    2. jlmcmillan1978

      Nope hybrid system is there, I can notice it now, but it’s only kicking in at 120km/h, and wasn’t that supposed to be an Audi restriction only because of the quattro system?

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